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    Readers Comments:

    FROM: Mac
    Locust Grove, OK

    I used to work with you at AMOCO in Tulsa. I remembered hearing you talk about your energy efficient house (1979) when you built it and when I googled you to see what had happened to the house, I ran into your ZED stuff on the net. Interesting.

    Although I don't share some of your conclusions about greenhouse gases, I think your statements about energy consumption, biofuels and ethanol related horrors are spot on.

    The corn syrup rant is deadly accurate and I can tell you from personal experience, it can destroy your heart rhythm. It is nice to see that you have been successful in your ZED business and I hope you get wealthy beyond imagination, healthy as a lean hog, and can see that you already garnered the smarts to escape the grip of monolithic corporations.

    Way to go!



    Description: : Deceptive Greenwash and Johnny-Come-Lately clueless, fraudulent, self-proclaimed “green experts” have badly diluted the meaning of Living Green and Zero Energy

    For more than 30 years, Zero Energy Design ® has been demonstrating cost-effective holistically-system-engineered ways to eliminate energy bills and environment-damaging pollution. Our success and leadership have been endorsed and supported by the U.S. Department Of Energy, and Oakridge National Labs.

    From 1979 until 2009, Earth’s human population exploded from 4.3 billion to 6.8 billion. It has been estimated that Earth can only support about 2.5 billion humans comfortably (1950 population level) using a traditional approach to buildings, transportation, and industry. Current man-made environmental damage trends are unsustainable.

    Humanity is now on an unsustainable path toward inevitable SUICIDE, and it is rapidly getting WORSE, not better.

    We shot past the Worldwide Scientific Tipping Point of 350 ppm CO2 in 2005 - It is now over 392 ppm and still RISING at .6% per year, despite all of the "GREENWASH" BIG LIES about non-existent "Clean Coal", "Environmentally-Friendly Oil Drilling", etc.

    We are long overdue for radical reinvention of almost everything with respect to energy, environment, and employment. Our dirty, deadly, fossil-fuel-and-nuclear-energy infrastructure today is as obsolete as non-electricity society was in the 1850's.

    The 1979-to-2009 58% increase in global overpopulation badly overwhelms Earth’s declining, finite, non-renewable resources. Never-ending expansion has rapidly accelerated starvation of a billion innocent humans, and planted the sinister seeds of soon-to-be catastrophic, irreversible, man-made climate change and widespread environmental damage.

    Nearly 10,000 humans (mostly children under 5 years old) now die EVERY DAY due to lack of clean uncontaminated water. Worldwide resource limitations are rapidly growing much worse, as human population continues to grow exponentially.

    The outrageous stupidity of insane government subsidies for biofuel-from-food crops made grain prices skyrocket, unnecessarily starving millions more. Modern high-yield corn demands 4,000 gallons of water per acre per day - drying up underground aquifers. United Nations experts said that subsidizing biofuel from food is an ongoing “Crime Against Humanity.”

    Humans are now killing between 50,000 and 100,000 acres of life-giving green trees EVERY DAY. Perhaps the worst thing one individual can do to increase atmospheric greenhouse gases is to set a forest on fire. The second worst thing that millions of people are doing is FLYING - the most energy-intensive form of transportation.

    It all adds up to the self-inflicted, unsustainable, irreversible, Suicide of Humanity.

    Marketing managers and politicians talk, talk, talk, but no one wants to make the overdue difficult decisions, or walk the walk.

    The current global trend of total disregard for Earth’s delicate environmental balance is leading us toward accelerated massive starvation of billions more humans, followed by potential total annihilation by suffocation. These trends are well-documented with scientific measurements, but largely ignored by non-learning myopic mediocre masses. They say: "We'll wait and see."

    The mid-2008 imported-oil supply / demand, plus speculation-driven energy price crisis, triggered economic collapse in September 2008, which blew a $15 Trillion hole in the American economy, precipitated job, home and health care loss, and badly-damaged most of our world in a variety of unprecedented devastating new ways. Shall we continue to wait and see?

    30 years of demonstrated U.S. DOE and Zero Energy Design problem solutions were wonderful in their day, and are STILL mandated for future human survival. BUT, today’s problems have rapidly grown even larger than ever before. The entire world must IMMEDIATELY learn to embrace thirty-year-old Zero Energy Design DEMONSTRATED pragmatic proven concepts that have been overlooked for far too long.

    Fractional reductions of CO2 emissions, and minor improvements in miles-per-gallon in a few decades will be far too little, far too late. We need Major Immediate Radical-Improvement Emerald-Green Goals, including “ZERO Emissions: Never Burn ANYTHING.”

    Trying to preserve the profits of the purveyors of petroleum and coal poison is what created today’s many environmental-and-economic crises. The processes of extracting coal and oil are very unsafe. Since 2010, no one can deny that proven FACT.

    We must completely STOP burning wood, biomass, coal, oil, gas, and especially biofuels: Never Burn ANYTHING.

    Anyone who suggests burning anything simply does NOT understand what green means. That is why Zero Energy Design, Inc. uses the term “Emerald” to differentiate clueless “green sheen” from what is necessary to avoid humanity’s 21st Century suicidal past-the-tipping-point impending near-term economic-and-environmental catastrophes.

    We do NOT have a lack of technology to solve ALL of these problems – What we need is available off-the-shelf today, and getting much better month-by-month. HOWEVER, our often-ignored lessons that were previously learned 30 years ago are now insufficient to deal with the enormous scale of much-larger worldwide problems looming in the 2010’s.

    Our very-specific, detailed Emerald Eco-City action plan is being proposed in response to what we have learned over the last three decades. BUT FIRST, we must overcome the entrenched change-resistant curmudgeons who created (and still profit greatly from), the endless business-as-usual (and corrupt political) problems du jour, which are making CO2 much worse at .6% per year.

    The only viable solution is Radical Reinvention and Reeducation about almost everything related to energy, environment, employment, and our massively misguided global economy.

    The specific details and scope of our Emerald Eco-City proposal are unprecedented in human history, and they are extremely bold. ALL of the many things we suggest already have successful proof-of-concept demonstrations. No new technology miracles are required (other than scalability).

    What Earth now very-badly needs (to avoid human extinction) is the level of Holistic System Integration / Optimization that we describe in our 30-years of detailed materials , which we are offering as a gift to slow-learning posterity.

    We must have overwhelming grass-roots support to overcome the entrenched bourgeoisie business-as-usual resistance to change, and the countless self-serving politicians they have corrupted for over a century.

    We also must overcome the self-proclaimed “green experts” who haven’t a clue what green means, much less "Emerald Green," which we will document in much more detail below.

    “The thinking that created today’s problems is insufficient to solve them” – Albert Einstein

    The Rapidly-Growing 21st Century Green Movement vs "Green Wash" Lies and Meant Well Blatant Stupidity

    There is clearly an emergent worldwide awareness of today’s man-made environmental collapse. There are now over a million (sometimes naïve) organizations around the globe focusing on environmental, community, and related-social-injustice issues.

    They can clearly see the PROBLEMS we are facing today. They believe that we are still headed down a cascading slope toward even-worse problems in the near future. Many are discussing the endless problems, BUT, very few have pragmatic, proven, cost-effective SOLUTIONS that can be rapidly scaled-up to meet our out-of-control demand for Clean, Emerald-Green, Sustainable, Abundant Life in HARMONY with Nature.

    We now have many documented global problems, with a near-vacum of Practical Action Plans. Unscrupulous, greedy, “Me Too” Johnny-Come-Lately’s are trying to take advantage of the rising demand for many green things. However, these clueless, self-proclaimed “green experts” are doing the world a GREAT DISSERVICE, by delaying the distribution of decades of proven Department Of Energy and Zero Energy Design scientific TRUTH, and thereby confusing the non-learning myopic masses about what Emerald Green really means.

    The new generation of uninformed green profiteers say: “Pay ME – I’ll tell you what to do.” And sadly, millions of naïve, desperate people with more problems than workable solutions are now throwing billions of good dollars after endless very-bad ideas, (which the following only begins to explain).

    Dongtan, Sondgo, and Masdar Ecocity GREENWASH

    Enter “Ecocity” or “eco city” in an Internet search engine and you'll find hundreds of thousands of websites. Almost all of them are little more than Pure GREENWASH. They quote some of the eco-friendly buzzwords, but they have very-little holistic integrated ecocity substance.

    Most are based on a traditional view of existing cities which should NEVER be imitated in the future. Many begin with an orientation toward extremely-inefficient highly-polluting, internal combustion engine transportation of people and products: Cars are priority one, people are priority two, and a truly-sustainable environment is the lowest priority of all. Most of the GREENWASH ecocity proposals are NOT Zero Energy, Zero Emissions, or Zero Environmental Impact.

    Most architects are trained as street-appeal ARTISTS, NOT energy research scientists or ecological engineers. They believe that their education in aesthetics will be sufficient for them to lead the world toward better ecocities of tomorrow. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY FLAT WRONG. They arrogantly call themselves “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”, when LEED-certified buildings are documented to be only about 15% more energy-efficient efficient than today's conventional construction. USGBC LEED buildings still do NOT come anywhere close to 1979 Zero Energy Design® performance. LEED buildings cost more and perform worse than ZED. Are these the self-proclaimed non-learning leaders we want for our children’s future? They are paid many millions of dollars in fees to hoodwink their easily-manipulated naïve corporate clients.

    Buildings designed by these same GREENWASH architects are still THE number one inefficient wasters of energy in the world today. Adding solar panels and windmills to BAD architecture does NOT an ecocity make !

    Almost all of today’s GREENWASH Ecocity plans replicate the very-high surface area of traditional non-integrated, isolated, chaotic, haphazard, stand-alone buildings. This greatly increases bad heat transfer during summer-and-winter seasonal temperature-and-climate extremes. It totally ignores many opportunities for ecocity economy of scale.

    The architects and community planners of these GREENWASH Ecocity developments are outrageously-arrogant Johnny-Come-Lately PRETENDERS with NO track record of Zero Energy Design, Zero Emissions, or Zero Impact previous success. These B.S. consulting firms are continuing to simultaneously develop traditional bad-architecture projects at the same time that they are working on their unrealistic Ecocity GREENWASH. If architecture firms (whose GREENWASH claims that they are developing a model ecocity for the future) do NOT demonstrate their belief by using it in ALL of the things they are designing, do they really believe their own GREENWASH? IF they do  not believe and assimilate what they preach, why should anyone hire them?

    One ridiculous development idea that is taking place around the world today is to reclaim land from the ocean by dredging up sand to make new islands. This consumes a huge amount of energy, and produces an unstable foundation for a precarious future of peril.

    Ancient Wisdom: Matthew 7:26-27 “… a foolish man built his house upon the sand: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.”

    One of the motivations for radically reinventing the future of tomorrow’s megacities is to reduce the sources of man-made Global Warming. Greenhouse gas emissions are now INCREASING at .6% per year. The documentation is clear: (1) Earth’s temperature is gradually warming, (2) Polar and glacial ice is melting, and (3) Sea level is steadily rising. The rate is now accelerating as man-made greenhouse gas is accumulating in our delicate atmosphere. Our planet obviously does NOT have the political will to reverse our current unsustainable lifestyle. Conservative obstructionists are fighting hard for fossil-fuel addiction corruption. The worst is yet to come.

    CO2 stays in Earth’s delicate atmosphere for a century. We have already reached an unstoppable Global Warming Tipping Point. One successful ecocity project is NOT going to measurably slow down a century of man-made climate change. Suppose hypothetically that all of America immediately stopped burning all carbon fuels: NO coal, oil, gas, wood or biofuels. This would still NOT keep past-tipping-point Earth temperature from rising. Do you think America is going to immediately stop burning all carbon-based fuels? Of course not!

    The November 2010 election gave oil-corrupted Republicans control of the U.S. House of Representatives. This guarantees that USA is going to do nothing in the next few years to slow down the .6% percent rise in global-warming greenhouse gas emissions. We are past the irreversible tipping point, and getting measurably worse EVERY YEAR. The issue is not technology - We had off-the-shelf proven Zero Energy Design ® solutions to global warming three decades ago. The issue is greedy, shortsighted, political, fossil-fuel corruption, which has been terrible for the last four decades, since America ignored OPEC in 1973.

    Earth’s temperature WILL continue to rise in the 2010's (no matter what trivial things we do now). Global Warming is already unstoppable. Ice will continue to melt. Sea level will continue to rise. Salt water will eventually enter coastal megacity basements and subways. Island nations will cease to exist.

    Predictable historically-repetitive natural events like huge release of methane gas from: (1) volcanoes (like Iceland), (2) melting Arctic tundra and (3) the continental shelf areas may soon suddenly increase the rate of global warming, when the methane is added to the excess of man-made greenhouse gas that is now already in our past-tipping-point atmosphere. When first released, methane is 75 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas than CO2. Methane remains in Earth's atmosphere for TWO centuries. The exact date, and the exact rate of sea level rise, cannot be predicted precisely, but current trends plus natural-geological-event history suggests that it may be very soon in the 21st century. Ignoring the obvious possibility of near-future sea level rise is very foolhardy - Stick your head in the sand, and your hole may soon fill with salt water.

    Three of the world's previously-publicized ecocity projects are:

    “Dongtan Eco Village” on the island of Chongming in Shanghai, China,

    Sondgo Ecocity 40 miles west of Seoul, South Korea, and

    “Masdar City” in Abu Dhabi (next to Dubai), in the wealthy United Arab Emirates.


    How sustainable is that? Do you think that sea level will rise in the 21st century? We most certainly do.

    Should there be any long-term real estate investments made near sea level anywhere in the world today?
    Zero Energy Design ® would most certainly not.

    When you debate someone about a controversial topic, if they contradict themselves, they lose. Consider this foolish fallacious apparently-irrational logic:

    IF you believe that Global Warming is a Political Hoax, and sea level will NOT rise, then there is no need to build a zero-emissions ecocity.

    IF however you believe that human activities are contributing to Earth’s measurable temperature increase and melting of polar-and-glacial ice, then why would you build anything near sea level where it will probably soon be flooded?

    Either way, building an unprecedented ecocity at sea level is spectacular stupidity.

    If your fundamental foundation is highly flawed, then the rest of your plan is useless.

    Dongtan Eco Village

    The British consulting firm Arup was responsible for the design of Dongtan. Arup has expensive projects in 160 countries. Arup’s GREENWASH role in Dongtan allowed them to bid for other prestigious ecocity projects. Arup milked their deceptive Dongtan GREENWASH hyperbole for all the greedy money that they could get.

    In 2007, Dongtan was supposed to be THE model ecocity of the future for the entire world to imitate. However, Arup does NOT use most of their ecocity ideas from Dongtan in their other projects around the world. Arup is now taking part in many environmentally-unfriendly projects in China, including airports and office blocks.

    If a company largely rejects their own message, why should anyone anywhere pay for their bad advice? It is very sad, but true. GREENWASHERS say that they know what to do, without having a clue. Our world needs to learn how to discern proven Scientific Truth from Greedy Profiteering GREENWASH claims made by business-as-usual fools.

    Arup recently received the "GREENWASHER OF THE YEAR AWARD" from Ethical Corporation Magazine. We agree, but fools around the world still hire Arup as consultants. In 2000, the new GB£18-million Arup Millennium Bridge over the Thames in London immediately developed a disconcerting lateral movement which caused it to become the laughing-stock "wobbly bridge." After a two-year closure of the unstable new Arup bridge, and expenditure of an extra over-budget £5 million, Arup was finally able to patch their wobbly bridge problem with an expensive system of dampers.

    Arup was involved in the scandalous cost-and-schedule overruns for the construction of the Sydney Opera House. The original cost estimate was $7 million. The actual construction cost was $102 million, including $16.5 million in project management fees, etc. Doing a terrible job of project management can be very profitable for some.

    Why would any idiots hire Arup to design and build an innovative ecocity? It is obvious that some Arup architects, engineers and consultants do NOT have a clue about “Zero Defect” design, project management, or quality assurance.

    Dongtan was supposed to support 10,000 residents by 2010, and half a million by 2050. The poorly-administered Arup Dongtan project failed completely. Arup Johnny-Come-Lately inept arrogance has badly tarnished the worldwide ecocity movement, to the detriment of all. Ecocity goals are not a bad idea, but GREENWASHING Arup is clearly a bad company. Lack of discernment of those who continue to hire Arup damages the whole industry.

    Is this going to be the future of other newcomer-designed GREENWASH Ecocities? The world desperately needs a cost-effective large-scale ecocity prototype, based on three decades of Zero Energy Design® proven success, NOT JOHNNY-COME-LATELY GREEDY GREENWASH.

    We published our Emerald Eco-City proposal for free, to help counter the great damage that is now being done by a world full of inept deceptive profiteering GREENWASHERS.

    Sondgo Ecocity

    Sondgo Ecocity Built At Sea Level In South Korea

    This $35 Billion 10-year South Korean project will support 65,000 permanent residents ($538,000 per person). Johnny-Come-Lately New York Architects Gale International designed Sondgo Ecocity as their FIRST attempt ever at such an “eco friendly” project. These newcomers are claiming that it will be: “One Of The World's Greenest Cities”, but they have absolutely NO tack record of previous success in this popular new field.

    Gale executives used this opportunity to tour some of the world’s greatest cities (an interesting self-education boondoggle).

    Sondgo will have some salt-water canals similar to Venice.

    Sondgo Ecocity is being built at sea level on reclaimed land made from energy-intensive dredging of 100-foot-thick piled-up sand and mud. All of the buildings are supposed to seek U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. Gale International V.P. Charles Reid (the executive responsible for Sondgo GREENWASH) says that a 1% reduction in energy consumption will be an amazing improvement in energy efficiency. (as if) Reid is most-certainly an uninformed leader of "Too Little Too Late" misguided fools.

    Sondgo goals do NOT include Zero Energy, Zero Emissions, or Zero Environmental Impact. Sondgo’s primary energy source will come from burning natural gas (emitting large amounts of global warming greenhouse gas and poisonous pollutants that damage the lungs and brains of local residents).

    The Sondgo Master Plan (and the buildings that have already been completed) show conventional high-surface-area isolated high-rise building design, made mostly of steel and covered with indiscriminate glass on all sides. The Sondgo artistic architects totally ignored their wonderful potential opportunity for building-integration energy-and-construction efficiency, and huge economy of scale.

    Sondgo is a capital-intensive expensive (not cost effective) project that is not much better than conventional construction. The sea-level location (where there are extreme weather, wind, wave, tidal, and earthquake conditions) makes the entire concept completely foolhardy at best. And yet, other misinformed architects praise Sondgo.

    Sondgo is meant to be an “Aerotropolis” - located close to the huge new Incheon International Airport, and connected by an expensive new 7.4-mile-long bridge.

    The featured architectural icon of Sondgo Ecocity is their landmark Convention Center. It was inspired by the Sydney Harbor Opera House, and the engineering was led by Arup (“GREENWASHERS OF THE YEAR” AWARD WINNERS).

    Their goal is that the Sondgo Ecocity Aerotropolis Convention Center will draw significant income from around the world. The Incheon Airport is within 3.5 flight hours of 1 / 3 of the world’s population. There is one very-serious flaw in the sustainability of their Aerotropolis goal: The supply / demand / price of jet fuel. When it rises and stays above $4-or-$5 per gallon in the 2010’s, most airlines will go bankrupt, and very-few people will be flying to Sondgo to attend conventions.

