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    Key Points

    Never-Ending Nuclear Incidents
    Worst Case EMP
    The Unfulfilled False Promise Of Nuclear Energy Safety
    Curious Timing of Nature's Response to Criminal Energy
    What Does Nuclear Radiation Do To Human Health and Wellbeing?
    Ignoring The Never-Changing Absolute Laws Of Nature
    The Epicenter Of A Tsunami Does NOT Have To Be Close To Be DEADLY

    Description: Non-Learning Suicidal Governments have ignored the truth about nuclear fission for decades – We are long overdue for radical change


    Partially-Complete Work In Progress - Emerging Nuclear Disaster In Fukushima Japan
    We will appreciate your constructive suggestions to make our material better



    The following overlooked "unthinkable" nuclear details are frightening on the surface, BUT Do Not Despair! Zero Energy Design® and Emerald Eco-City tm have a specific plan to solve ALL of these concerns, BUT listen close: Our window of opportunity is closing, as demonstrated in Fukushima Japan 2011.

    Energy and Matter /  Yin and Yang / Circle of Life and Rebirth

    Modern Physics: Energy and Matter are 2 Forms of the Same Thing
    Either one can be transformed into the other: e = mc2
    Energy and Matter are the Universe-Scale Circle of Life and Rebirth

    According to widely-accepted Big Bang Theory, Space, Time, and all of the Matter in the entire Universe were created out of Pure Energy. I find this theory easy to believe.

    Modern Quantum Physics suggests that all Firm Things (Fermion Matter), and all Forces of Physics (Boson Energy: Gravity, Electromagnetism, the Strong and Weak nuclear forces) are just Energetic Superstrings - vibrating at different frequencies to create different perceived Matter-and-Energy effects.


    In 1905, Albert Einstein published his original revolutionary Theory of Relativity: e=mc2 - It plainly states that Mass and Energy are exactly the same interchangeable thing. Energy can be transformed into Mass, and conversely, Mass can be instantly converted into Energy (with Nuclear Fusion by the gift of our Sun, or with Nuclear Fission by suicidal human maniacs).


    Man-Made Nuclear Fission should be considered a Capital Crime Against Humanity. BUT, the Earth does need one large Nuclear FUSION reactor. It must have an energy transmission system that reaches all parts of the Earth where humans live. The Creator of the Universe already GAVE us very-good one, producing far more energy than we can imagine consuming. It is located and average of 93-million miles away.


    Every day our Sun gives Earth about 8,000 TIME MORE collectable / usable energy than the sum-total of ALL dirty fossil fuel and deadly Nuclear Fission energy that humanity is inefficiently wasting today. However, insane status-quo fools with no critical thinking skills continue to pay an increasing portion of their income for unsustainable, deadly, fossils and Nuclear Fission electricity, instead of using cost-effective off-the-shelf solar technology to take advantage of clean, green, safe, environment-friendly, FREE FUEL from the Sun.


    We do NOT need to wait for new green-energy technology. We need decision makers with functional brains that understand sustainability and Zero Energy Design®. The ONLY reasons that our planet does NOT already use free sunshine effectively today are: (1) Profiteering Fossil-Fuel and Nuclear Industry GREED and (2) The Organized-Crime Politicians (in both parties) that they so easily CORRUPT with bribes and campaign contributions.


    This cannot possibly continue for much longer. Mother Nature MUST terminate the unsustainable, suicidal, insanity of humanity very soon - One way or another. Which way will YOU make the required radical energy changes?



    The Hubble Telescope can look back deep into the history of the Universe and see Stellar Nurseries where new stars, solar systems, and galaxies were born billions of years ago. The Universe process continues today.


    Hundreds of Billions of Huge Black Holes create the order of the Universe out of chaos. Black Holes Define Galaxies with an average of a hundred-billion stars and solar systems in each. At the white-hot center of galaxies, Black Holes consume the Matter of entire solar systems and transform it back into pure energy - The largest Circle Of Life and Rebirth in the Universe.