    Petroleum-based air travel may soon be replaced by efficient on-demand, as-needed, Internet telepresence telecommuting. The Incheon International Airport and Sondgo Ecocity Convention Center will become expensive relics of the past, and then they may silently slip below sea level. Would you invest anything in Sondgo Aerotropolis shortsighted stinkin' thinkin'?

    Masdar City

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) claims to have the highest per capita income of any country in the world. Their great wealth grew rapidly with 21st century increases in the price of oil. They know that oil income is unsustainable in the near future, so they want to use the finite oil resources that they have today to lay a sustainable foundation for their posterity.

    Masdar City is a critical element of the UAE end-of-oil plan – It had wonderful goals, but a poor ecocity design and implementation.

    Masdar City was designed by another Johnny-Come-Lately British GREENWASH architectural firm: Foster + Partners.

    The 10-year goal is to support 50,000 residents at a cost of $20 billion dollars by 2016. That is $400,000 per person (in stark contrast to Emerald Eco-City’s much-more-efficient luxury living plan of only $77,000 per person, including office space, greenhouses, theme park, and the world’s largest sustainability university).

    In the UAE desert where there are no trees, and imported paper is expensive, the conventional-thinking backward architects designed the Masdar University Library to be based around paper books - in the modern electronic age of widespread un-enlightenment. PAPER SHOULD BE BANNED ALTOGETHER.

    Masdar University Paper-Based Library In The Electronic Age

    Masdar City is based on a poorly-designed inefficient isolated-construction strategy, with traditional high-surface-area independent buildings in the hot desert sun – NOT COST EFFECTIVE – Should NOT be imitated by anyone else, despite what they say. Their tag line is: “One day all cities will be built like this” WE CERTAINLY HOPE NOT!

    Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest skyscraper in Dubai, UAE)

    A small predictable increase in worldwide sea level will flood Masdar City, Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest skyscraper in Dubai, UAE), and The Palm Islands (artificial man-made sand archipelago in Dubai).

    Is the obvious potential for 21st century
    sea level rise a “minor oversight?”

    The Palm Islands (artificial man-made sand archipelago in Dubai).

    Would you make a long-term investment in stock in any near-sea-level real estate development today?

    Would you bet the future foundation of your entire nation that sea level will NOT rise?
    What fools these unenlightened myopic mediocre minds really are.

    Having a lot of money does NOT imply that you know how to spend it wisely.

    Those who provide the funds for foolishness must be very embarrassed by their lack of judgment.

    Our oil-addicted world is sending them the largest transfer of wealth in human history.

    Do the biggest of all fools wear turbans, or drive inefficient SUV’s?

    Man-made climate change is going to impact all of us in the 21st century. How will we react?

    Masdar City Progress Since 2006

    The 2010 Masdar City master plan review highlighted their achievements, including the completion of the first six buildings of the Masdar Institute (students and faculty moved in September 2010). These buildings do NOT achieve the Zero Energy goal. Residential units use 54% less water and 51% less electricity than the UAE average. Only 30% of electricity is provided by rooftop photovoltaic panels and 75% of the buildings' hot water in the desert heat is provided by rooftop thermal collectors.

    It is better than conventional, but NOT stellar performance that should be imitated by others. The Masdar City Johnny-Come-Lately design consultants are still ignoring critical lessons that were documented by the U.S. Department Of Energy and Zero Energy Design ® in 1979.

    The Masdar City 2016 final completion date is slipping out toward 2025, and they are cutting back on planned valuable features. They have dropped their original plan to deliver 100% onsite renewable energy, in part because their buildings are not as efficient as Foster + Partner hyperbole said they would be. It is nice to have an admirable goal, but if it is not based on proven science, the Truth may not support your GREENWASH.

    Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, Masdar City CEO said: "From the beginning, Masdar has been engaged in a journey of discovery to create a blueprint for the future of sustainable cities. Our steady progress is being built on our ability to discover the best technologies and approaches to sustainable urban living bring them most effectively to Masdar City."

    The truth is that Foster + Partners is trying to reinvent 3-decade-old Zero Energy Design, while arrogantly ignoring lessons learned and published by others very long ago. Our Zero Energy Design and Emerald Eco-City materials answer the questions we’ve been asked over three decades of zero energy successes (that Masdar City has yet to achieve).

    Abu Dhabi did NOT have to build six sub-par buildings to discern that Foster + Partners was more GREENWASH than proven zero energy substance. They wasted four years and a lot of money on learning that important lesson. Many Johnny-Come-Lately architects claim that they understand Zero Energy Design, BUT, they really want their gullible clients to pay for their future education about three-decade-old proven ZED technology. Leading-edge consulting fees should be based on delivered performance, NOT ON GREENWASH WANNABE PROMISES based on no proven track record at all.

    Definition of a GREENWASH Consultant: You ask them what time it is. They borrow your watch, tell you the time, keep your watch, and sell it to your competitor. (smile)

    Peter Drucker: “My greatest strength as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions.”

    James Martin: “If you want to become the world’s foremost authority, claim that you already are, and then pay close attention to your better-informed critics. … I charge $25,000 per day – If I charged less, they would not invite me to advise their CEO.”

    If you pay a consultant a large fee, they must be really good – Right? (Not always!)

    If you give away decades of experience and technical know-how for free, it must be worthless – Right? (Look at Emerald Eco-City and Zero Energy Design and see for yourself.)

    Self-Proclaimed (Uninformed, Clueless) Energy Expert

    One such example is Ed Begley Jr. He’s a has-been (never was) struggling low-budget actor, now appearing in a few commercials, etc. He has always had to pinch pennies, just to get by with a weak career. Over the years, Ed has accumulated a hodge-podge of totally-silly non-integrated household gadgets (like a bicycle-powered generator that he demonstrates can make toast), an electric hand dryer that draws more electric current than a toaster, and an inefficient solar oven that he uses with a shiny stainless-steel pot that reflects solar radiation AWAY from the food.

    Ed’s frustrated wife Rachelle says that he needs constant adult supervision. (We agree - Chuckle)

    Ed Begley bike Ed Begley solar oven Ed Begley and rachelle

    In interviews, Ed naïvely says that burning unsustainable natural gas and non-scalable biofuels are good things.
    He ignores the environment-damaging toxins, particulates, CO2 and cancer-causing aldehydes that they emit.

    Last year, Ed still had a very-old, extremely-inefficient gas hot water heater, and an unhealthy gas stove that emits lung-and-brain-damaging toxins and particulates into his kitchen. His silly cable TV show has pictures of Ed’s ancient, inefficient, emission-belching gas hot water tank. He had obviously not even taken the time to wrap the tank and pipes with an inexpensive, cost-saving insulation blanket !

    "You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel."

    "If the blind shall lead the blind, will they not both fall in the ditch?"

    Ed obviously has no formal training in the basics of eliminating energy bills or damage to the environment. His TV show demonstrates that Ed’s misinformation mostly comes from biased Greenwash product salesmen. And yet, Ed appears on the surface (to dummies) that he understands more than they do. SO, his presentations are popular among his widely-misinformed audience of the blind being led by a non-learning "pioneer" with impaired vision.

    Ed foolishly spent serious money on an ugly, expensive, photovoltaic system, BEFORE doing more cost-effective things to his home (like spending a couple of dollars to weatherstrip his very-leaky doors, etc.).

    Inexpensive solar-thermal air-and-hot-water systems should be implemented BEFORE more-expensive solar-electric photovoltaic (PV) equipment. A simple south-facing solarium costs less, and adds much-more value to your home, while lowering heating (and cooling) bills. Solar hot water systems COST LESS and SAVE MORE energy annually than expensive PV can do for the same investment. Pick your low-hanging fruit first! Ed is knee-deep in over-ripe unpicked fruit.

    Ed Begley with solar panels

    Ed’s yard-irrigation system sprays scarce precious Southern California Aqueduct Water into the dry air. In 2009, California could not plant a million acres of land that had been very-productive in 2008, due to lack of fresh water, which was largely wasted unproductively by spraying water for thirsty turf lawns into the dry air, where it evaporates uselessly.

    Ed purchased an ineffective petroleum-plastic rain barrel, for his small ugly So.Cal. home, where it does not rain more than 10 months out of the year.

    On his TV show, Begley demonstrates that he does NOT understand the seasonal path of the sun, (or most of the 30-year-old well-documented U.S. Department Of Energy or Zero Energy Design principles that are available for free, to those who take the time to READ)). On a sunny day, Ed asked Cheryl Tiegs on his cable TV show: “Which way is south?” (Chuckle)

    Ed has NEVER designed, built, or lived in a Zero Energy Home (like the outstanding one we built for ourselves in 1979).

    When Ed visits other misnamed “green homes” on his cable TV show, he wrongfully praises “renewable-energy wood-burning fireplaces”, which are now being made ILLEGAL in better-informed parts of California.

    What a naïve double-dumb dunce Ed Begley Jr. really is. He has a very-high "Coo Coo Quotient"

    The misinformation that Ed spreads is not unique to him, but a lot of mindless morons think Ed is well-informed

    Thousands of foolish people have paid misinformed Ed to speak at green conferences, and to appear on his silly “Living With Ed” cable TV show, since he claims to know all of the answers (which is most certainly FALSE). He serves on the Board of double-deluded corporations, “advising” them about “being green.” California power companies have given Ed energy efficiency awards. (Chuckle)

    Ed Begley public speaker

    Ed LIES when he claims on his website to be: “THE Pioneer of Eco-Conscious Living”, but naïve numbskulls believe him, and worship at this silly preacher’s proud pulpit. "The folly of fools is deception." - Proverbs 14:8

    After decades of falsely claiming to be an energy expert, the 2009-season "Living With Ed" show "Look Into The Future" episode had a professional energy audit of his hodge-podge ridiculous home improvements. Ed told the auditor that he expected the highest possible ratings - (His only problems were his wife taking showers for more than 2 minutes and leaving lights on.) "The way of a fool is right in his own eyes." Proverbs 12:15

    The energy auditor examined Ed's home with infrared thermal imaging, duct blaster, and blower door looking for obvious air leaks, poor insulation, etc. At one point the auditor asked about there being NO insulation in the ceiling of his room addition. Like the true idiot that he is, Ed replied that he did not think there was room for any (gak!).

    The auditor sat down with Ed and said that with respect to heating and cooling of his (mild-climate) California home, Ed was USING SIX TIMES (600%) MORE ENERGY THAN HE SHOULD. His jaw dropped, and the embarrassed look on the face of this self-proclaimed, false, “Pioneer of Eco-Conscious Living” was truly priceless.

    With a straight face, Ed told the energy auditor that he thought his wife had somehow sabotaged the energy improvements he had done. The energy auditor replied that Building Science (which Ed obviously has no clue about) can help eliminate false accusations. Stupid people often blame others for the double-dumb things that they do to themselves.

    Clearly, for decades Ed has spent tens of thousands of dollars, based only on gadgets and salesman hype, NOT on Building Science. He spent thousands for replacement insulated windows, but FAILED TO SPEND TWO DOLLARS TO WEATHERSTRIP HIS VERY-LEAKY DOORS. He spent thousands for an expensive high-energy-efficiency conventional central heating-and-cooling system, but failed to seal the leaky ducts that were wasting nearly half of the warm-or-cool air he was paying for.

    Ed Begley Jr. is NO Ecological-Living PIONEER - He is a very-bad simple-minded trailing-edge
    energy technology FOLLOWER, who has duped a million people (and himself) for decades

    Ed was among the very-last people left in energy-conscious America to weatherstrip his leaky doors.
    It is perhaps the FIRST, most-cost-effective thing that anyone can do toward "living green."
    We are surprised that Ed allowed his embarrassing 2009 energy audit to be broadcast on cable TV.

    Thousands of arrogant “ECOtistical” FOOLS like Ed are badly diluting the public perception of what “green” really should mean. (How very sad, when our primary problem today is widespread MISINFORMATION about potential Emerald Green solutions.)

    Think for a moment about Nobel-Prize-Winning Al Gore. He is really an arrogant  ECOtistical mixed bag of good and truly-terrible ideas. For thirty years, he has understood PART of the problem (CO2), BUT, Al’s Tennessee home belches out TWENTY TIMES MORE CO2 FROM BURNING NATURAL GAS THAN AN AVERAGE AMERICAN HOME – Worse than Ed Begley, Al Gore is a gross hypocrite to the worst degree - Many times worse than Greedy Greenwash.

    In 1979, Zero Energy Design was implementing Zero Emission solutions, but Al Gore won an Academy Award and the Nobel Prize for his extremely-pretentious double-speak duplicity - Massive Misinformation!

    We enthusiastically support some (but not all) of Al’s goals, but we condemn the giant greenhouse gas emissions that he voluntarily continues to generate.

    Is Biofuel Green or DEADLY? Any biofuel that consumes any agricultural resources contributes to worldwide starvation. Burning ANY carbon-based fuel contributes to Oxygen Depletion and Man-Made Climate Change. Burning Biofuels (like ethanol and biodiesel) emits cancer-causing aldehydes, which can be WORSE THAN SMOKING. So-called “E85 Green Cars” and Al Gore’s “Bio-Solar One” (B.S. #1) ethanol-burning 110-foot-long luxury houseboat (at Hurricane Marina in Smithville TN) are Promoting GENOCIDE. Stupid politicians are subsidizing the Biofuel Crime Against Humanity.

    Bio-Solar One Bio-Solar One 2

    Al Gore has accumulated some good ideas, BUT, he is also a successful deceptive master of double-speak hypocritical GREENWASH (like so very many corrupt politicians and profiteering marketing managers).

    In 2010, Al and Tipper used the profits they have scammed from their Global Warming campaign to buy a $8,875,000 energy-wasting mansion next to the Montecito California coast with an ocean view. IT HAS SIX FIREPLACES. Do you think they believe their CO2 emissions cause eminent Global Warming? Do they think THEY will cause sea level to rise in the near future? Al Gore's total rejection of his own alarming message does an extreme disservice to environmental sustainability integrity.

    It is totally clear that Al and Tipper have more than enough money to build a state-of-the-art luxury Zero Emissions, Zero Energy Home, but they have absolutely NO MOTIVATION or INCLINATION to practice what they preach. Buying carbon credits and changing some light bulbs will NOT make the Gore's newest home clean, green, zero emissions or energy efficient. A serious retrofit will increase the total cost to over $10 million. In contrast, a beautiful, sunny, Zero Energy Design ® home would cost LESS per square foot than the high-emissions energy disaster that they just paid nearly $9 million for in 2010.

    Shortly after buying their energy-disaster mansion, Al and Tipper announced the end of their marriage. Do you wonder why?

    You can learn a LOT by what evil people do, NOT by what they preach to others. Why does Al Gore get ANY respect at all?

    Why does he receive so many environmental awards? Why do people pay him to fly around in airplanes so he will tell them what they should do?

    Why are the Gore's so rich? Should the whole world imitate the Gore's gargantuan carbon footprint?

    Is Al Gore's hypocritical evil lifestyle example scalable, sustainable, or in harmony with Nature? No, NO, NO!

    Would you worship at the feet of a rich televangelist who tells you to send your money to him, and then live a life of poverty?
    (Even if you are an atheist or different religion, Jesus preached a hopeful scalable message of love and compassion - He ate
    the same food and slept in the same place as the disciples he was training, who brought radical change to millions of listeners.)

    Do NOT pay attention to sinister Greenwashers who talk the talk but refuse to walk the walk !

    "Greenwashing" is a contraction of “green” and “brain washing”, or “hog wash” – GREENWASH IS MALEVOLENT FELONEOUS LIES AND DECEPTION about many unsustainable things and bad lifestyle choices that are far from being green.

    The Greenwash term was perceptively coined in 1986 by New York environmentalist Jay Westerveld (about hotels placing cards to get occupants to avoid having linens cleaned, to “save the environment”, when it was actually just a simple plan to increase their profits by providing less service).

    Greenwashing has since exploded-and-evolved into a pervasive, multi-billion dollar set of similar intentionally-deceptive “green sheen”, “green mis-marketing” and “Green PR” campaigns. They all claim green progress, but the opposite is often true. Madison Avenue advertising executive Jerry Mander called it “eco-pornography.” (See “A Brief History of Greenwash” )

    The sources of our current catastrophic climate change, and environmental toxins, are spending far-more more money maliciously lying about being green, than they are about doing very much to UNDO the damage they did yesterday, and that they continue to do to this very day.

    Coal and petroleum industries are claiming to have solutions to what they have been doing for a century, when they actually DO NOT. Their Greenwashed processes and products are often just as toxic or environmentally damaging in a different way.

    “Clean Coal” is absolute Greenwash / hogwash. There is no such cost-effective thing on any long-term future technology horizon. The climate-changing emissions from coal-fired facilities are rapidly INCREASING, while they continue lie about non-existent Clean Coal technology. The American Coalition for Clean Coal Technology website is loaded with well-documented Greenwash LIES. They should be prosecuted for their unsubstantiated false advertising, but they have bribed our politicians.

    There are some coal technologies that fractionally reduce CO2 emissions, but there is NO COST-EFFECTIVE CLEAN COAL TECHNOLGY on even the distant horizon. “Clean Coal” would require Zero Emissions. Earth badly needed Zero Emission power decades ago – We can NOT wait until next century for an unlikely overly-expensive solution. Is there any power plant that burns anything anywhere that you would like to breathe what comes out of their smoke stacks? We cannot change the inherent physics of common carbon combustion. It is undeniably deadly.

    Even the newest IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) coal-fired power plants still emit harmful VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), and deadly mercury (which damages the fish we eat, mother’s milk, and infant brains), in amounts that are about the same as the dirtiest coal-fired technologies. IGCC uses less water than a conventional coal-fired plant, and it emits a reduced amount of sulfur and nitrogen oxides that cause acid rain. But, IGCC emits about 80% of CO2 of the dirtiest coal-fired facilities, which contributes greatly to man-made climate change Global Warming problems. California (and a growing number of others) will not buy any new electricity from any coal source, including highly-polluting IGCC, which now costs much MORE than utility-scale solar-or-wind-generated electricity in many parts of the United States and around the world.

    Deceptive GREENWASH advertising is the ONLY reason uninformed idiots would spend MORE for deadly IGCC coal emissions than for lower-cost Clean, Emerald-Green, Abundant Free-Fuel, Non-Polluting, Solar-and-Wind Energy.

    American Lung Association says that coal-and-oil-fired power plants cause great health problems, and 15,000 premature, avoidable, American deaths per year! U.S. Department of Interior and Department of Energy say that large-scale Solar-and-Wind Energy COSTS LESS in many locations. We do NOT have current technology limitations. We have corrupt Greenwashed politicians SUBSIDIZING STUPIDITY.

    IGCC is NOT “Clean Coal.” If you breathe the toxins from IGCC smoke stacks, you will die very soon. IGCC is somewhat cleaner than 100-year-old coal technology, but IGCC COSTS MUCH MORE. Modern utility-scale clean, green, free-fuel, solar and wind power plants in the U.S. desert Southwest already cost FAR LESS THAN IGCC to build, AND sunshine and wind are free!

    Duke Energy (one of America’s worst coal polluters) Greenwash advertising talks about a “cleaner” coal future, BUT they recently started construction of one of the dirtiest kind of old non-IGCC coal-fired power plants, BECAUSE IT IS MUCH MORE PROFITABLE FOR THEM. They are ignoring the near-future threat of Cap and Trade, carbon taxation legislation, and our continuing past-tipping-point ongoing increase in CO2 emissions, when we need to STOP BURNING ANYTHING.

    Some types of solar-electricity generation have been falling in price by 17% to 40% for the last three years (as production capacity has been rapidly catching up with growing demand). In stark contrast, Duke Energy requested an 18% Rate Hike to make Consumers Pay for the Outrageous Irresponsibility of building new dirty coal-fired plants.

    Conventional Electricity Rates Rising, while solar-generation cost is falling:
    Graph of conventional vs solar costs

    The fossil-fuel industries have no choice but to die fairly soon. It is not merely a matter of the pressing environmental issues. FOSSIL FUEL ENERGY WILL VERY SOON COST MUCH MORE THAN CLEAN, TRULY-GREEN, ABUNDANT FREE-FUEL ENERGY IN HARMONY WITH NATURE.

    With fossil-fuel bankruptcy on the near horizon, it is no wonder that fossil-fuel Greenwash marketing agencies are resorting to extreme “Clean Coal” deception, to temporarily be able to borrow money to cling to their suicidal greedy profiteering. They KNOW that their industry is soon to be doomed. They want to squeeze the very-last penny out of business-as-usual. They have no clue how to radically reinvent an obsolete energy company for the 21ST Century. They are arrogantly going
    the way of General Motors and Chrysler.

    Duke Energy Greenwash consists of PURE LIES that do NOT match the documented TRUTH - Damn The Environment, despite the fact that Earth is already well-past the CO2 Tipping Point – Duke Energy’s formal objective is to make profit for shareholders – There is no higher priority for all greedy Greenwashers!

    CCS (Carbon Capture and Sequestration) is a “pie in the sky” speculative pipe dream that was envisioned by the new Department Of Energy, in 1979 – The ONLY CCS demonstration project is the Basin Electric Power Coop in North Dakota – It only sequesters HALF of its CO2 emissions, and the CCS experiment cost the equivalent of $4 Billion of today’s dollars – Imagine the huge economic impact of adding a $4 Billion CCS plant next to every $0.5 B IGCC coal plant!

    It is truly unbelievable that anyone could be so naïve as to think that CCS will EVER be the right thing to do.

    To capture ALL of the world’s coal-fired CO2, we would need as many underground reservoirs as ALL of today’s oil fields worldwide, which took us a century to develop – ANYONE who remotely suggests that CCS has a snowball’s chance in hell to succeed is a BADLY-CORRUPTED IDIOT! Yet our coal-corrupted Congress and our President SUBSIDIZE CCS !

    Coal Industry Virulent Ignorance is an irreversible terminal disease that causes permanent brain damage. Teaching anyone how to mine coal, or to build a coal-fired power plant should be a FELONY. Corrupt politicians who SUBSIDIZE FOSSIL FUELS should be immediately removed from office, and serve lifetime sentences, immediately adjacent to an onsite dirty coal-fired power plant.

    How Deadly Can Carbon Dioxide Be?

    CO2 is an invisible, odorless gas that can kill QUICKLY and SILENTLY by SUFFOCATION, without ANY warning signs at all. Air with a concentration of only 1% CO2 is immediately LETHAL to humans.

    CO2 vendors and customers in a restaurant have been killed by a simple soft-drink CO2 fizzy-drink system leak. MANY miners and CO2-industry workers have lost their lives. Witnesses at a distance say: “They fell down dead, as if they had been shot.”

    CO2 naturally seeps from geothermal features. One example is under the volcanic crater Lake Nyos in Cameroon. CO2 is sequestered under the pressure of the lake water.   On 8/21/1986, the saturation point was reached, and Nyos suddenly burped a large bubble of CO2, which suffocated 1,746 people and 3,500 livestock OUT IN THE OPEN AIR, UP TO 12 MILES AWAY.

    Lake Nyos accurately foretold the future of politically-corrupt American CCS:

    Lake Nyos Lake Nyos dead steer

    Although infrequent, similar CO2 events have been recorded. To prevent future deadly disasters, pipes now vent the Lake Nyos CO2 INTO THE ATMOSPHERE – Underground Carbon Capture and Sequestration can only work for a finite period of time. Underground-and-underwater CO2 sequestration is not only DOUBLE DUMB, it is Very DEADLY.


    WHEN the first major American CCS leak happens, WHO will we prosecute for massive manslaughter? If the coal-industry’s Lethal Lobbyists continue to corrupt our Congress into wasteful Billion-Dollar Funding of stupid, potentially-deadly, CCS underground storage of huge volumes of high-pressure carbon dioxide, there is a Very-High Probability that eventually a Catastrophic CO2 Eruption WILL Occur, and immediately KILL a large number of unsuspecting adults and children (exactly like Lake Nyos did).

    How long will we ignore clean, green, free-fuel sunshine and wind, just to make profit for the greedy fossil-fuel industry,
    and line the pockets of the legislators that they so easily corrupt?

    The inevitable result of Greenwash about non-existent “Clean Coal Technology”:

    inevitable result of greenwash

    Greenwash “Clean Coal” and CCS advertisements should be prosecuted as deadly, deceptive marketing. The net effect of a U.S.-government-funded future CCS CO2 Eruption could be essentially the same as Saddam Hussein’s genocide of 50,000 Kurds in 1988 (using Reagan-Cheney-Rumsfeld-supplied American chemicals and Hughes-and-Bell crop-dusting helicopters).

    Saddam and “Chemical Ali” Hassan al-Majid were eventually HANGED for this biohazard CRIME. What should we do to those who subsidized USA’s predictable future CCS CO2 mass murder?

    Greenwash about infeasible “Clean Coal” is nothing less than premeditated predictable MURDER. WHEN the first major government-subsidized CCS blowout occurs (similar to frequent oil-well blowouts), will the Clean Coal greenwashers call
    it an “act of God”?

    When they say “catastrophic man-made accidents won’t happen again”, remind them about our Interstate bridges that are falling down, Bhopal Gas Tragedy (20,000 killed, 170,000 severely injured), Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, (Belarus permanently uninhabitable), 9 / 11 World Trade Center structural collapse, the New Orleans / Katrina levy failures, AND our callous conservative government’s failure to construct sufficient levies, or even to respond  with assistance AFTER the Truth
    about Global Warming became obvious to almost everyone.

    Is the exceptional-high-cost of coal worth all of the proven, predictable gigantic health risks. Is Greenwash GOOD FOR AMERICA, or worse than mere deadly deception? No one ever wants to hear “I Told You So.”

    PLEASE do NOT let your taxes cause another PREDICTABLE Greenwash catastrophe.

    It is not just the emissions from burning coal that are deadly. Coal-industry profiteers, and pork-barrel politicians (like Robert Byrd) that their lobbyists’ have corrupted for many decades, fraudulently preach that (1) America has large deposits of coal, and that (2) coal is our least-expensive energy source today – Even Simple Simon can see that Sunshine and Wind are FREE – Fossil-fuel people say it will be 30 years before solar and wind energy will be cost effective, when the TRUTH is that DOE & ZED proved solar energy value 30 years ago – All it takes is South-Facing Glass to eliminate the need to burn highly-polluting coal, heating oil, or natural gas for residential heating (those blinded by fossil-fuel bribes refuse to see).

    As far as the large lie that “coal is inexpensive”, the forked-tongue deceiving devils fail to include the TOTAL COST of coal-burning environmental damage AND deaths, PLUS the rapidly-rising environmental-and-economic cost of deadly coal mining, and forest devastation, PLUS, coal mining consumes a LOT of imported oil.

    Sarah Palin promoted the popular 2008 Republican campaign slogans:
    “Drill Baby Drill”, and “Mine Baby Mine”
    (which translate into Burn Baby Burn, Spill Baby Spill, and Kill Babies Kill).

    In the 2008 Vice Presidential debate Silly Saint Sarah knowingly lied that offshore drilling is safe:

    "Palin Power" - Popular Rogue Queen Of Coo Coo Drill Baby Drill - Leader Of Mindless Mediocre Millions

    The lengthy October 2010 Vanity Fair article "Sarah Palin: The Sound and the Fury"
    clearly documents what a violent, unstable, deceptive, (nouveau riche) coo coo bird she really is.

    AFTER the 2010 Deepwater Horizon economic and environmental disaster, Sarah Palin quietly wrote on Facebook:
    "No human endeavor is ever without risk – whether it’s sending a man to the moon or extracting the necessary resources to fuel our civilization. I repeat the slogan “drill here, drill now” not out of naiveté or disregard for the tragic consequences of oil spills – my family and my state and I know firsthand those consequences. How could I still believe in drilling America’s domestic supply of energy after having seen the devastation of the Exxon-Valdez spill? I (blindly) continue to believe in it"

    Sarah had to deal with the 1989 Exxon Alaska oil spill, and frequent Alaska pipeline oil spills, but as a non-learning partisan political entity, she intentionally ignored the Truth in the 2008 campaign and still CONTINUES to recommend unsafe domestic drilling in 2010, despite the proven economic and environmental consequences. Corrupt partisan politics is a terrible beast.

    Stupid Sarah remained essentially silent after multiple coal mining deaths in 2010. Should we still "Mine Baby Mine"?

    Mountain Top Mining

    Mountain Top Mining: One of the greatest Greenwashed environmental and human-rights catastrophes in American history is underway just southwest of our nation's capital, in the coal fields of Appalachia: Robert Byrd’s West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia and Al Gore’s Tennessee.

    Mountain top removal involves clear cutting hardwood forests, blasting, dumping waste in streams, flooding, contaminating scarce drinking water, airborne dust and debris, and the Buffalo Creek disaster which KILLED over 100 and left 1,000’s homeless.

    Should taxpayers keep subsidizing the use of COAL IN ANY WAY AT ALL? (Obama thinks so - Do you?)

    Some misinformed people say that we must continue to burn coal, in order to keep coal miners employed. The truth is that 90% of all coal mining jobs have already been eliminated recently by highly-mechanized mining techniques. If we terminated ALL remaining coal mining jobs, it would have far less of an employment impact than what high-productivity automation has already had on the coal industry. We must develop SUSTAINABLE, safe, clean, green, FREE FUEL, future-energy jobs.

    Have YOU been Greenwashed into believing that burning coal has a viable future?



    The Koch Industries website states their Environmental Sustainability Vision – Just like BP’s similar statement, it is PURE HOGWASH BIG-OIL LIES, sitting on a power keg of potential environmental explosion. KOCH INDUSTRIES IS ACTUALLY ONE OF AMERICA’S VERY-WORST ENVIRONMENT-DAMAGING POLLUTERS. NOT A SUSTAINABLITY LEADER !

    Koch Industries has diversified from their basic oil business into refining, petrochemicals, disposable plastics, and paper
    – All of which Zero Energy Design ® strongly opposes. Emerald Eco-City TM will have none of them.

    Koch Industries is America’s second-largest private company, with estimated annual revenues over $100 billion. Koch owns refineries from Alaska to Texas and a large number of subsidiaries that you’ve probably heard of, like Bounty Towels and Dixie Cup. But who are they, really? Its owners have a long history of huge funding for causes that benefit the greedy oil industry. According to a New Yorker profile: “The Kochs are longtime libertarians who believe in drastically lower personal and corporate taxes, minimal social services for the needy, and much less oversight of industry - especially environmental regulation.”

    Koch Industries paid $6,000,000 in 2010 political bribes (mostly to Tea Party and Republicans), compared to only $5,180,000 paid by BP.
    For federal candidates, Koch "invested" 30% more than Exxon Mobile. Why?
    Are you aware that America's corrupt legislators are "owned" by Big Bad Greedy Oil Company Bribery?

    The tombstone on humanity's grave will be marked: "Drill Baby Drill"

    Definition of "True Christians"

    Conservative obstructionist Ann Coulter is a virulently-ignorant historic revisionist. She has a very-high “Coo Coo Quotient”, along with Rush and David Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Silly Saint Sarah Palin. Ann preaches a message of blatant intolerance of anyone who opposes her radical right views. Her combative conservative views have similarity to those expressed leading up to the United States Civil War. The specific issues have changed somewhat, but not the self-righteous egocentric tone.

    When Ann Coulter called Bill Clinton an "executive buffoon" in a speech at the University of Connecticut, the audience BOOed and complained. Ann arrogantly replied "I love to engage in repartee with people who are stupider than I am." (sic) Ann is very BOO-tiful.

    (My personal belief is that a rational person should NOT engage in an intellectual battle with an unarmed opponent, like Ann.)

    On Fox News’ “Red Eye” show, Ann Coulter referred to other conservatives who disagree with her (and who
    even work at her own company) as "whores." Ann said they are "fake Christians trying to get publicity."

    Ann wrote that "All liberals are atheists." I suppose she thinks that trying to change government so it exhibits more-Christ-like compassion (like health care for poor innocent children and those with existing conditions) exposes evil God haters.

    Apparently, Ann Coulter’s ultra-conservative radical fanatical view of TRUE Christians must include:

    Support for easy-access to deadly guns (Strong opposition to any form of gun control)

    Those who think that total deregulation of greedy Wall Street scam artists will prevent Bernie-Madoff-style Ponzi Schemes

    People who foolishly believe partisan lies that Barack Obama is a Muslim, born in Kenya, with absolutely no proof whatsoever

    Those who think we should NOT fairly tax the top 2% of wage earners (like lawyers, Wall Street executives, Ann, etc.)

    People who resist providing unemployment benefits to those who cannot find work during our government-created recession

    Profiteering capitalist pigs who strongly support short-sighted environment-damaging unsustainable depletion of Past Peak finite resources with "Drill Baby Drill" and "Mine Baby Mine" - Raping The Earth and Rushing Toward The Suicide of Humanity

    Ann falsely and foolishly says: "Environmentally friendly means a life of austerity”

    (For three decades, Zero Energy Design ® has demonstrated: “ABUNDANT Energy In Harmony With Nature” ®)

    Easily-manipulated Tea Party morons think we should send our brave patriotic soldiers and smart bombs to kill innocent women and children with "acceptable collateral damage", in an O.I.L.-related war in Iraq, based on Dick Cheney’s Hitler-like
    BIG LIES about non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

    After leaving office, Cheney often said: "No Regrets - I made no mistakes." Nearly five years after shooting
    his hunting partner Harry Whittington in the face and heart, Dick Cheney has STILL not apologized to him.
    Harry's face is mutilated. He will die with 30 pieces of Cheney's toxic lead in his body.

    Cheney shoots whittington - No regrets

    Are Cheney followers and supporters True Christians? Over 64,000 people died in Dick Cheney's unjustified O.I.L. War in Iraq, and a million innocent people (mostly non-combatant women and children) were injured, maimed, mutilated, and amputated as a direct result of Cheney's Hitler-like BIG LIES about his hidden agenda to gain control of dirty, environment-destroying, past-peak, expensive foreign oil. AND, the Koch brothers are now successfully fooling gullible Anti-God Tea Parties to return to the "good old days of Dick Cheney's unsustainable high-profit oil addiction." What fools these easily-manipulated Tea Parties be!

    Irrational people like Ann Coulter and others promote unrestrained hate and murder, based on differences in political opinion: “We need somebody to put rat poisoning in Justice Stevens' creme brulee.” Is that something that Jesus would say?

    Ann loves it when mainstream media criticizes her - It increases her moronic audience size, book sales, and TV appearances.

    It is nearly impossible to convince people who reject Scientific Facts that their opinion (based on faith in BIG LIES) is wrong. This principle of flawed human nature was the effective foundation of Hitler's genocidal holocaust, 9/11 & Cheney's O.I.L. war.

    Is Ann's extreme view TRUE Christianity? – Or, outrageous coo coo religious hypocrisy beyond all rational thought?

    Leviticus 19:18 "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: I am the Lord."

    Matthew 7:12 "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you,
    do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets."

    Matthew 22:39 "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. "

    Luke 6:31 "And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise."

    Romans 13:8 "Owe no man anything, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law."

    This concept is not limited to True Christians - It is a Universal Law of living in harmony with Nature, and with each other:

    “None of you truly believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.”
    - The Peaceful Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

    This Principle Is Universal - Those who reject it and preach a message of hate, revenge, and non-forgiveness are ANTI-GOD.

    “It is better for a leader to make a mistake in forgiving than to make a mistake in punishing.” - Muhammad

    As Jesus was dying on the cross at the hand of evil men, He prayed: "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do."

    "Inner peace can be reached only when we practice forgiveness. Forgiveness is letting go of the past,
    and is therefore the means for correcting our misperceptions."
    - Gerald Jampolsky

    THE TRUE PEACE - Black Elk, Native American Oglala Sioux Spiritual Leader

    “The First Peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people
    when they realize their relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its powers,
    and when they realize that at the center of the Universe dwells the Great Spirit,
    and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.
    This is the real peace, and the others are but reflections of this."

    “The Second Peace is that which is made between two individuals,
    and the Third Peace is that which is made between two nations.
    But above all you should understand that there can never be
    peace between nations until there is known that TRUE PEACE,
    which, as I have often said, IS WITHIN THE SOULS OF MEN.”

    In his Second Inaugural Address on March 4, 1865 during the United States Civil War, Abraham Lincoln quoted Jesus in Matthew Chapter 18, Verse 7: "Woe unto the world because of offenses; for it must needs be that offenses come,
    but woe to that man (or woman) by whom the offense cometh."

    Paraphrasing: Mindless masses must suffer much pain and sorrow because of the many mistakes that they make.
    This is an inevitable consequence of ignoring the Scientific TRUTH of the Universal Laws of Nature. But, even worse pain
    is reserved for those coo coo birds who lead many gullible thoughtless followers astray (as did Hitler, bin Laden, Cheney,

    Implications of this message: (1) Learn To Discern and AVOID DESCEIVERS who ignore and reject provable Scientific TRUTH.
    (2) Search For TRUTH about the Universal Laws of Nature, and how to live a joyful abundant life in happy harmony with Nature.
    Peace, love, compassion, forgiveness and being good stewards of God's wonderful natural gifts are essential to our survival.

    Of the two deadly Civil War opponents, President Lincoln said: “Both read the same Bible and pray to the same God, and each invokes His aid against the other. It may seem strange that any men should dare to ask a just God's assistance in wringing their bread from the sweat of other men's faces ... The prayers of both could NOT be answered. That of neither has been answered fully. The Almighty has His own purposes.”

    The God of the Bible commanded “Thou shalt not kill.” How could anyone pray and ask this same God to assist in killing other men over the immoral issues of slavery, or dirty foreign oil, when Jesus taught His followers to pray “Thy will be done” ?

    Ultra-conservative obstructionists have always been willing to fight, kill each other, and die rather than give up their traditions like immoral slavery, disparity inequality (all men are NOT created equal), denying universal good education and heath care, etc. Why do these egotistical capitalistic social-improvement obstructionists consider themselves True Christians?

    How is denying Universal Healthcare for all any different than slavery? Are there combative Tea Parties praying that we repeal healthcare for all, Medicare, Social Security, improved education, and better regulation of greedy exploitive corporations?

    Do they (like Ann Coulter) insanely consider themselves the only TRUE Christians? (VERY-HIGH "COO COO QUOTIENT")

    Self-centered, egotistical, competitive partisan prayers of denial can NOT and will not be answered

    Have Americans learned anything at all from our self-righteous brutal bloody Civil War insanity ?