    Our Milky Way galaxy has an estimated 25,000 Black Holes. Our Sun will eventually grow to consume the Earth, which will become part of the Sun's Big Ball of Radiant Energy. Billions of years from now, our Milky Way will collide with Andromeda Galaxy. The Black Holes will dance around each other, and eventually merge into a huge monster that converts many millions of solar systems back into pure energy. The galactic Matter / Energy Circle Of Life has been going on since The Big Bang, and should continue for many more billions of years.


    "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity;
    and I'm not sure about the universe."
    - Albert Einstein


    The Immutable Laws of Nature appear to have remained unaltered from The Big Bang until today, with no perceivable changes whatsoever. Energy and Matter constantly transform, but the underlying Physics does not. Humans are just as stupid as our caveman ancestors,


    The insanity of humanity is a reliable never-changing constant. (smile)
    The Creator of the Universe gave us a powerful brain, but
    only very-few Einsteins have discovered how to use it well.




    America used Einstein’s 1905 understanding of Nuclear Fission Mass-to-Energy conversion to end WW II, in a devastating way. Only one gram of Mass (about the weight of a dollar bill) instantly destroyed Hiroshima (Uranium) and Nagasaki Japan (Plutonium). 90% of the Uranium and Plutonium in the two bombs did not undergo fission, but rather rose into the stratosphere, where it circumnavigated the globe on jet streams. The fission byproducts of the two nuclear bombs used in the war with Japan resulted in intense neutron radiation that made non-radioactive local materials radioactive. Sinister neutron bombs are designed specifically to kill the maximum number of people, while leaving most buildings intact.


    The long-term consequences of all man-made nuclear fission are worldwide extreme immorality.


    Nuclear fission is potentially horrific, and proven once again in Japan in March 2011 to be uncontrollable by overconfident arrogant human beings. This time, Japan did it to themselves with greedy assistance from America's General Electric.


    There is very-good reason why the Creator of the Universe has NOT allowed moronic men to understand how to use Big Bang Energy (yet), since we have insanely done such terrible things with our recent knowledge of much-lesser Nuclear Fission.


    Would YOU give a dumb dog, or an immature infant, a loaded gun to play with ?
    I thank God that the secrets of Big Bang Energy have not been revealed to humans

    May the goals of the world's-largest subatomic-particle supercollider experiments
    NOT be met, until AFTER all humans learn to love Nature, and each other (if ever).

    It is bad enough that we now have the means to annihilate Nature's Garden of Eden and all humanity
    Do insane humans deserve the knowledge of how to annihilate the entire Universe also ?

    We have ignored abundant free energy from the Sun - We have NO NEED for Nuclear Fission, OR
    Big Bang Energy at this time - The Tree of Knowledge is way beyond human morality at this time.


    1938 Nobel Prize Winner Enrico Fermi built his small 100 kW nuclear-fission electric power plant in 1951. A 1952 report prepared for President Truman offered a PESSIMISTIC Assessment of future nuclear power, and called for “aggressive research in the whole field of solar energy” This report was ignored by non-learning political idiots.


    Despite false promises of "safe" nuclear fission energy, Fermi's 1951 reactor had a serious uncontrolled meltdown in 1955. The Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station is on the shore of Lake Erie, between Detroit Michigan and Toledo Ohio. Its first reactor was built in 1963. In 1966, it suffered a serious uncontrolled nuclear material meltdown.


    We learned nothing from Fermi, Three Mile Island, or Chernobyl meltdowns


    In March 2011, Fukushima Japan proved (in a very-big way)
    how extremely-insane man-made nuclear fission still is today!


    If our first idea proves to be stupid, expensive, and deadly,
    let's keep doing it again and again until it destroys all of us.


    "The definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing year after year
    and expecting different results."