    How many Americans belong in the category of "Mindless Followers Of Coo Coo Bird Leaders" ?

    CBS News Estimate 87000 attend Glenn Beck Sarah Palin Rally

    Drill Baby Drill, Spill Baby Spill, Kill Babies Kill - No Universal Healthcare

    After Beck's Big Boondoggle, Glenn (a self-proclaimed Mormon) kept preaching that "President Obama is NOT a
    mainstream Christian."
    If people believe the big liar Beck when he says that HE is a Christian, then why do the same people
    not believe Barack Obama when he publically says that Jesus Christ is his personal Lord and Savior? What else does it take?

    Matthew 19:21 "If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor" (What could be clearer?)
    Matthew 19:24 "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God"

    Greedy people who profit from donations from the wealthy have always tried to distort this lesson from Jesus.
    Televangelists get rich with the Big Lie that if believers send in their money, God will make them wealthy.
    If a True Christian accepts a donation, he has no biblical right whatsoever to live a life more lavish than the donor.

    Giving to a worthy cause brings joy to the donor, but RECEIVING gifts brings with it a heavy responsibility to the source.
    "Thou shalt not respect persons, neither take a gift: for a gift doth blind the eyes of the wise,
    and pervert the words of the righteous."
    - Deuteronomy 16:19

    All of American politics is based entirely on ungodly bribery gifts. They may be legal, but they are clearly immoral.

    The modern word "indulgence" has come to mean "the act of indulging in gratification"; "tolerance of, or permission to, sin." When the Roman Catholic Church wanted to increase their wealth, they sent Bishops and friars out to SELL INDULGENCES "for the remission of temporal punishment still due for a sin that has been sacramentally absolved."

    Martin Luther (author of the Protestant Reformation) translated the Bible into language that common people could understand. In 1516-17, the Pope sent Johann Tetzel, a Dominican friar and papal Commissioner for Indulgences, to sell indulgences to raise money to rebuild St Peter's Basilica in Rome. Roman Catholic false dogmatic profit-making theology stated that faith alone cannot justify man; and that only good works (fides caritate formata) can result in man's salvation. The benefits of good works could be purchased by donating money to the Church (a theme that is common to this day among wealthy televangelists).

    On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther wrote to Albrecht, Archbishop of Mainz and Magdeburg, protesting the sale of indulgences. He enclosed in his letter a copy of his "Disputation of Martin Luther on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences," which came to be known as The 95 Theses of the Protestant Reformation. Luther saw this disputation as a scholarly objection to church practices. Luther asked: "Why does the Pope, whose wealth today is greater than the wealth of the richest Crassus, build the basilica of St. Peter with the money of poor believers rather than with his own money? Luther strongly objected to a saying attributed to friar Johann Tetzel that: "As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs."

    Can oppressive rich people BUY THEIR WAY INTO HEAVEN? Luther insisted that, since forgiveness was God's alone to grant, those who claimed that monetary indulgences absolved buyers from all punishment and granted them salvation were in error. Luther said Christians must not slacken in following the loving teachings of Jesus Christ on account of such false assurances.

    Like other forms of corrupt bribery, monetary indulgences that tolerate ongoing sin blind the eyes of the wise.

    Are The Wealthiest Capitalists True Christians? Can they buy their way into heaven through any church?
    Does Ann Coulter have the right to say that others are self-serving fake Christians, or is SHE?

    Acts 2:44-45 "And all that believed were together , and had all things common;
    And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need."
    Forget about the eye of a needle; This passage is very clear to anyone who can read (unless they reject Truth).

    John 17:21 "That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee,
    that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe"

    When ten self-proclaimed Christians disagree on an issue, the world KNOWS that AT LEAST nine of them are wrong.

    Plato: “Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.”

    We use a simple song to teach children the alphabet, and they remember it for a lifetime.
    Some adults still need to “think” the pre-school song to find things alphabetically. (What letters are before and after "Q"?)

    Humans appear to be unique in this respect in the animal kingdom. Chimpanzees don’t have a sense of rhythm or melody.
    They do not sing or make musical instruments, not even simple drums. Humans remember the songs we hear during puberty for the rest of our life.

    A senile senior citizen who cannot talk, can sing a familiar old song. Those that cannot walk can tap their feet, and perhaps even dance to a song when they fell in love. Deep-seated positive emotions and decision-making models are linked to good music.

    However, many older people feel that obscene gangster rap is beyond appalling. Does angry evil music insight anti-social behavior, violence, and even murder? Do criminal words set to snappy music influence innocent minds toward self destruction? Most of the things invented by humans can be used either for the greater good, or for sinister evil.

    When I was seeking a better understanding of the True Spirit of God in my early twenties, the following song had a profound lasting impact on me. I believe that it is based on a Universal Truth, that if you love your neighbor as your self, the world will know it. Our study group came together in a symbolic circle, and put our hands on each other's shoulders. We quietly prayed that God's will be done in our neighbors' lives. We wanted for the others what we wanted for ourselves - God's love manifest through all of us. As you listen to this video clip, try to imagine what a profound impact this music had on our loving group.
    If this song was not part of your own spiritual-or-emotional awakening, it will probably (at first) seem meaningless to you.
    This may be as uninteresting to you as the songs of Frank Sinatra are to younger generations, but they did influence many.
    Try for a minute to imagine a loving circle of caring people singing this song to each other, for the joyful benefit of all:

    "We are one in the Spirit. We are one in the Lord. And, they'll know we (have the Spirit of God) by our love."

    Acts 4:32 "And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of ONE SOUL: neither said any of them
    that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but THEY HAD ALL THINGS COMMON."

    This essential Christian SOCIALISM principle is so very nice, they had to write it twice (in Acts 2 and Acts 4).

    Do Tea Party Christian pretenders believe and practice the Full Gospel of Jesus Christ? How can they deny health care for all?

    Tea Party fools keep talking about our Founding Fathers' Christianity, Were Early Christians Greedy Capitalists or Socialists?

    Our Constitution hypocritically states: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."
    Their obvious problematic lie was that black slaves, native Americans, and women were NOT considered equal - The Majority.
    Our white founding fathers profited by taxes on the sale of slaves. Shall we return to "the good old days" of our foundation?

    Should self-proclaimed Mormons like Glenn Beck return to their 1831 religious heritage of The Principle of Polygamy?
    Just because an old document has been around for a long time does NOT mean that it is full of modern-day truth.
    Is any part of your lifestyle based on flawed documents or traditions that are widely-practiced obsolete egotistical dogma?

    For centuries, the fatally-flawed USA founding fathers' Constitution has had to be amended and its amendments amended.
    Shall we now return to the original foolish foundation of our slavery nation, and eliminate all of its progressive amendments?

    Do we actually need MORE corrective amendments, like the Balanced Budget Amendment that was promised by Republicans
    in the 1994 Newt Gingrich "Contract With America", before Bush / Cheney created MORE DEBT than ever before in U.S. history?

    Voters tolerate a lawless, corrupt, selfish government of Big Lies, unfulfilled promises, crimes, and broken legal contracts.

    Silly Selfish Saint Sarah Palin: "Now is no time to experiment with socialism." (Did that time end 1800 years ago?)
    Sarah is most definitely NOT a Full Gospel Book of Acts (2-4) Christian, despite praying profusely in tongues no one knows.
    Do you know any religious hypocrites who still reject major portions of the loving teachings of their founders?

    BIG LIAR Rush Limbaugh: "I shamelessly say, I want Obama (and America) to fail ... why would I want socialism to succeed?"

    Mormon Glenn Beck: "Socialism has failed every time it has ever been tried. It ends every time in mass murder. " (Oh really?)

    Beck rants endlessly on corrupt Fox News about the evils of socialism, and how we must return to the principles established
    by our founding fathers.
    Glenn admits to having very-little formal education. He is obviously illiterate about his own religion.

    The Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. who created the Mormon church in 1831 was deeply concerned about the many impoverished people joining his movement. He created "The United Order" "Law Of Consecration" which was based on the Book Of Acts 2-and-4 form of Christian Socialism. Followers were asked to voluntarily deed ALL of their property to the LDS church for the common benefit of all.

    Did LDS Consecrated Socialism end in mass murder Glenn?

    Should Glenn Beck practice what he preaches: Deed everything he owns over to the Mormon church, and follow his founders?
    Why is this outrageous hypocrite so very popular with virulently-ignorant myopic mediocre minds, with no ability to reason?

    In the 20th century, the extremely-wealthy televangelist Oral Roberts established a similar program for the benefit of retirees
    (and then to the personal wealth of Oral Roberts Evangelical Association after the eventual death of the retirees). In all cases,
    those allowed to participate in Roberts' program paid in more than they received in benefits - leaving nothing for their children.

    How can Tea Party capitalists claim to be Christians and deny health care to innocent children, in the world's richest nation?

    Are these fanatical fools True Christians? Do they love everyone as much as they love their own corrupt manipulative power?

    I do not claim to be a Christian (as defined above), but it bothers me greatly when greedy corrupt capitalists claim that they are,
    while obviously rejecting MOST of the valuable loving ideals that Jesus taught His loyal disciples. Which part do YOU reject?

    Do you unselfishly want for your brother what you want for yourself? Do people recognize you for YOUR LOVE?
    Is freedom, liberty, equality, and prosperity for ALL even possible among self-serving, ethnocentric, war-like humans?
    Among joyful wild dolphins it is. Are loving dolphins smarter than we will ever be?

    Do you believe Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever"
    OR that His teachings no longer apply to modern Tea Party Capitalist self-proclaimed "True" Christians?

    Do you truly "love your neighbor as yourself"? Does the world respect you for the love that you display to everyone?

    Does the Spirit within you bring about unity? Do you seek the Truth of Universal Consciousness in Harmony with Nature?

    What about the dogmatic-false-doctrine pretenders that YOU choose to teach you and your family WHAT to think?
    Do you believe what a religious or science book says, OR whatever pretenders tell you it says, or means to you?

    "Those who stand for nothing fall for anything." Alexander Hamilton (U.S. Founding Father and President 1789-1795)
    What do YOU stand for? On what are your fundamental beliefs and lifestyle based? Will your grandchildren be pleased?

    A poll after Glenn Beck's ridiculous D.C. rally showed that 20% of extremely-gullible Americans, and 31% of Republicans,
    ignore well-documented facts
    and believe the ongoing outrageous Coo Coo Tea Party political BIG LIES that
    "Obama is a Muslim, who was not born in the United States."

    20% of Americans also ignore the Surgeon General's WARNING on cigarettes and practice stupid suicidal lifestyle behavior.
    There is a coo coo cult following that believe the Earth is flat, UFO's have abducted them, and Elvis Presley is alive. Do you?
    Some of them could probably pass a polygraph (lie detector) test that shows that they honestly believe this foolishness is true.

    The "average" American is clearly NOT very bright. The majority of any population are either mediocre or below average.
    Anyone who thinks that spending money on smoking or illegal drugs is a good thing to do, may easily fall for anything.
    I've got a picture of Elvis autographed by him in 2015 (sold to me by space aliens) that you may be interested in. (chuckle)

    Americans who buy illegal drugs send great wealth to criminal drug cartels (Mexico, Afghanistan Taliban, etc.).
    Over the last few years, Mexican drug-thug cartels have killed over 30,000, including a thousand policemen and 11 mayors.
    Are you so extremely STUPID as to believe that any illegal drug is a harmless good thing to do - for you, or for others?

    How is buying deadly imported illegal drugs any different than buying expensive imported OPEC oil?
    Majority opinion is flawed. Such pervasive insanity of humanity will never be allowed in Emerald Eco-City

    Is it possible that the noisy virulently ignorant will believe any egotistical lie that helps them restore their corrupt political power?

    Disclosures show that the vast majority of the covert funding for Tea Party rallies and LIES comes from oil-industry corruption.
    If big oil companies can return control of the U.S. government to the Republicans they OWN, we will resume our suicidal path.
    Every time Re
    publicans controlled our government in the 20th century, it was based on corrupt funding from fossil fuels.
    Can you see how repeatedly lying about Obama's birth and religion is covert support for unsustainable, deadly, oil companies?

    The exact same thing happened when President Carter started a D.O.E. plan to phase out OPEC oil imports in 8 years.
    The oil industry supported Reagan, and Reagan then terminated Carter's Energy Independence plan, increasing imports.
    In 1986, Reagan granted amnesty to illegal criminal aliens, so Republicans could increase their profits with cheap labor.
    We are truly a non-learning nation of gullible fools - OWNED by suicidal corporations and corruption of our government.

    Does widespread public support imply that popular leaders are correct? What about Hitler's Nazi Germany?
    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they WILL believe it”
    - Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

    President Obama's Press Secretary Robert Gibbs replied to Beck: "The President is a Committed, Mainstream Christian, ...
    People are entitled to their own opinion, as ill-informed as it may be, but they're not entitled to their own facts."

    Millions of Popular Coo Coo Taliban fanatics support teaching 12-year-olds to become suicide bombers.
    Does widespread popular belief make suicide a good thing to teach precious innocent children?
    Suicidal killing most-certainly contradicts the teachings of the Peaceful Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) - Covenant of Medina.

    The Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity ALL have a common foundation of Peace, Love, and condemnation of hate and killing. Those radical fanatics who reject Universal Consciousness, and preach a maniacal message that they will be rewarded for their hatred and murder of innocents, are much like the insane suicidal Anti-God Taliban & al Qaeda are today.

    The Hebrew word “shalom” means “peace”, submission to the will of God, integrity, wholeness, or wellness. It is used as a Jewish greeting for both hello and goodbye. According to Muslim Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, “The very word ‘islam’ comes from a cognate (common etymological origin) to 'shalom', which means PEACE in Hebrew.”

    In Islam, searching for peaceful knowledge is the highest form of worship of the Creator of the Universe:“Whoever seeks a way for pursuing knowledge, Allah will facilitate his admission to Paradise.” - The Peaceful Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) - Author of the harmonious, multi-cultural, Covenant of Medina

    The U.S. Constitution contains portions that were first negotiated by Muhammad in the Covenant of Medina. (See "The U.S. CONSTITUTION from the perspective of the QURAN and the MEDINA COVENANT"

    TRUE Islam is a "religion of wisdom-based peace among nations." The principle of peace is part of Universal Consciousness, which is common to all Godly religions. A good Muslim will tell you that Islam brought true peace, equality, justice, human rights and liberty to mankind. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) set the tone of this peaceful core of Islam through the "Covenant of Medina" charter of peace. Muhammad established a peaceful cohesive state where the rights of followers of ALL FAITHS were ensured. Extending this peaceful mission, Muhammad united the fractious bickering uncivilized Bedouin tribes of Arabia, and founded the world's greatest empire and civilization of the day, within which people of all faiths lived in peace, harmony and equality. Not only Muslims, but also non-Muslim historians, often socialists, have studied these well-documented facts about PEACEFUL ancient Islam.

    Should uninformed American bigots burn the holy books, and ban places of assembly, from people who teach true peace?

    Those like the radical fanatical Taliban and al Qaeda, who preach hatred and murder are Anti-Islam (Anti-Peace) and Anti-God. BUT, it is as foolish to persecute all Muslims, as it would be to persecute all Christians, because of the wicked Inquisition.

    Isaiah 9:6 foretold the coming of the Messiah, who would become the “Prince of Peace.” The prophetic Book of Isaiah is part of the common Abrahamic heritage of Hebrews, Christians, and Muslims. The creator of Islam, Muhammad (pbuh) believed that Jesus Christ was the Prince of Peace Messiah prophesied by Isaiah: "Jesus is alive with God" (Quran 3,55;4,158,159) Jesus and Muhammad were both multi-cultural peacemakers. Should today's self-proclaimed U.S. Christians reject everything Muhammad taught about peace, when he believed in Jesus? Unlike Jesus, Muhammad did NOT claim to be God. He said that he did NOT know what Allah would do with him when he died. In Muhammad's peaceful city of Medina, Muslims, Jews, and Christians lived together in mutually-supportive harmony.

    Luke 2:14 “Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth PEACE, good will toward men.” Muhammad supported these words.

    When the religious leaders of the day asked Jesus about the greatest commandment in the Law (Matthew 22:36-40), Jesus stunned them by replying: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.”

    Muhammad elaborated: "You are not a believer until you want for your brother, what you want for yourself."

    There about a billion humans who claim to be Christians. There are nearly twice that many Islamic Muslims. Why can't we all return to our founder's peaceful teachings and live together in harmony with each other? It happened in Medina. Why not the whole world, in the modern electronic age of instantaneous Internet communications? We should understand and respect cultural differences, and where they are scientifically incorrect, offer constructive feedback.

    Americans once hated, imprisoned, and killed many innocent Germans and Japanese. Now we rely on them heavily as essential business partners, and the source of excellent creative engineering. Is intolerance of diversity good or bad for the entire world?

    The timeless Creator of the Universe will forever be in all of Creation. IF you love God, you will demonstrate it by loving your neighbor - wanting for the whole world what you want for yourself. To hate any part of God's Creation is to hate its Creator. "Whatever you have done to the least of these, you have done unto Me." Matthew 25:40

    We were NOT commanded to love only those who agree with our own ethnocentric personal religious beliefs. Hatred and bigotry violate the most important of all commandments. We must love, and be at peace with, each other, and all of Nature.

    “If a man can be properly said to love something, it must be clear that he feels affection for it as a whole, and does not love part of it to the exclusion of the rest." - Plato

    Universal Consciousness: No one can reasonably claim to love God, and also hate any portion of God’s Natural Creation. Do you love or hate your neighbor? Make someone happy, and you will be happy too.

    Modern dictionary definitions of “peace” include: a state of tranquility, quiet, calm, freedom from civil disturbance; A state of security; Being secure within a community; Freedom from oppression, persecution, strife and disorder; Untroubled by conflict, agitation or commotion; Living in Harmony with Nature and with ALL of God’s Creation.

    Radical fanatical egotistical bigots who shout hatred, intolerance, oppression, strife, disorder and violation of “Thou shalt not kill” are beyond any shadow of a doubt Anti-God. They stand arrogantly against the most-important peaceful teachings of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Lao Tse, Buddha, and most other rational religions that love God and respect our Creator’s handiwork. Muhammad insisted that there never be any bloodshed in his peaceful pluralist City of Medina.

    NEVER listen to anyone who spews the evil venom of hate and murder. There will always be conflicting viewpoints about many topics, but we need to learn how to disagree peacefully, and to make things better for us all, without preaching hatred or killing. Our world is highly flawed. It needs confrontational CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, NOT murder of those who disagree with you.

    Sinister Anti-God False Christians who distort peaceful religion to justify killing disbelievers (during the Inquisition, etc.) are no different than those today who warp peaceful Islam to teach killing innocent people, and train children to be suicide bombers.

    Nazi Book BurningIn 1933, Nazi Press and Propaganda proclaimed an "Action against the Un-German Spirit." 25,000 Un-German books were burned. Nazi’s evoked Martin Luther and the historic burning of Un-German books on the anniversary of the posting of Martin Luther's 95 protestant theses.

    Nazi’s called for a "pure" national language and culture. They attacked "Jewish intellectualism", which led directly to Hitler’s intolerant Anti-God genocidal holocaust.

    There are many non-learning virulently-ignorant intolerant egotistical bigots today
    who think they should burn the sacred religious texts of peace-loving faiths that disagree with their unique view of truth. They oppose those who preach a different PEACEFUL faith, because of Anti-God terrorists who have warped "peace" for evil.

    Christians have been present in the Middle East since the first century, living harmoniously with Muslims for long periods.
    The Aqsa of Muslims and Church of Nativity are common fountains where Christians and Muslims drank deeply together.
    Those who instigate intolerant war between different-but-similar peaceful religious beliefs are clearly egotistical Anti-God.

    Bigots selfishly seek publicity for their radical fanatical ideas. They thrive on criticism from the masses. Martyrs WANT to be persecuted to death. It is true that Albert Einstein said: “Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds.” BUT, just because coo coo fanatics are receiving violent opposition does NOT make them “great spirits.”

    Much of the time, strong opposition means you are either STUPID, or you are not communicating effectively with others in a loving, constructive way that they can appreciate. Emerald Eco-City is based on the loving gift of CONSTRUCTIVE Criticism.

    Should false Christians who preach intolerance and hate burn Muhammad's Christ-based Quran?

    Should Jewish people burn the New Testament? Should Catholics burn the Book of Mormon?

    Should Protestants burn the Books of the Apocrypha? Will the Anti-Godly Burn Baby Burn?

    Al Qaeda symbolically burns the American flag, shouts death threats, and decapitates the innocent.

    Should peace-loving people stoop to the same evil Anti-God level, and reply in like kind?

    USA Bill of Rights: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” (as many egotistical self-righteous Tea Party bigots want to do today). Religious intolerance (as the Nazi’s did) is strictly forbidden by the U.S. Constitution. Tolerance of diverse PEACEFUL cultural viewpoints is the very foundation of our unique nation. "In God we trust" regardless of what name you use for God.

    There are those bigots in America today who want to reject our First Amendment freedom of religion, and proclaim the U.S. as a Christian religious state, to the egocentric, intolerant exclusion of all other faiths. Israel is a Jewish religious state. When Israel took over the Holy City of Jerusalem in 1976, 28% of its residents were Christians. Now only 2% are.

    Is Hitler-like ethnic cleansing / religious purity the best goal for any nation that wants to live in peace with the entire world? If we cannot live together in peaceful harmony in a single city, then how can we possibly share the world with those we hate?

    Iran is an Islamic religious state that REJECTS OF THE COVENANT OF MEDINA PRINCIPLES OF THEIR FOUNDING PROPHET. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's goal has long been to use nuclear power to hasten the prophesied apocalypse,,1518,418691,00.html with no diverse national Iranian opinion able to stop him.

    Americans have the constitutional right to free speech, BUT your right ends at my ears. Please do not shout Anti-God hatred at me. If you disagree with the status quo (as we do), let us discuss peaceful reinvention of a superior bright new future in Harmony with God's Emerald Green Nature, AND with each other. Let us show the rest of the world our brotherly love for them. If we demonstrate hate, that is exactly what we will receive in return. "Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets." - Matthew 7:12 - The Universal Never-Ending Golden Rule of Reciprocity

    If selfish LIES are removed from politics, leaving nothing but Provable Scientific TRUTH, there would be no reason for politics

    Those who desire love and peace with fellow earthlings must publically condemn self-serving ignorant lies, hatred and murder

    Fools who listen to, and support, the deceiving lunatic fringe that have a high Coo Coo Quotient, ARE the evil of our society

    "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing"
    - Albert Einstein referring to Adolf Hitler's Anti-God Intolerant Genocidal Holocaust

    If you are not actively opposing & doing something about lies & corruption, then YOU are perpetuating our political problems

    Shrill fact-challenged rants and incoherent coo coo ramblings are popular among arrogant partisan fools

    Earth Day 2009 Limbaugh and Beck

    In a defining moment of supreme coo coo clarity, Rush Limbaugh broadcast:
    "Nothing man does changes Earth's temperature ... Global Warming is a political hoax"

    Not one single biased partisan self-serving Republican federal official said that Rush was just plain STUPID.
    Limbaugh ignores documented Scientific Truth, including the Surgeon General's Smoking and Drug Warnings.

    At the 9/28/2007 International Conference on Energy Security and Climate Change, President George W. Bush
    finally admitted that human activities and fossil fuel addiction are creating unsustainable climate change.
    "We must lead the world to produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions." Republicans like Limbaugh, Beck,
    Palin, and Senator Jim Inhofe (who are owned by big oil and coal lobbyists) contradicted their own president.
    Rush, Glenn and Sister Sarah are not politicians. They are popular rich entertainers who "Play to the Pit."

    Only virulently-ignorant entrenched non-learners could possibly listen to such arrogant self-righteous LIARS,
    BUT, At Least One Out Of Ten Americans blindly accept the suicidal sermons of a bloviant deviant
    Bozo, who boldly opposes the Universal Laws of Nature, as set forth by the Creator of the Universe.

    All Republican politicians seem to be led by their Supreme Commander: Coo Coo Rush Limbaugh.
    No elected Washington D.C. Republican official will publically say "Rush is Coo Coo" about anything.
    They know for certain that Limbaugh's LIES control the 20% mental-moron Republican base voters.
    Fox News aligns with Limbaugh insanity. Together they control millions who lack critical thinking skills.

    We do not think that any of them will read our words, unless YOU set an example for them to follow.

    What is the meaning of life? What is our purpose for being?

    How did the universe come to exist? Why did The Creator put humans on Earth?

    For thousands of years, our ancestors have asked these basic questions, and tried to answer them as best they could from their limited scientific perspective. Any open-minded scientist who looks through a microscope or at pictures from the Hubble telescope must believe that something timeless set space and time in motion, and created the never-ending Universal Laws of Nature. We are ALL the handiwork of God, Allah, or whatever you want to call The Creator of the Universe.

    Many people feel that Holy Books like the Torah, Bible, Quran, etc. offer answers. The book of Genesis is common to all Abrahamic faiths: Jews, Muslims and Christians. Do you think there is value in words found in Genesis that apply to all Abrahamic faiths?

    Most religious people fail to notice the simple answers to questions about our
    fundamental purpose for being on Earth. They have eyes but refuse to see:

    Genesis 2:7-9, 15  “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed. And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food;” … “And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.”

    Is there now any doubt in YOUR mind why humans are here on Earth today?
    Keep rereading the above until it is etched into your mind forever.
    Try reading how these versus appear in multiple different translations.
    The Biblical reason that God put man on Earth is consistent in all translations.
    If anyone tells you any other thing, suggest that they learn how to read what the Bible says.

    Humans and trees were both created from the same dust of the Earth - We are synergistic symbiotic relatives.
    Humans are commanded to be good stewards of The Creator’s Beautiful Bountiful Creation, and TREES IN PARTICULAR.
    It is not for God's personal benefit - Healthy abundant worldwide trees are ESSENTIAL for human survival.

    Humans who are NOT Tree Huggers are in willful violation of the Biblical Meaning of Life.

    “Tao” or “Dao” is a concept found in Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, and throughout ancient Chinese philosophy and
    East Asian religions. Tao is said to be “the ultimate principle of the universe.” Tao means unity, Universal Consciousness,
    or simply “The Way.”

    Tao is intended as universal philosophical wisdom for everyone to consider (regardless of their personal religious point of view). Tao supports many of the beliefs of a variety of diverse religions. It is fundamentally synergistic to be a Christian, Jew or Muslim and also follow Tao as The Way.

    Lao Tze’s ancient “Tao De Ching” is the core writing of Taoists, and of many others who seek philosophical understanding
    of the Universal Laws of Nature and Humanity.

    “When a fool hears about The Way, he laughs.” - Tao De Ching Chapter 41

    “The way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advice.” – Proverbs 12

    “One who does not think believes every word, but the cautious understands his steps.” - Proverbs 14

    "The mark of a thoughtful man is freedom from his own ideas. Tolerant like the sky,
    all-pervading like sunlight, firm like a mountain, supple like a tree in the wind" - Tao De Ching Chapter 59

    These texts are mutually supportive. They reinforce each other symbiotically.
    You can read the Torah, Bible or Quran and also live by The Universal Way.
    When many old-and-new texts agree, you may be closer to understanding The Truth.

    “In harmony with The Way, the sky is clear and spacious, the Earth is solid and full,
    all creatures flourish together, content with the way they are, endlessly
    repeating themselves, endlessly renewed.

    “When man interferes with The Way, The Sky Becomes Filthy, the Earth becomes
    depleted, the (Yin / Yang) equilibrium crumbles, and creatures become extinct.”
    - Tao De Ching Chapter 39

    It is difficult for a thoughtful person to reject these Universal Sustainable Truths.

    Woe to those Anti-God leaders (of followers who cannot think or reason) that manipulate
    millions of mediocre minds to violate the Creator’s Universal Laws of Nature.

    Those who ignore The Universal Way and The Provable Scientific Truth bring about the End of Life.

    "By denying scientific principles, one may maintain any paradox." - Galileo Galilei

    A fact is a fact is a fact. Popular opinion will not change that fact.

    Ignoring facts does not make them go away. It just makes you more annoying.

    "Practical politics consists of ignoring facts." - Henry Adams

    Arrogant men (like Limbaugh and Beck) who teach that humans should destroy trees are extremely Anti-GOD.
    Turning our God-given Garden of Eden into a concrete corporate jungle is suicidal stupidity beyond compare.
    The millions of Americans who now worship at Anti-GOD Anti-GREEN pulpits are killing our grandchildren.

    Trees are without any doubt THE primary source of life for everything that breathes oxygen.

    In 1950, there were 2.5 billion humans on Earth. Sixty years later there are nearly 7 billion. Over a billion humans are now starving on less than one cup of food per day. Humans are currently killing between 50,000 and 100,000 acres of life-giving trees PER DAY. With even more humans and fewer trees, climate will drastically change, coastal cities will be flooded, and all oxygen-breathing animals will suffocate in the predictable future.

    How should Godly people react to Anti-GOD sinister evil that teaches weak-minded fools to kill God's trees?

    7 billion people need to PLANT a dozen trees a year to undo the damage we have done.
    Anything less is KILLING OUR MOTHER. How many trees have YOU planted so far?

    Is it too much to ask every human on Earth to plant one tree per month, so our offspring can live?
    If one person plants no trees, then one other person must plant twice as many.

    Just like the bees that pollinate God's trees, humans have a critical God-given role to play in support of Nature.

    The American legend "Johnny Appleseed" (John Chapman 1774 - 1845) was a Christian missionary who
    generously traveled across Ohio, Indiana and Illinois teaching pioneers to plant fruit trees for their grandchildren.

    Being a Good Steward of The Creator's Delicate Creation is The Universal Way of Everything Godly.

    What kind of suicidal environmental legacy would Anti-GOD Anti-Green self-proclaimed tree killers (like Rush Limbaugh,
    Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and those who attack all tree huggers) have us leave our Earthly posterity?

    How many trees have YOU caused to be killed in your lifetime? Did your grandparents love Nature, or damage it?

    Thoughtless fools kill an evergreen to celebrate the birth of Jesus every year. (Tree killing is an ancient pagan winter tradition.)
    Early American Christians made it illegal to kill trees for Christmas, but USA has returned to pagan Anti-Christian practices.
    Dead Christmas trees fill up scarce landfill space, to start each new year out WRONG. Imported oil is burned to transport them.

    We even burn inefficient incandescent lights, wasting much energy for months each year on our pagan winter indoor trees.
    Some American homes burn down every year, due to poorly-maintained Christmas tree lights. Burn Baby Burn.

    Centuries ago, mariners used to think that boats had to be made out of trees that float. Today, we know that the BEST ships on the sea are NOT made out of trees. The same thing is true about homes and office buildings. WOOD COSTS WAY TOO MUCH.

    We must STOP building anything out of trees. Older civilizations (like the middle east) have destroyed most of their trees and found better alternatives. America must immediately wake up and do something similar (before we become a sandy desert).

    70% of harvested trees are used for paper products. The ancient papyrus scrolls were NOT made by killing trees. Our dollar bills are not made from trees. Excellent, cost-effective paper can be made from waste sugar cane stalks, corn stalks, certain types of grass, cotton, flax, etc. ALL PAPER AND BOXES SHOULD BE TOTALLY TREE FREE! (Recycling paper is NOT enough.)


    We do NOT need snail mail, phone books, magazines, newspapers or disposable paper-or-plastic containers.
    Even ubiquitous transportation pallets, chopsticks, and tongue depressors should NOT be made by killing trees.

    Plant and nurture trees, do NOT kill them. Anything less is violating the Biblical Purpose of Human Life on Earth.

    If you reject the Scientific TRUTH about Nature, what is your purpose for life on Earth?
    Is your selfish goal to exploit everything and everyone around you, and die rich?

    A ton of gold is worthless, if there is not enough oxygen for everyone to breathe.
    There are very good reasons that the author of Genesis wrote that humans must be
    good stewards of trees, and thoughtfully dress and keep God's Earthly Garden of Eden.

    Is your life focused on personal short-term prosperity, or worldwide long-term posterity?

    Should we measure the value of coo coo Limbaugh, Beck and Palin by the millions of dollars they make misleading fools?
    Do you believe that your whole life will be judged by the legacy that you leave for children, or by your accumulated wealth?

    In Jesus' day the Pharisees believed there was life after death. The Sadducees believed that there was not. Either way:
    We should all learn to live a sustainable constructive life, worthy of praise by our grandchildren.

    When your life flashes before your eyes as you approach the white light, will it be a movie worth watching?

    If someone demonstrates by their actions that their purpose in life is to destroy Nature, then they most certainly do NOT
    belong on Earth. (Some suggest that a special place is reserved for them in the future, where they may Burn Baby Burn.)

    Do YOU love and care for God's Creation, or are you actively doing unsustainable things that destroy it ?


    89% of Americans are displeased with what our government is doing today (so are we), but Tea Party people are NOT protesting at the front door of the oil, coal, lumber, paper, insurance or Wall Street companies that continue to badly damage our Garden of Eden, and corrupt our Evil Politicians. Tea Party rallies are mostly FUNDED by big oil company corruption (which very-few moldable Tea Party manipulated minds realize is True). They blindly accept by faith BIG LIES about what they are told to believe.

    Non-learning people focus on symptoms, while they myopically ignore the underlying root cause - They must live lives of woe.

    It is easier to prevent stupidity than it is to correct it AFTER it becomes a long-term entrenched deadly unsustainable addiction.

    The sad problem with our coo coo society is that stupidity is not instantaneously painful. It takes far too much time
    for the full impact of UNSUSTAINABLE GREENWASH to become apparent, by which time the damage may be irreparable, and
    the critical lessons of cause-and-effect have been totally lost. Arrogant leaders of the virulently ignorant inflict woe on us all.

    Many Tea Party participants are good people, BUT they are naively being led toward woeful suicide by big oil company funding.
    Faithful Godly People (who are used to being told WHAT to think from the pulpit) are sadly susceptible to Hitler-like BIG LIES.
    Our declining school system conditions students to rely on The Fountain of Knowledge Flowing From The Front Of The Forum.
    Like helpless babies, they sadly squat in poop-filled nests, waiting to be fed dirty worms by coo coo birds.

    At least 20% of our coo coo population will believe any irrational big lie that they are told again and again.
    “One who does not think believes every word, but the cautious understands his steps.” - Proverbs 14:15

    People SAY they seek the Absolute Truth, but in reality most believe big lies that best serve selfish desires.

    Adolf Hitler proved widespread nationalistic ethnocentric Suicidal Gullibility to be totally true in the 1930's.

    Dick Cheney's rejection of Truth, and inventing big lies about non-existent weapons of mass destruction
    in Iraq, caused America to enter our first unjustified preemptive "war to prevent war" in our entire history.
    Cheney called it Operation Iraqi Liberation, but we are now quite certain that it was only about OIL.

    The oil-industry-funded "birther" movement is a well-document modern example of 20% Virulent Ignorance.
    31% of easily-fooled Republicans believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya, despite clear proof to the contrary.
    Such deceptive irrational big lies permeate politics, the Internet, and the mediocre minds of many millions.

    Most Republicans have acknowledged the Truth of Obama's birth in Hawaii, BUT several Tea Party candidates continued
    to try to win votes in 2010 from moronic "birthers" by promising to Impeach Obama for lying about his birthplace.

    Truth and lies often coexist. If a friend says Obama was born in Kenya, but his birth certificate says Hawaii,
    who will you chose to believe, and why? Your personal search for Truth requires intelligent discernment.

    I became very upset when my son's young high school science teacher told him that "Man on the Moon is a hoax."
    How could such insanity be tolerated by taxpayers who pay teacher salaries? How can Tea Party fools win any votes?
    How can religious people deny well-documented scientific facts - The way The Inquisition did Galileo's heliocentric view,
    And the way religious Creationists STILL deny the fossil record and claim that the Earth is only six thousand years old?

    Just because you hear a Big Lie a thousand times from multiple manipulative sources, does NOT make it true.
    Rejecting or ignoring inconvenient hard scientific facts does not make them change, or go away.
    Facts do not seem to influence the opinions expressed by fool-hearty greedy capitalist fanatics on Fox News.

    When Galileo's telescope demonstrated how Earth rotates around the Sun, he was persecuted by idiots.

    Mindless mediocre majority opinion very-rarely represents Absolute Provable Scientific TRUTH.
    When the majority of speculators think that a rapidly-rising stock is a good investment, it MAY be time to sell short.

    "Children must be taught HOW to think, not WHAT to think"
    - Margaret Mead (Popular American Cultural Anthropologist)

    Children who are only taught WHAT to think usually lack Critical Thinking Skills - They don't know HOW to Learn to Discern Truth from Big Lies, or Good from Evil. They absorb deception and reject facts that disagree with their virulent ignorance.

    Adults and children who do not know HOW to Learn and Discern on their own are easily BRAINWASHED by self-serving manipulative deceivers like Hitler, bin Laden, Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, Cheney, and well-funded corporate lobbyists.
    This very-serious flaw in non-learning human misperception has been nearly universal for many thousands of years.

    Pervasive clever corporate profit-motivated advertising easily manipulates the weak minds of children and adults with no sales resistance or critical thinking skills into believing that they must have many fashionable things, which they really do NOT need.

    Smoking commercials have caused millions of impressionable non-learners like Rush Limbaugh, John Boehner, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to become badly addicted to suicidal lifestyle behavior. FOOLS IGNORE WELL-KNOWN SCIENTIFIC FACTS.
    20% of insane Americans are voluntary killing themselves (and damaging others around them) by smoking (and drugs).
    If 60 million idiots believe there is nothing wrong with smoking, they can be easily convinced to believe many other very-big lies.

    The huge difference between easily-manipulated suicidal fools and the wise is knowing HOW to Learn and Discern.

    "Lifelong learning in an ever-expanding universe of endless possibilities" TM - Dale Hartweg (Research Scientist and my father)

    Learn HOW To Learn: Develop (1) Powers Of Observation, (2) Critical Thinking Skills, and (3) Creative Problem Solving Capacity

    “Men are so simple and so much inclined to obey immediate needs that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions.”
    - Niccolo Machiavelli, 1513, "The Prince"

    How do INTELLIGENT people deal with the discovery of provable NEW scientific facts? The non-learning "Flat Earth" easily- manipulated people (who were taught that Earth is fixed on its foundation) rejected what Galileo saw through his new telescope, and persecuted him - In the same way that today's Anti-GREEN fools firmly reject the scientific evidence of climate change, and cling to precarious suicidal status-quo business-and-politics-as-usual, which has clearly been shown to be UNSUSTAINABLE.