    Blessed is the fool who clings to status quo, and asks for nothing to ever get better,
    for he will have no one to blame but himself when things get much-worse tomorrow
    - The life of a stupid submissive simpleton does not require a functional brain


    Do YOU think man-made nuclear fission can ever be 100% safe?
    If so, then you might as well STOP READING NOW - YOU ARE INSANE
    - Scientific Facts will never change your virulently-ignorant mind
    - You are incapable of learning by observation, history, or from science

    Corrupt Republicans and Democrats that support Nuclear Fission prove my point



    Long Lists of Never-Ending, Unhealthy, Man-Made, Nuclear Incidents, Big Lies, Criminal Cover Ups, and Endless Industry / Government Corruption


    List_of_Military_Nuclear_Accidents 1942 to present


    List_of_Civilian_Nuclear_Accidents 1952 to present, including the March 2011 multiple Japanese nuclear reactor failures, meltdowns, and radioactivity leakage - following the large 9.0 earthquake and 24-to-30-foot-high, 500-mph tsunami.

    Failed General Electric Mark I Boiling Water Nuclear Reactor at Fukyshiman Japan

    Poorly-Designed, Unsafe, Failed, American General Electric "Mark I" Boiling Water Reactors at Fukushima Japan

    4-foot-thick concrete walls and roofs were blown away by explosions. Fuel rods melted down. Under-designed nuclear pressure vessels cracked open.

    Spent fuel pools dried up - setting nuclear fuel on fire, and widely-distributing deadly radiation.

    In desperation, seawater was pumped in, which destroyed the future of the reactors.

    These deadly damaged GE Mark I reactors will have to be covered with sand, lead, clay and boric acid, and then permanently encased in thick concrete, just like in Chernobyl.

    The huge investment in the Fukushima nuclear power plant facility is a TOTAL WRITE-OFF for the unwise TEPCO owners and investors, PLUS ongoing high expense and liability claims. All six previously-profitable GE-designed reactors are now beyond repair. America's GE, and Japanese TEPCO, "criminals" who were responsible for the (1) insufficient design, (2) construction or (3) unsafe plant operation should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    It is the tradition in Japan for executives to accept responsibility for poor leadership that results in disgrace and disaster, and to commit hari kari. When the international news media documented TEPCO's habitual lies and unsafe GE Fukushima power plant, the dishonest greedy head of TEPCO "lost face" and checked into the hospital for suicidal depression and stress-related symptoms. However, arrogant American GE officials ignored their responsibility for the Fukushima meltdowns, and continued to lobby for $54.6 Billion in taxpayer subsidies to INCREASE the risk of a future nuclear disaster.

    Having previously profited greatly from their mistakes in Fukushima, greedy GE executives want to do more of the same in the USA.

    Warren Buffet: "When the tide goes out, we'll discover who has been swimming naked"

    In Japan's case: When the tsunami came in, the world learned
    the foolish arrogance of GE and TEPCO ignoring the Laws of Nature

    TEPCO admitted intentionally dumping 11.5 MILLION TONS of radioactive water into the sea
    Powerful ocean currents will distribute Fukushima material that
    will be radioactive for 50,000 YEARS around the world -
    Unthinkable damage to declining marine food supplies WILL occur

    Radioactive Iodine-131 from Japan has been found in Washington State USA milk

    The future human health impact will be covered up by nuclear profiteers,
    the same way that fossil-fuel profiteers deny their impact on climate

    Tokyo TEPCO HQ Nuclear Energy Protest Riots:
    No Nukes - Not Now, Not Ever Again

    Tokyo Nuclear Energy Protest Demonstrations

    Are corrupt American politicians as smart as these Japanese have become?


    Would YOU invest in the future of deadly, mutagenic, cancer-causing Nuclear Fission?

    As a U.S. taxpayer, you currently are! - Under President Obama's Chicago-Exelon-corrupted nuclear expansion policy.