    An open-minded lifelong-learning person who knows HOW to Learn and Discern is supple
    like a tree in the wind, but rooted firmly in the search for PROVABLE Scientific Truth.

    Conditioning children to believe unscientific foolishness only by faith is the opposite of what they need.
    American 15-year-olds rank an uncompetitive non-learning 29th in the world in science proficiency tests.
    USA is declining, not because a lack of technology, but because of a lack of knowing HOW to Learn and Discern.

    Science Is Provisional - Constantly learning and being refined with new provable discoveries every year.

    The worldwide Internet has greatly accelerated the rate of new scientific information distribution,
    BUT, the Internet has also greatly increased our need for Outstanding Critical Thinking Skills.

    Are YOUR children being taught WHAT to think, or HOW to think and learn?

    It costs much less to NOT drill for offshore oil than it costs to undo the widespread damage that big-oil's
    highly-corrupting coo coo selfish suicidal executive stupidity will continue to do for many decades to come.

    Ignoring unsustainable lifestyle trends, and the ongoing deadly damage that is being done today by irrational resistance
    to progressive change for the better, is nothing less than leaving an insane unsustainable suicidal legacy for our offspring.

    Despite what biased dishonest coo coo partisan politicians like Sarah Palin say, onshore and offshore oil extraction and transportation can NEVER be “safe” or “environmentally friendly.” Contrary to widespread intentionally-misleading oil-industry misinformation, LARGE OIL SPILLS ARE NOT RARE EVENTS. The number and size is increasing today.

    The National Response Center (NRC) is the sole U.S. federal point of contact for reporting oil and chemical spills. The NRC documented that before 2010, there were HUNDREDS of U.S. OIL SPILLS TOTALING OVER THREE MILLION GALLONS PER YEAR. The total ongoing cost of all worldwide oil spills is staggering, but they are largely covered up by the badly-embarrassed unrepentant oil industry. The risk is growing. The worst is yet to come.

    Many people incorrectly believe that the widely-publicized 1989 11-million-gallon Exxon Valdez oil spill was the world’s worst, but it actually ranks about 34th. In 1992, a single well in Uzbekistan Fergana Valley spilled 88 million gallons. In 1979, the IXTOC 1 exploratory well in the Gulf of Mexico spilled 140 million gallons over a ten month period, and in 1991, 240 million gallons were dumped in the Persian Gulf (22 times more than the Exxon spill). The BP spill was over 200 million gallons (but BP covered up the truth, to reduce the huge fines that they must pay, and our government supported BP's intentional dastardly deception).

    The well-documented FACT is that offshore oil-and-gas operations must drill ever deeper to find dwindling oil sources. The risk of a catastrophic oil spill (like the IXTOC 1 or Deepwater Horizon) is GETTING PROGRESSIVELY WORSE, NOT SAFER.

    Each similar future environmental event will damage Earth’s delicate ecology for decades. If two were to happen at once in U.S. waters, we clearly do NOT have the equipment to deal with such a predictable catastrophe.

    The cumulative impact is outrageous suicidal stupidity, especially when 10,000 times more free-fuel clean green energy is readily available from the sun, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, ocean currents and tides. The ONLY things that are preventing their rapid development are: lack-of-knowledge, business-as-usual, deceptive political-corruption, irrational resistance to Scientific TRUTH, technology, and infrastructure innovation. Infrastructure innovation will be costly (trillions of dollars), but our current unsustainable obsolete-energy path is nothing less than suicidal. We MUST rapidly radically change, OR DIE.

    There is no cost-effective technology on the 21st century future horizon that can change these established SCIENTIFIC FACTS.

    Our ineffective do-nothing government can NOT protect us from the risk of oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear man-made devastating disasters. No legislation can change the simple reality that Unsustainable Coal, Oil, Gas, Biofuel, and Nuclear Fission Technologies are all INHERENTLY-UNSAFE THREATS AGAINST HUMANITY and EARTH’S DELICATE ENVIRONMENT.

    They can NOT cost-effectively be made Zero Emissions “Clean”, “Green” or "Free Fuel" by any means in the foreseeable future.

    "Never depend upon institutions or government to solve any problem. All social movements are
    founded by, guided by, motivated and seen through by the passion of individuals." - Margaret Mead

    The deadly Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion, fire, and oil spill has once again PROVED that the very-best 2010
    “blowout preventer” and “robot submarine” technologies are NOT 100% safe or effective.

    All humans make mistakes, and complex equipment will eventually fail (often at the worst possible time).

    “Murphy’s Law” is sadly still in effect in the fossil fuel / nuclear energy industry, and government – it will never cease to be true.

    "If anything can go wrong, it eventually WILL go wrong."
    It is merely a matter of when. Recent disasters are warning signs. The worst is yet to come

    If a solar panel or windmill fails, it will NOT cause billions of dollars of irreparable damage to the Earth for decades in the future. It will NOT cause millions of people to lose their only source of income, or their home. It will not make large areas permanently uninhabitable (as did Chernobyl). Most “free fuel” systems are extremely safe AND environmentally-friendly sources of stable good-paying future-technology jobs.

    Cumberland Investors’ Economist David Kotok (frequent contributor to CNBC, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Barron's magazine) stated his informed opinion about the ongoing Gulf of Mexico oil spill – It is pretty gloomy, to say the least. Kotok’s opinion deserves to be presented in contrast to the claims of foolhardy Mississippi Representative Gene Taylor (indentured corrupt slave of the oil industry), who compared the Deepwater Horizon deadly disaster to a "chocolate milk spill.”

    David Kotok’s “best-case scenario” after the blowout preventer could not be activated is that containment chambers are put in place, and they are able to catch the outflow from the three known ruptures. We certainly hope that this is effective, and useful for future similar spills.

    The ineffective BP gusher containment chambers were heavy 30-foot-high concrete-and-steel boxes that had to be carefully positioned on the ocean floor at the based of the collapsed oil rig, in mile-deep water, where human divers cannot go. This risky process had never been done before in history. It did not work. The gusher continued for three deadly months.

    The BP cleanup will take many years. The immediate direct economic impact is in the five states with coastlines on the Gulf of Mexico: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Like the Exxon Valdez, the twenty-times-larger ecological impact will be felt for many decades. Herring fishing has STILL not returned to Prince William Sound - over two decades later.

    David Kotok’s "ugliest scenario” involved drilling a nearby relief well that took over three months. This will be followed by a decade-long cleanup, the Gulf becoming a "damaged sea for a generation," and "A HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS" in ongoing costs. The recent market capitalization of the entire BP Corporation is only about $150 billion dollars. A worst-case scenario could wipe out BP, eliminating well-paying jobs for roughly 100,000 BP employees, PLUS their many subcontractors and investors. BP has already written of an anticipated $32 billion in anticipated Gulf of Mexico oil spill expenses.

    Like the Exxon Valdez oil spill, BP lawsuits will rage on for two decades. Most of the original Alaska claimants died before
    their court cases against Exxon were finally settled for a fraction of the extreme damage that Exxon did. Is this fair and just?

    Justice delayed is justice denied. Delayed promised payments have already damaged millions of Gulf Coast residents.

    According to David Kotok, the worst case possibility for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster was: "The oil slick leaks beyond the western Florida coast, enters the Gulfstream and reaches the eastern coast of the United States and beyond. Use your imagination for the rest of the damage" (to the pristine Florida Keys ecologically-delicate underwater sanctuary, tourism industry, and then the high-velocity Atlantic Ocean currents could rapidly carry deadly, chemically-treated, weathered crude oil to the U.S. East Coast, and eventually even to Europe).

    If an oil spill reaches the Gulfstream, it will be transported to the Florida Keys in only a few days, and then up the Atlantic Coast.

    Gulfstream Current Flow Map – Scientific Fact

    Gulfstream Current Flow Map

    It is NOT a matter of IF it can happen. It is merely a matter of WHEN, depending on the growing statistical probability, which increases greatly with the number of offshore oil platforms, and the increasing depth that they must drill in order to find unsustainable, highly-polluting, past-peak, declining oil supplies. Powerful currents interconnect ALL of Earth’s oceans, which normally carry essential food sources to all marine animals. Multiple large oil spills WILL destroy our rare blue planet’s many delicate ecosystems. There is no rational way from any greedy fossil-fuel profiteer to Greenwash that FACT.

    Drill Baby Drill – Drill Here, Drill Now - Proposed Suicidal Insanity
    R U so blind as to believe Coo Coo Bird lies that oil can ever be “Safe” or Environmentally Friendly”?

    Proposed Offshore Drilling Map

    The U.S. offshore-drilling energy sector should soon face much-increased expensive new regulations. Zero Energy Design® hopes ALL offshore drilling in the U.S. has been set back for at least a generation, just like Three Mile Island set back nuclear power development for decades. The Republican governor of California canceled his prior partisan support for offshore drilling. Reduced supply, and increased price of petroleum, may accelerate our transition to Zero Emissions Electric Transportation.
    Myopic mediocre minds say that the transition will be too expensive. BUT, the only alternative is the Suicide of Humanity.

    No politician can win an open-minded election with a permissive view about offshore drilling. Sarah Palin's "Drill Baby Drill" and “Drill Here, Drill Now” “Safe and Environmentally Friendly” evil misinformation have condemned her (and those fools who retain similar coo coo feelings) to political marginalization. Only non-learning closed-minded entities can support such oil-lobbyist-funded "Spill Baby Spill" "Kill Baby Kill" partisan politics, in light of irrefutable 2010 Gulf of Mexico Scientific Truth. They are the same kind of fools who ignore scientific warnings about smoking, but continue their habitual, painful, SUICIDAL BEHAVIOR.

    BP made the offshore drilling issue rise on the political agenda for the November 2010 election
    BUT, like the OPEC oil embargoes in 1973, it was soon be forgotten by a non-learning nation whose
    opinion is controlled more by oil-industry corruption, than by obvious, proven, Scientific Truth.

    Jobs and the U.S. economy were critical issues, but voters could not connect the oil-industry cause and effect.
    The goal of oil-industry heavy Tea Party funding was to cover up the black-oil-hearted Truth - It worked very well.

    Tea Party supporters who once demanded “unregulated free-market economy” SHOULD now rethink the need for tighter
    oil-industry government regulations. The same applies to greedy profiteering heath insurance and arrogant Wall Street.

    Shortsighted selfish stupidity has dominated American capitalism, politics, and the mediocre majority
    with NO Critical Thinking Skills, who are doing nothing to change our current suicidal course.

    2010 and 2012 politics are both intriguing. Has scientific proof had any influence on voters, or will they quickly forget the many political lessons that SHOULD have been learned from 2008 through 2010? Will non-learning Americans soon forget the lessons of the Deepwater Horizon, as we did Past-Peak Oil, OPEC 1973-1979, 2008 $4 gasoline, and the Exxon Valdez?

    Americans with an open mind have become painfully aware that it can take months to stop an uncontrolled high-volume deepwater oil exploration GUSHER (like Deepwater Horizon and IXTOC 1). Over several months, over $20 Billion of economic and ecological damage HAVE been done (even after the oil leak stopped). It is already well-beyond the tipping point.

    The IXTOC 1 and Deepwater Horizon ecological disaster events will NOT be the last of their kind.

    The worst is yet to come - Of that we may all be certain - Ignoring facts does not make them go away

    There WILL be many more (and larger) oil spills in the predictable future. The more deepwater oil-and-gas operations, the more frequent and deadly the failures will become. It is merely a matter of the proven growing scientific statistical probability with all of today’s risky, inherently-unsafe, obsolete, unsustainable, highly-polluting fossil-fuel production technology.

    Prevention costs much less than dealing with endless disasters

    The $100 Billion New Orleans global-warming Hurricane Katrina disaster could have been prevented, but our mismanaged
    government was too cheap and shortsighted to do what they knew should have been done decades earlier. In hindsight,
    failure to protect the below-sea-level city was beyond extreme false-economy COO COO STUPIDITY. When New Orleans goes permanently underwater in the 21st century, perhaps our non-learning world will begin to wake up. (But probably do something even more stupid in the future?)

    Deepwater offshore oil-and-gas drilling is clearly beyond stupid. In increases our bad addiction to unsustainable suicide.

    The well-documented huge risk far exceeds any potential benefits. The sum total of ALL proposed offshore drilling would take a decade to develop, and it would then only extend America’s gluttonous oil consumption by about one more year. There just isn’t enough domestic oil available to satisfy USA’s 20-million-barrel-a-day deadly gas-guzzling airplane, truck, train, ship, and SUV addiction. Offshore drilling cannot possibly reduce the increasing pump price of gasoline, or reduce our oil imports from nations that want to do us great harm. These are big oil woeful big LIES. $4 gasoline nearly bankrupted America in 2008.
    What will deeper, more-expensive, deepwater oil production do to the American economy? (When Sunshine Is FREE!)

    The proper thing to do is to PHASE OUT ALL CARBON FUELS - STOP increasing our addiction to suicidal unsustainability.

    But IF America continues to ignore the critical issues of Safety and Sustainability, what can be done AFTER another huge oil spill like Exxon Valdez, IXTOC 1 or Deepwater Horizon?

    When crude oil floats on sea water, it immediately begins to “weather.” Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) petroleum solvents evaporate in one or two days, polluting the atmosphere and making it more difficult to disperse the remaining thicker crude oil. Workers around oil spills suffer respiratory distress, long-term lung damage, and an elevated risk of deadly lung cancer.

    It is therefore essential to act very rapidly at an aggressive response rate that is at least as fast as the oil is leaking. In 1994, FEMA established procedures to immediately deal with large oil spills. The Obama Administration failed to activate them for 7 days after the Deepwater Horizon explosions, and THEN we discovered that the necessary equipment was NOT AVAILABLE in sufficient quantity. Just like global-warming Hurricane Katrina, 2010 FEMA disaster planning failed to do what taxpayers have paid FEMA to do since the Exxon Valdez oil spill. FEMA employees sit around trying to occupy their idle time, but when disasters do occur, no one can deny that FEMA’s response is both slow and woefully inadequate. Our inept, unprepared, mismanaged, do-nothing government cannot (or will not) protect us from the predictable nature of the inherently-unsafe, risky world that greedy corporations have created for us and our precious posterity.

    The direct measure of efficacy of a sufficient response to any oil spill is whether its size is contained. If an oil spill continues to grow, it is clear proof that far too little is being done. No one can argue that FACT. The required recovery resources for thousands of barrels a day can be enormous. We are far too cheap to prepare for the predictable. We lack the foresight to prepare for the predictable future that our gluttonous greed has created.

    For large growing oil spills like Deepwater Horizon, it is extremely expensive to contain thousands of square miles of floating oil, and all but impossible to do, depending on weather, wind, waves, ocean currents, etc.

    For small finite (non-growing) oil spills, rapid deployment of nearby floating oil booms within a day or two can contain part of the oil, IF and only if, the water surface is flat calm (which is rare). Contained oil spills can be moved short distances and burned, which emits large quantities of air pollutants and leaves thick balls of less-volatile asphalt and tar to deal with.

    Oil skimming has minimal benefit on large spills. Skimming rate is slow, and there is insufficient expensive equipment available to keep up with rapid spill rates. It is almost useless in most common wind and wave conditions.

    After the huge 1989 Exxon Valdez environmental disaster, the U.S. Oil Pollution Act of 1990 pre-approved the future use of highly-controversial potentially-damaging “chemical dispersants.” Before the Deepwater Horizon deadly disaster, dispersant use was infrequent, in part because of the difficulty of mobilizing available equipment and dispersants within the narrow window of opportunity in which they may be partially effective.

    Oil spill dispersants do NOT reduce the amount of oil entering the delicate environment. They merely cause the floating surface oil to mix into the water column, somewhat reducing the potential that a surface slick will contaminate delicate shoreline ecosystem habitats, or come in contact with birds and beaches.

    Chemical dispersants make the two-dimensional size of the surface oil slick appear to become smaller (the Deepwater Horizon slick was temporarily reduced from 3,400 square miles to 2,000 square miles). BUT, chemical dispersants actually greatly INCREASE the three-dimensional cubic volume of the oil + hazardous chemical mix. The volume of deadly chemicals dumped
    in the Gulf of Mexico by two huge C-130 tanker airplanes in 2010 created an enormous long-term environmental impact.

    When the 3D mix of oil + chemicals sinks, its direction of movement is no longer influenced only by surface wind and waves,
    but rather by high-speed prevailing deepwater ocean currents – in this case, southeast along the Gulf of Mexico Loop of the
    Gulfstream that moves rapidly toward the crystal-blue Florida Keys ecosystem, and then north along the U.S. Atlantic Coastline.

    Using hazardous chemical dispersants is a foolhardy conscious “out of sight, out of mind” political decision to
    damage one part of Earth’s sensitive ecosystem for decades, while partially hiding the impact of the more-visible part.

    News media can easily film oily sea birds and blackened beaches, but the deadly damages to oyster beds and delicate coral reefs are hidden from plain view. It will take centuries to restore endangered coral reef habits, which are already declining due to global warming of Earth’s oceans. Slightly higher temperatures, plus a thin layer of oil + chemicals, WILL BE DEVASTATING and irreparable within our children’s lifetime. This is the legacy of our suicidal “Drill Baby Drill” “Spill Baby Spill” senseless stupidity.

    Chemical dispersants are merely a political boondoggle to look like something useful is being done, when there is really very little that can be done after the fact. It is like trying to recover from a nuclear power plant accident like Chernobyl. This is an inconvenient truth for those brain-dead partisans who still chant “Drill Here, Drill Now!”

    Consider this easy-to-understand example: Suppose you have an expensive aquarium with tropical fish, and shellfish on the bottom. Dump some used motor oil on the surface – It floats and makes the edges oily. Now add some harsh liquid soap and stir the mix to disperse the oil and chemicals throughout the tank. The amount of oil in your aquarium remains the same, but the 3D volume of the mix increases greatly. Everything in the tank quickly dies. The oil eventually settles to the bottom, or slowly returns to the surface. Either way, permanent irreversible deadly damage is done over a long period of time.

    An oil-polluted uninhabitable ecosystem must be totally replaced. In the open ocean, the badly-polluted bottom will remain fowled and deadly to most life forms for many decades. Coral reefs may not fully recover until AFTER the 21st century total suicide of humanity.

    Two decades after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the fishing industry has still NOT returned to Alaska’s once-pristine Prince William Sound. Holes dug near the shoreline today STILL expose large amounts of deadly weathered crude oil from 1989.

    How many more times must this type of ecological disaster be repeated before non-learning entities realize that fossil fuels
    are both unsustainable AND suicidal? Oil-industry funding blocks the widespread distribution of anti-oil scientific truth.

    Should we aggressively “Drill Here, Drill Now” all of the proposed offshore oil development sites (on the above map)? OR, should rational voters badly punish all politicians and corporations who support increasing our addiction to all kinds of deadly fossil fuels? YOU cast your powerful vote every time you fly on an airplane, buy something transported with petroleum, or fill up your SUV.

    “Out of sight, out of mind” use of a dispersant is NOT a viable solution for pollution. It is just as stupid as was dumping radioactive waste in thin metal barrels in the San Francisco area Farallon Islands from 1946 to 1970. Just because our insane government approves a buffoon's boondoggle, does NOT mean it is the right thing to do. A bad solution can be worse than the problem (for example, the totally-unjustified Iraq War over non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction).

    There is NO way to correct any large oil spill. The ONLY alternative is to break our deadly addiction to oil. STOP Burning Carbon.

    Prevention costs much less than dealing with endless disasters, but non-learning fools wait until AFTER the crisis to react.

    t is a curious coincidence that President Obama subsidized non-existent “clean coal” technology, and coal mine deaths increased. Obama announced expansion of offshore oil and gas drilling, and Deepwater Horizon happened. Got the message?

    It is much too spooky to think that Nature is trying to communicate with us better than ever before. For whatever reason, the feedback cycle HAS gotten much shorter since 2008. These ongoing man-made deadly disasters were predictable twists of fate, but the timing WAS remarkable (coincidence or not).

    Do you believe that God speaks to humans through the Nature of Creation? When we see avoidable human death, or a large fish-or-bird kill, is there an “acceptable level of collateral damage” as a direct result of our extreme exploitation of Mother Earth? Should we listen closely to the still small voice of Universal Consciousness that is deep within all of us, or ignore Nature?

    What will happen when industry responds to Obama’s subsidy of inherently-unsafe nuclear fission power generation?

    How much of America will become as uninhabitable as the abandoned nation of Belarus?

    If you think human errors do not happen, then you can buy some Gulf Coast real estate at a greatly reduced price today.

    The Universal Laws of Nature can NOT be violated for very long. Fossil fuel and nuclear energy are without a reasonable doubt scientifically suicidal. Like millions of other species before us, humanity is now on a path toward self extinction. It is arrogant for humans to foolishly think we can violate Nature's immutable laws and survive. America is aggressively leading the deadly way, while ignoring the obvious Truth of Nature’s Universal Laws.

    We MUST immediately learn how to Live In Harmony With Nature, OR DIE in the 21st century.

    Regardless of Greenwash lies or your personal political bias, the greedy, profiteering, self-serving, non-learning Baby Boomer legacy is nothing less than Predictable Bankruptcy, and DEATH. Baby Boomers received the greatest free gifts of any generation in history, and they are leaving the largest debt and environment destruction of any generation in human history.

    We have very little time to undo the great damage that selfish greed is doing to us and our children. Will our posterity hate us?

    “Expansion of Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration” - Barack Obama, March 31, 2010

    Our President yielded to heavy pressure from lobbyist-corrupted politicians and violated more of his campaign promises:

    “We need to make continued investments in clean coal technologies and advanced biofuels.  A few weeks ago, I announced loan guarantees to break ground on America’s first new nuclear facility in three decades, a project that will create thousands of jobs.  And in the short term, as we transition to cleaner energy sources, we’ve still got to make some tough decisions about opening new offshore areas for oil and gas development in ways that protect communities and protect coastlines.

    “This is not a decision that I’ve made lightly.  It’s one that Ken (Salazar – Secretary of Interior) and I, as well as Carol Browner, my Energy Advisor, and others in my administration, looked at closely for more than a year.  But the bottom line is this:  Given our energy needs, in order to sustain economic growth and produce jobs, and keep our businesses competitive, we are going to need to harness traditional sources of fuel even as we ramp up production of new sources of renewable, homegrown energy.

    “So today we’re announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration, but in ways that balance the need to harness domestic energy resources and the need to protect America’s natural resources.  Under the leadership of Secretary Salazar, we’ll employ new technologies that reduce the impact of oil exploration.  We’ll protect areas that are vital to tourism, the environment, and our national security.  And we’ll be guided not by political ideology, but by scientific evidence.”

    Scientific Evidence: The Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico Coast economic and ecological catastrophe PROVED that the technology to drill safely in deep water does NOT exist in 2010. The huge documented risk far exceeds any potential benefits. What say you now Mr. Misinformed President? How is that "We'll protect areas" thing working out for you? YOU CANNOT!

    American Petroleum Institute (API)
    The American Petroleum Institute is the main U.S. trade association for the oil and natural gas industry. API funds advertising and promotes government policies that many oil and gas companies support, even if the companies are embarrassed to associate themselves by name with the API.

    API stages public "Energy Citizens" rallies to provide the appearance of public support for the oil industry, even though many of the people who attend the rallies are extremely-biased profiteering energy company employees.

    Massey Energy
    A 2010 coal mine explosion killed 29 people in a West Virginia mine owned and operated by Massey Energy. It was the worst coal mine disaster since 1970. According to Massey’s website, they are the fourth largest coal company in the United States, have 2.3 billion tons of high-quality coal reserves, and in 2007 produced and sold nearly 40 million tons of coal. They also have one of the very-worst coal mine safety records, with many fines for criminal violations, leading up to the 29 men that they killed.

    General Electric Corporation

    Thomas Edison created G.E. to make and sell terribly-inefficient incandescent light bulbs, well-over a century ago. G.E. continues to sell billions of climate-changing light fixtures today. Many of G.E.’s current climate-changing inefficient appliances STILL do not even qualify for the 15% energy reduction savings required for a minimum-value, easy-to-obtain “Energy Star” rating.

    G.E. designed and operates many of America’s obsolete 1970’s-technology nuclear power plants. They still haven’t a clue about how to safely dispose of very-deadly nuclear waste, which will badly pollute our Earth for thousands of years into the future.

    G.E. continues high-profit business-as-usual, without investing in correcting the endless problems they have created for the entire world.

    And now, G.E. “Ecoimagination” Greenwash says they have all the answers, including Obama’s taxpayer-funded Smart Grid. Sadly, G.E. “owns” most legislators, who are in fact sending billions more to the creators of our current crises, from Wall Street, to Detroit, to G.E. HQ.

    G.E. Smart Grid Greenwash – If I Only Had A Brain

    Many of G.E.’s profitable products are major contributors to Global Warming:

    GE Value Pack light bulbs GE Jet Engine

    General Electric Lighting has been producing two billion terribly-inefficient cheap incandescent light bulbs per year. G.E. stopped publishing the exact number in their annual prospectus, in an attempt to Greenwash the damage they keep doing to Earth’s delicate environment. GE business-as-usual continues to profit greatly from non-learning shortsighted American consumers who incorrectly believe that 100-year-old incandescent light bulbs are inexpensive. G.E. does not need to advertise their obsolete incandescent light bulbs. Stupid people have great difficulty breaking bad lifestyle habits. Greedy G.E. Lighting is happy to enable their consumers’ ongoing addiction. Capitalistic profiteering is a much higher priority than public service has ever been to G.E.

    Ronald Reagan was famous for his 1980's support of Republican business-as-usual obstruction to long-overdue much-needed innovations. However, most people do not realizes that in 1950, Reagan was a staunch progressive social liberal. BUT THEN, General Electric hired "the great communicator" in the mid-1950's to be their commercial spokesperson for conservative corporate capitalism. Reagan's "Live Better Electrically" advertisements dominated every television set in the country.

    Reagan wined and dined with wealthy G.E. corporate executives, and was greatly impressed by their greedy financial "success." It was through G.E. that Reagan was introduced to his largest political Big Oil Bribes, IF he would support their addictive profiteering goals (in contrast to President Carter's Energy Independence plan). Big Oil paid for Carter's defeat and Reagan's election. Reagan granted Big Oil huge taxpayer subsidies, and canceled Carter's 8-year Energy Independence plan.

    G.E. must therefore share the blame with Reagan for our 2008 oil-based economic crisis, and our deadly unproductive O.I.L. War in Iraq, based on more political lies.

    As the worldwide demand for petroleum continues to increase without restraint, and the past-peak oil supply declines, we will soon see oil prices spiral upward well-above our 2008 oil-speculation price crisis. Jet airplanes can waste 80,000 gallons of fuel lifting a 1.2 million pound aircraft 6 miles off the ground and cruising at nearly the speed of sound. Electric cars and electric trains could greatly reduce our addiction to imported oil, but corrupt "Drill Baby Drill" stupidity still dominates politics. It became much stronger when Republicans won leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives in November 2010 - further increasing entrenchment of Big Oil corruption.

    When gasoline pump price rises to $6 per gallon, very few people will be able to fly airplanes, drive trucks, SUV’s, speed boats, or move products on diesel trains or ships. A lot of environmentalists may be particularly pleased that no one will be able to purchase many of the inefficient, environment-damaging things that change-resistant G.E. is STILL making today (but it will signal the end of America as it was when we grew up). The entire world will be in economic and environmental chaos.

    This is like so many failed companies (and nations) of the past proved long ago: Resistance to necessary change in the light of obvious declining economic trends ENSURES COMPLETE COLLAPSE. Greenwashing the ugly truth does NOT solve anyone’s problem. We must not think for one minute that the word “green” on a label means that it is good for consumers, or the environment. Greenwash hides the TRUTH, and delays dealing with the serious issues at hand (until it is far too late).

    For more than a century, Standard Oil (Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, Amoco) has be paying politicians millions in bribes so they will receive many billions in taxpayer subsidies. Petroleum-politics-as-usual increased America’s addiction to nearly-70% imported foreign oil ($700 Billion per year - The largest transfer of wealth in human history).

    Big Oil provided the imported-oil funds for the 9 / 11 / 2001 deadly hijackers, and they continue to fuel the fires of soon-to-be catastrophic sea level change – Making perhaps a billion (formerly wealthy) people homeless in the 21ST Century. When sea level rise is added to increased man-made and natural weather events, the costal area damage could far exceed what happened during hurricane Katrina (the worst American natural disaster in history).

    Now, ridiculous oil-industry Greenwash is advertising that THEY are working on solutions to the many problems they created for us all. Who is dumb enough to believe them? (Only "drill Baby Drill" Tea Party fools?) The truth is that Big Oil is spending more on Greenwash and support of "Drill Baby Drill" politics than on non-petroleum, clean, green, zero-emissions, free-fuel solutions. Biofuels do NOT solve our huge greenhouse gas problems. We must STOP BURING ANYTHING. Making oil price artificially low causes short-sighted fools to make the worst possible energy decisions. If the pump price was $6 per gallon, we would make better future decisions. We must rapidly phase out ALL carbon-based sources of dirty expensive energy.

    Big Oil's fraudulent oil-addiction marketing campaigns must be working, since they keep spending $100’s of millions MORE on Greenwash hogwash, and oil-corrupted politicians still reward them with $46 Billion in taxpayer subsidies every year! Why do voters subsidize the most-profitable business in the world ? ! ? ! ?

    Ford motor Co EcoBoost

    Ford Motor Company has trademarked their Green Leaf “EcoBoost” PURE GREENWASH LOGO. The EcoBoost engine is essentially a conventional, internal combustion engine that converts about 86% of the polluting fuel that it burns into nothing but useless waste heat. IF you drive a 2010 V6 EcoBoost as conservatively as possible, it can get an inefficient 22 mpg highway, and only 18 mpg city, which is well BELOW the legal minimum for Obama’s new C.A.F.E. mileage standards. ECOBOOST IS NOT A FOUNDATION FOR ANYONE’S FUTURE.

    IF you punch the EcoBoost gas pedal, twin turbochargers kick in and smoke your tires with 365 thundering horsepower (great for adolescent-minded egomaniacs). EcoBoost is getting great reviews from “hot foot” car magazines (printed on tree-killing paper). The Ford boost mode GREATLY REDUCES GAS MILEAGE AND INCREASES DEADLY POLLUTION EMISSIONS. What is “Eco” about Ford’s EcoBoost Greenwash?

    American car manufacturers’ common goal still seems to be to INCREASE OUR ADDICTION to expensive, imported, climate-changing fuels. Every new vehicle sold that burns anything helps retard progress toward a greener future for our children.

    Putting a Greenwash label on business-as-usual, does NOT make it an Earth-friendly sustainable product. American automotive engineers are a dozen years behind the 50 mpg, peppy, new, roomy Prius, and no where near the 78 mpg cars that were sold in Europe in 2010. The Nissan Leaf is an efficient, 100%-electric car with Zero Emissions. It can be powered with free-fuel, clean, green, abundant solar, wind, geothermal or hydrokinetic energy sources. We MUST STOP burning anything. In only 8 years, at least half of the cars sold in America SHOULD BE ELECTRIC. We will answer the call, or continue to sleep toward suicide?

    Anything that burns anything should NOT be legally allowed to Greenwash with intentionally-deceptive, fraudulent labels like “Eco” or even just-plain “green.” Our government must STOP subsidizing anything that burns anything, for us to survive.

    Greenwash Consumer Products - Environmental marketing firm TerraChoice published a study of 1,018 randomly-selected products that advertised 1,753 environmental claims. 99% were found guilty of using false-or-intentionally-misleading green marketing assertions. Their goal is obviously increased sales and profits, NOT honesty, integrity, or benefits to their consumers or the environment.

    A picture of a tree on the label on a disposable petroleum-plastic bottle does NOT guarantee that the product inside is good for you, or for our declining delicate environment. In one USA poll, eighty-four percent of the people regarded corporate environmental crimes as more serious than insider trading or price fixing. Covering deadly destruction with Greenwash is the common corporate criminal response to widespread dislike of their endless environmental transgressions, which are getting worse, not better.

    If a drug maker advertises the benefits of a new product, they are required to have substantiating studies that it is both safe and effective. BUT, not so with today’s pervasive corrupt Greenwashers who advertise convenient lies to sell bad products.

    Emerald Eco-City will clearly go far beyond today’s dominate misleading Greenwashers. “Emerald” is a far-more-precious level of TRUE GREEN. We invite scrutiny of the specifics of how we will make our proposed Eco-City “Emerald Green.”

    Now let’s tackle the PRIMARY source of our energy-and-environmental problems: BUILDINGS Consume 39.7% Of All American Energy , which is more than the 32.2% for Industry, or the 28.1% for Transportation. From 2000 through 2010, the U.S. Department Of Energy stated that Industrial energy consumption FELL, while the percent of energy consumption by Buildings and Transportation is increasing steadily.

    At nearly 390 ppm of CO2, the Earth is already well past the 350 ppm that is the maximum we can sustain without seeding irreversible catastrophic environmental damage. Worldwide carbon dioxide emissions increased 1.9 percent per year from 1990 through 2005, and are now INCREASING 2.1 percent per year from 2005 through 2010. According to paleoclimatic data, the last time Earth’s CO2 level was 450 ppm, there was essentially no polar or glacial ice, and sea level was about 300 feet higher.
    We will very soon exceed 450 ppm in only a few decades. Do you believe NASA climatology scientists, or Rush Limbaugh?

    Buildings are the most-significant contributor to man-man greenhouse-gas soon-to-be-catastrophic climate change. Our buildings waste far-more energy, and generate much-more pollution than Transportation or Industry. Buildings are directly responsible for half of the greenhouse gas being inefficiently generated today. BUILDINGS ARE OUR #1 ENERGY-AND-ENVIRONMENTAL PRIORITY. Architects continue to design STUPID BUILDINGS.

    The American Institute of Architects® (AIA) publicly admitted that ARCHITECTS ARE THE PRIMARY REASON for the worst waste of energy in America. The AIA website published this statement, as motivation for their Architecture 2030 goals: “Architects know that buildings can be designed to operate with Less Than Half the Energy of today’s average U.S. building, at little or no additional cost”

    The obvious problem is that most Architects have very-little training in “HOW.” The AIA has ignored U.S. Department OF Energy and Zero Energy Design building demonstrations for three decades. Very-few (if any) of their university professors live in off-the-grid Zero Energy Homes that Never Burn Anything. AIA hopes that by 2030, Architects will magically learn how to do what Zero Energy Design demonstrated in 1979. BUT, AIA Greenwash Johnny-Come-Lately’s want to reinvent this wheel for themselves (and repeat many of the mistakes that zero energy leaders learned to avoid three decades ago).

    The stated goal of AIA’s “Architecture 2030” is to be carbon neutral for all buildings constructed after 2030. (Zero Energy Design met that goal three decades ago – Half a century earlier than AIA’s foot-dragging, change-resistant 2030 target goal.)

    AIA Architecture 2030 was ALREADY well behind their 60% carbon reduction by 2010 goal – There is no reason to believe that AIA will meet their 2030 carbon neutral goal either – Far too little, Far too late – Conventional Architects will continue to be directly responsible for the worst contribution to man-made climate change for decades in the future. The U.S. Department Of Energy now expects Building Sector greenhouse gas emissions to GROW CONTINUALLY between now and 2030. The specific actions of AIA simply do NOT match their stated Architecture 2030 goals. AIA USGBC LEED is the SOURCE of energy problems.

    What Does Emerald-Green Building Mean?

    Emerald Green Building Is Sustainable, in harmony with the generous bounty of Nature.
    Most of today’s inefficient American architecture is NOT even close to Green, despite endless Greenwash lies.
         EVERY building that causes CO2-sequentering trees to be killed IS NOT GREEN.
           (Sawdust is listed as carcinogenic – Building wooden houses, furniture and cabinets is a lung cancer risk.)
         Any building that BURNS ANYTHING (emits byproducts of combustion) IS NOT GREEN.

    Unhealthy byproducts of combustion pollute our air and aggravate man-made climate change. Breathing the byproducts of combustion damages your lungs, shortens your life, leads toward a slow painful death, and a heavy burden on your family.
    The negative health effect is cumulative over time.

    Buildings that require cutting down trees, or use pest-infested materials like straw are NOT green. Buildings with indiscriminate use of roof-angled glass, west-facing glass, etc. waste a lot of energy and are NOT green. Buildings with interior space open to more-than-one floor are too hot upstairs and too cool downstairs. Buildings that use only window bug screens for ventilation invite dust, dust mites, mold, pollen, pollution, viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, etc. Buildings with forced-air interior exhausts (like clothes dryers) waste energy and suck in unconditioned dirty air. Buildings with too-many corners increase construction cost, and invite expensive unconditioned air infiltration.


    Green Building for Dummies

    “Green Building & Remodeling for Dummies”epitomizes what is wrong with Johnny-Come-Lately AIA USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) reinventers of a rectangular wheel. The author (Eric Corey Freed) is a USGBC LEED-Certified, AIA Architect who has SIGNIFICANTLY INFLUENCED GREEN-BUILDING MIS-INFORMATION for 15 years. His often-quoted 2008 book has received many positive reviews from its intended audience: NAÏVE DUMMIES (with apparently no functional powers of observation, critical thinking skills, or knowledge of off-the-shelf 30-year old energy solutions).

    It contains many obvious, good suggestions (like Energy Star appliances), BUT, it is also loaded with many terrible LEED recommendations that should NEVER be done in any building (like Trombe Walls, Fireplaces, Solar Chimneys, Straw Bale Construction, Ventilation through bug screens, bad usage of improperly-oriented glass, and many things that our ZED materials explain in much more detail decades ago.

    It is not so much that LEED-Certified, American Institute of Architects, U.S. Green Building Council members are TOTALLY STUPID, but rather that the traditions that their non-learning professors have taught them, and the “Green Things” that they think they “KNOW FOR SURE”, turn out to be MOSTLY FALSE, EXPENSIVE, ARROGANT MISINFORMATION.

    It is not the things we don't know that hurt us the most - It is the things that we teach our children
    that are TOTALLY FALSE, which perpetuate the endless problems of the past.

    Green Building & Remodeling for DUMMIES makes it clear that LEED-Certified AIA USGBC architects are STILL recommending really STUPID things to do.

    We appreciate the opportunity to use SPECIFIC EXAMPLES from this terrible book to point out WHY most Americans are still total DUMMIES about LIVING GREEN.

    Green Building for DUMMIES Recommends Gas Appliances. It is true that burning natural gas (which is 70% to 80% methane) emits less CO2 than burning wood, coal, or oil. Recommending burning natural gas appliances is like saying that: "Speeding through School Zones kills fewer children than drunk drivers." Should we therefore recommend speeding through School Zones AND Gas Appliances? BOTH ARE DUMMY DEADLY!

    A scientific study published in the Environmental Engineering Science journal, documents that natural gas used in home appliances such as (kitchen stoves, ovens, air-and-water heaters) emits ultra-fine particulates that can seriously damage
    human lungs and delicate brain tissue.

    ALL carbon-based fuels, (when burned, or "oxidized"), give off unhealthy, harmful carbon monoxide (CO), and climate-changing carbon dioxide (CO2) greenhouse gas. CO and CO2 are both natural byproducts of the chemical reactions that take place in any location where oxygen and carbon come in contact with each other at a sufficient combustion temperature.

    Combustion / oxidation of natural gas (and other methane sources) emits hydrocarbons found in unhealthy smog, cancer-causing aldehydes, acetone, ketones, and lesser quantities of other deadly toxins and pollutants. Burning natural gas is NOT CLEAN OR GREEN. If it was, we would need no exhaust vent for it. NEVER BURN ANYTHING IN YOUR HOME.

    USGBC LEED “Green Building for DUMMIES” recommends straw bale homes. Zero Energy Design strongly recommends AGAINST straw bale construction, because of pests, fungi, rot, mites, pesticides, etc. If you leave straw in the field, pests make it biodegrade (rot). When air is humid (when it rains) straw absorbs moisture, which creates a cozy habits for many bad things. Walls are a small portion of house cost – CHEAP straw is not worth the many problems that come with it.

    Green Building For Dummies recommends cordwood walls. Zero Energy Design strongly recommends AGAINST killing trees to make houses: (1) It is unsustainable, (2) It reduces CO2 sequestration and oxygen release from the trees it kills, (3) Stacked cordwood plus mortar provide poor insulation.

    The Lumber Industry is promoting “Sustainable Lumber Harvesting” (just like the coal industry is promoting non-existent “Clean Coal Technology”). One silly idea of Sustainable Lumber Harvesting is that devastated forests can be replaced by replanting new trees. The obvious fallacious illogic of their marketing hype is that replacing a once-robust, CO2-sequestering forest with a single type of replanted tree does NOT replace the widespread biodiversity that took thousands of years to
    evolve before the forest was destroyed.

    Green Building for DUMMIES recommends Trombe Wall – Obsolete passive-solar design (Patented by Edward Morse 1881, revived by Felix Trombe 1960’s). A massive (masonry) wall on the equator (South) side of a building, covered with glass, separated from the wall by a few inches. The sun warms the Trombe Wall, which slowly radiates heat to building.

    Serious Trombe Wall Flaws:
    (1) Blocks daylight and views through the glass,
    (2) Slows Down solar heating in the morning when it is needed the most,
    (3) Concentrates solar heating on the warm (South) side, while reducing heat transfer to the cold side of the building,
    (4) At night, high-temperature thermal mass is next to glass, with a high temperature differential, causing rapid heat loss
    all night long (which badly degrades overall net-BTU system performance),
    (5) Significant summer overheating problems to deal with. This highly flawed design pattern is still referenced by some
    modern passive-solar design texts, without sufficient critical analysis. Naive nerds still think Trombe Walls are a good idea.

    Trombe Wall Thermal Performance - When a Trombe Wall is designed into a building in a location with short winter days and significant winter heating requirement, the 24-hour net-BTU transfer is usually NEGATIVE. Trombe Walls often LOSE more heat than they add to such buildings (in addition to the fact that they block daylight and natural views through their glass) – A Double Dumb AIA USGBC LEED Architecture. Trombe Walls have NEVER been used in any well-designed Zero Energy Design building. (Contrast the terrible Trombe Wall architecture with our 1979 Zero Energy Design solarium / thermal buffer zone described in our ZED materials

    Green Building For DUMMIES recommends using highly-restrictive, expensive, HEPA (MERV 16) air filters in your forced-air heating / cooling system. This is an UNBELIEVABLY STUPID INEFFICIENT IDEA. Your heating / air conditioning system energy efficiency rating is based on the volume of air that flows through it. They achieve their highest performance rating by moving a LOT of air through a low-resistance (MERV 1) air filter. Highly-restrictive HEPA air filters LOWER your SEER, and can INCREASE YOUR UTILITY BILLS BY MORE THAN 300%! If you have allergies and you desire superior air purification, use a stand-alone HEPA filter system, NOT a restrictive A/C system filter. (Never use unhealthy ionic air fresheners, which damage your lungs.)

    Green Building For DUMMIES recommends single-shell building envelope with a solar chimney. USGBC LEED-certified homes often have Indiscriminate traditional use of windows on all sides, including locations that have a very-negative impact on summer solar gain, and winter heat loss. They use open stairs that allow warm air to rise up the staircase. This makes a multi-story building too hot upstairs, and too cold downstairs, all year round.

    After recommending extremely-expensive, inefficient, HEPA A/C filters, Green Building For DUMMIES recommends the use of nothing but bug screens for fresh-air solar chimney ventilation, which creates a highly-allergenic indoor air quality (contradicting other USGBC LEED principles). The holes in bug screens are MUCH larger than: dust, dust mites, fleas, noseeums, allergens, mold, pollen, harmful bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, industrial pollution, particulates, pesticides, soot, and countless things you do NOT want in your drapes, carpet, upholstery, bed linens, clothes, pet fur or LUNGS. Multiple-stage, high-MERV air filters are ESSENTIAL for good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) They provide high-volume fresh air. Do NOT invite outdoor air pollutants into your home through Nothing BUT BUG SCREENS. Open windows also bring in unhealthy excess humidity. Energy Recover Ventilation Systems inexpensively help stabilize fresh-air intake relative humidity.

    Green Building For DUMMIES recommends Solar Attic Vents. Photovoltaic and Thermostatically-Controlled Roof Vents Work Completely BACKWARDS. They draw in air during the hottest time of the day, and then turn OFF when it cools down (the time to bring in cool evening air to get ready for the next day). A Zero Energy Design Cool Attic NEVER gets as hot as the peak outside air temperature. It would be a MAJOR MISTAKE to draw in unconditioned hot outside air, when it is hotter than a ZED thermal buffer zone cool attic.

    Green Building For Dummies Recommends Double-Pane LOW-EMISSIVITY Windows. This is a Gross Oversimplification - It ignores passive solar gain potential, winter heating requirement, cost / benefit analysis, path of the sun, ZED thermal buffer zone, and location-specific Zero Energy Design Computer Thermal Modeling. In a northern-hemisphere home with a significant winter heating requirement, south-side solarium glass should be HIGH EMISSIVITY (to INCREASE net solar gain). Each pane of glass REDUCES net solar gain. The single / double pane decision requires Climate-Specific Computer Thermal Modeling. The East / North / West window coatings depend on the ratio of degree-heating versus degree-cooling days. The USGBC LEED author obviously does not understand the basics of proper window design.

    Green Building For Dummies Recommends “Clean Burning Fireplace Inserts” . . .
    “No other feature provides as strong an image of home as a FIREPLACE.” The dumb term “Clean Burning Fireplace” is as MISLEADING as “Clean Coal.” A clean-burning fireplace would emit NOTHING (Zero Emissions), and would not need a chimney. There Is NO SUCH TECHNOLOGY TODAY. Some fireplaces burn cleaner than others, BUT, ALL fireplaces and coal-fired plants contribute to worldwide climate change, AND SERIOUS HEALTH HAZARDS.

    Progressive Intelligent Communities Are Banning Fireplaces. Wood smoke is a complex mixture of health-hazard gases and particulates that irritate eyes and respiratory systems – It causes bronchitis, asthma, and aggravates chronic heart-and-lung disease – Byproducts of combustion cause climate change, and over 15,000 premature American deaths each year.

    The San Francisco Chronicle points out that thirty percent of lung-damaging particulates in the San Francisco Bay Area are from fireplaces. Multiple California communities are placing RESTRICTIONS on existing fireplaces, and BANNING New Fireplace Construction altogether. Why pay extra to pollute, when sunshine is clean & free? A solarium is much-more attractive than a fireplace that burns ANYTHING. (See our ZED “Virtual Fireplace.”)
    black soot from chimney
    If any INSANE IDIOT tells you that their wood-burning stove or fireplace is “green” (because it burns renewable fuel), take a picture of the heavy pollution that comes out of their expensive chimney. They should be forced to breathe what they emit. Zero Emissions: ANY BUILDING THAT BURNS ANYTHING IS NOT GREEN.

    Green Building For DUMMIES recommends the use of a Clothes Dryer Switch Box.
    In the summer, the switch box dryer vent directs air-conditioned clean interior air through a high-volume exhaust vent, which creates a vacuum that draws in dirty, hot exterior air inside through leaks all over the home. In the winter, the switch box directs the very-humid exhaust from the clothes dryer back into the house, which creates Terribly High Humidity and a Rapid Growth Environment for Bacteria, Viruses, Mold / Fungi, Dust Mites, Respiratory Infections, Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma, Chemical Interactions, and Ozone Production – Only a real DUMMY would recommend such a terribly stupid thing!

    Green Building For DUMMIES recommends the use of Electric Baseboard Heat as: “often the BEST option.” In truth, electric hot-wire heating systems are generally THE MOST EXPENSIVE WAY TO PRODUCE BTU’s of heat (which greatly contributes to worldwide climate change). Secondly, locating baseboard heaters on cold exterior walls, and under windows, produces a very-high temperature differential, which greatly accelerates the rate of heat transfer to the outside on cold winter days – Heating the great outdoors with wasted energy bills. Only a DUMMY would say that baseboard heaters are “often the BEST option.”

    Green Building For DUMMIES Recommends Ceiling Fans. Ceiling Fans consume electricity, give off heat, create turbulence, and accelerate heat transfer through walls, windows and your hot attic / ceiling. They Can Increase Your Total Energy Bill By 15%. See:

    NEVER Run A Ceiling Fan When Room Is Unoccupied. Ceiling fans move air across human skin and make it feel about 3-degrees F cooler by perspiration evaporation, which may allow you to turn your thermostat up 2 -to-3-degrees. In the summer, warm air rises in a room and forms Laminar Insulating Air Layers next to the ceiling. Insulating air layers form between windows and drapes. In the summer, ceiling fans create AIR TURBULENCE. They disturb the insulating air layers and INCREASE heat flow from hot attic and outside your windows, and they therefore MAKE THE ROOM HOTTER (although it may feel a bit cooler).

    If there is no one in the room, ceiling fans INCREASE energy consumption and air conditioning requirement. A/C thermostat senses higher temperature, and it runs more. In addition, ceiling fan motors consume electricity and further heat the room.

    STOP Being A Dummie TM

    Don't be a Dumb Urban Mediocre Mind Impervious to Education (DUMMIE) TM

    In general, the AIA, USGBC, and LEED all have a long-and-steep learning curve to get where the U.S. Department Of Energy, and Zero Energy Design were 30 YEARS AGO. Architect's "reinvent the wheel" by 2030 has left them half a century behind 1980 state-of-the-art.

    It is pure misleading DECEPTIVE GREENWASH to suggest that the AIA U.S. Green Building Council has a complete understanding of what it means to be green, or that LEED-certified people are in any way qualified to provide “leadership” in future energy or environmental solutions – They must FIRST study the rock-solid proven science of decades ago, which they have been blindly ignoring for far too long.

    NAHB New American Home® – Very BAD Greenwash Design
    The Official Showcase House of the 2008 International Builders’ Show

    Official Showcase House of the 2008 International Builders Show

    InDUHvidual Architect did NOT know the path of the sun

    4’ Overhang does NOT block afternoon sun when it is 98 Degrees F outside

    Indiscriminate thermal envelope use of too many windows

    Conductive concrete thermal mass with only R-5 insulation

    3-Story Open Loft – Warm Air Rises – Too Hot Upstairs, Too Cool Downstairs

    Hottest 3rd floor kitchen has lots of west-facing glass

    3 Expensive Zoned Air Conditioning Systems (No top-to-bottom design)

    Laundry room is directly open to living area & stairs. Clothes dryer exhausts conditioned air – Dryer draws in dirty unconditioned make-up air, or worse yet, the clothes dryer causes back drafts through the building exhaust vents.

    Precast Concrete roof

    Outrageous Thermal Design – HIGH HEAT TRANSFER

    NAHB Showcase Used Precast Concrete – Over a YEAR To Build
        (2006 Showcase took 9 months - far too long and expensive)

    Floors extend outside the envelope with NO Thermal Break

    Concrete is very conductive – Heats the interior in the summer
    Chills the interior in the winter – How OBTUSE can an architect be?

    Natural gas heat, dryer, cook stove & final hot water (CO2)

    71% Incandescent Lighting

    2.4 kW Photovoltaic with NO solar tracking system

    The expensive PV system only provides 10% of the energy needed by this poorly-designed, inefficient, ugly concrete box house

    NAHB 2008 Showcase Pool Area

    Outdoor Pool Between House & Garage
    Next To Pampas Grass "Mosquito Magnet"
    One Block From Historic Lake Eola Bugs

    Missed Opportunity For YEAR-ROUND Indoor Swimming

    Should eliminate the ugly, graying, splitting-wood trellis

    Add south-facing patio doors, simple roof and north wall -
    to provide free passive-solar heat for winter swimming

    Much lower maintenance - A Truly Clueless Architect 

    Is this really a “state of the art” home for future builders to imitate ?


    NAHB Big Lie In Response To "Recovery Through Retrofit"

    Vice President Joe Bidden was given the assignment of the "Middle Class Task Force." His working group came up with a plan to eventually create millions of new green jobs through the program that they call "Recovery Through Retrofit." NAHB responded to the White House with a letter containing the following SPECTACULAR LIE:

    "NAHB On The Leading Edge: NAHB has led efforts to facilitate and standardize residential energy efficiency and green building practices, and has taken a number of steps since the late 1990's to move these practices into the mainstream."

    PURE B.S. - Nothing could be further from the truth. Since President Carter created the U.S. Department of Energy in 1977, the NAHB has consistently ignored and refused to implement many of the DOE recommendations for home builders. NAHB is one of the WORST resistant-to-change industries in America. Transportation and Industry have been steadily improving their measurable energy efficient for three and a half decades, but the Construction industry has hardly changed at all. NAHB IS ABSOLUTELY NOT ON THE LEADING EDGE. NAHB is arguably among the worst lazy laggard foot-dragging organizations of all USA industries. NAHB continues to have a major negative influence on massive unnecessary waste of highly-polluting expensive energy.

    About 25 million new terribly-inefficient American homes have been constructed since Zero Energy Design® demonstrated how to eliminate heating and cooling bills in 1979. This data was presented to the NAHB at the largest, most-popular exhibit and speech in the 1980's National Energy Expositions. IF home builders would have embraced proven off-the-shelf zero energy concepts thirty years ago, America would be saving about $250 billion per year on energy bills today!

    NAHB SHOULD BE PUBLICALLY CONDEMNED AND WIDELY RIDICULED FOR THEIR GREENWASH THAT CLAIMS THEY ARE ON THE LEADING EDGE OF ANYTHING GOOD! NAHB is going bankrupt for many very-good reasons. One is that they are without a clue how to begin to construct a zero energy home for the same price as a conventional home. NAHB has not yet built anything as cost-effective and beautiful as very-first 1979 Zero Energy Design® home.

    Do NOT listen to NAHB greenwash. Ask your favorite home builders if they live in a home with energy bills, or do they ever burn anything. Ask them how their decades of resistance to change is working out for them. (chuckle) How dare they falsely claim to be "on the leading edge of energy efficiency and green building practices"? They should be sent to prison for fraudulent marketing practices (not subsidized by the federal government for their endless lies). NAHB GREENWASH IS CLEARLY A CRIME (which is tolerated by uninformed government and consumers) !


    ASHRAE - The Source Of Expensive, Inefficient, Energy Arrogance

    The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) GREENWASH claims to be "Building The Future" In 2011, white-haired ASHRAE leaders still arrogantly preached that they will save the world (by relying on their very-obsolete 1975 standard for energy efficiency).

    ASHRAE focuses on minor incremental improvements to conventional compressor-based equipment, while ignoring thousands of 30-year old successful demonstrations of passive solar heating and cooling technology. ASHRAE's video on how to achieve 50% reduction of energy bills <> involves high-cost active geothermal, solar, and wind generation systems, while ignoring documented improvements in passive solar heating-and-cooling envelope design.

    For example, their video shows a black roof and indiscriminate large windows on all sides, in a climate that requires significant compressor-based air conditioning in the summer. No wonder most of America's buildings are inefficiently unsustainable.

    ASHRAE's YouTube videos BLOCK the many constructive criticisms that true energy experts have tried to post.

    "If the blind shall lead the blind, shall they not both fall in the ditch?"

    There is no major modern city or large building that should be imitated in the future

    The infrastructure of ALL of today’s large cities is extremely wasteful and inefficient. A number of innovators have made recent
    radical sustainable innovation proposals, which have yet to be scaled up in a practical, cost-effective way. Emerald Eco-City is the most advanced integrated-solution proposal ever made anywhere in the world so far.

    For nearly a century, many change-resistant Architects, Engineers, Builders and Community Planners begin by laying out streets (cu-de-sacs) and highways that assume that THE most important thing on Earth is the petroleum-powered car – All other design decisions are of lower priority. They deal with the less-significant needs of people only AFTER capacity planning for totally-unsustainable SUV’s and trucks. They "pave paradise and put up parking lots."

    Convenient, fast-and-efficient public transport has only become a recent afterthought to century-old rubber-tire mobility independence. Above-ground utility-pole distribution infrastructure (connected to distant public utilities) has also been a very-ugly afterthought by business-as-usual community designers.

    Every home is responsible for its own private small-scale heating-and-cooling facilities – ignoring obvious opportunities for larger community-wide economies-of-scale. Consider the refrigerator. In the summer we run the air conditioner at a high ongoing energy cost to cool the home. To cool our food, we run another expensive appliance that exhausts heat into the kitchen, which increases air conditioning requirement. In the winter when it is below freezing outside, we heat up the house, and run the refrigerator to cool down our food. This is extremely shortsighted total lack of systems integration / optimization.

    There are thousands of simple holistic system optimization opportunities available in a comprehensively-integrated Emerald Eco-City, that have been ignored by isolated system designers and community planners for a century. Do NOT allow GREENWASH lies detour the process.

    We can no longer leave it up to the curmudgeons who created today’s crises to solve them. MOST of the grossly-obsolete, extremely-inefficient, crumbling American infrastructure MUST BE RADICALLY REINVENTED.

    Zero Energy Design ® is well-prepared to combine 30-year-old superior proven solutions with modern state-of-the-art opportunities, to do what very-few self-proclaimed “leaders” have ever even dreamed of before. We have been preparing our detailed vision of Emerald Eco-City, and proving our solid science and expert engineering for three decades. The time to act boldly in unprecedented Emerald Eco-City scale has finally come at last. Anything less is merely continuing on the path of suicide for humanity.


    Is the powerful motivation behind Emerald Eco-City becoming obvious yet?

    We sincerely wish all of our readers an Abundant New Life In Happy Harmony With Nature

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