    Fukushima will be “deadly for decades.” ABC News: U.S. special nuclear team report

    Fukushima plant workers were exposed to mutagenic leaked radiation equivalent to receiving about 10,000 chest X-Rays PER HOUR (or more). Radiation levels exceeded all legal working limits. TEPCO was forced by law to evacuate all workers. Japan immediately changed their law to allow Suicidal Radiation Exposure, and TEPCO asked their oldest patriotic workers to return - to help reduce the possibility of an international disaster - much worse than Chernobyl. The workers were true patriots. The criminal TEPCO executives hid hundreds of miles away!


    The failed “small” Chernobyl nuclear reactor consisted of only about 180 Tons of Enriched Uranium. Fukushima has about FIVE MILLION TONS of Enriched Uranium, plus even-more-deadly Plutonium. A total Fukushima meltdown could be 28 TIMES WORSE THAN CHERNOBYL (or worse)!

    America’s spent uranium fuel pools are much more densely packed and larger than in Fukushima. A single-site American nuclear power plant meltdown could easily be more-than 100 times worse than Chernobyl (which damaged the health of 600,000 Europeans). Did anyone ever tell you that before ? ? ? A hundred miles around Chernobyl will be uninhabitable for thousands of years, How close do you live to a potential nuclear radiation disaster? There are 104 potentially-deadly commercial Nuclear Fission reactors in the USA alone.

    Most Americans STILL ignore the “Unthinkable” SCIENTIFIC FACTS about Nuclear Energy Insanity.

    WHY Are Humans So Stubbornly STUPID About Scientific Sustainable Safety?


    The U.S. government has a long history of lying and covering up our hazardous nuclear radiation mistakes

    Must See Video: This U.S. television news broadcast series was made after our (predicted) Three Mile Island major nuclear meltdown - This alarming well-documented TRUE video (based on archived U.S. federal Atomic Energy Commission films) shows the way our government has always covered up the endless warning signs, incidents, and public health risks in America.

    By continually covering up and ignoring the Scientific Truth about ongoing nuclear incidents and mass-extermination risks, Americans can NOT learn from our endless serious oversights and bad-engineering underestimates of the precedented-but-unthinkable reality that insane nuclear energy idiots have created for all of us.


    If you know for sure that a man-made dam is about to break, should you warn the people and cause a panic,
    or play dumb and continue to cover up its massively-deadly design flaw? This is a serious morality issue.



    USA GE Mark I Nuclear Reactor Locations (like Fukushima Japan)This map shows the U.S. locations that have one-or-more obsolete, aging, hazardous, corroded, General Electric "Mark I" Nuclear Reactors - like the ones that failed catastrophically and leaked deadly radiation in Fukushima Japan in March 2011.


    NO form of nuclear fission can ever be SAFE or SECURE. Arrogant humans have frequently proven to be unable to control the evil GEnie we have created.


    Whenever greedy men make false assumptions about the way Nature will treat us kindly in the future, the Creator of the Universe seems to intentionally prove how shortsighted non-learning human beings really are. But we still ignore the Truth.


    There seem to be endless profiteering lobbyists who preach the BIG BAD LIE that "nuclear energy is both safe and good for the world." A few million dollars of bribes, spread across our U.S. Congress and Administration, buy the nuclear industry many billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies.


    You can be guaranteed that ANY politician who supports inherently-unsafe, deadly, nuclear fission has been purchased by nuclear energy industry bribes and campaign contributions. I dare you to document even one exception to such endless congressional or administration corruption.



    America has a long, well-documented, ongoing history of political corruption, BIG LIES, and cover-ups. The Fukushima nuclear disaster is bringing even more specific examples to light every day. No person with a functional, open mind could possibly support the use of nuclear fission in the future.


    The only idiots who still support nuclear fission in 2011 are those profiteering deceivers who: (1) Cling to their own Big Bad Lies, (2) Are directly corrupted by the nuclear-fission industry, or (3) Have myopic mediocre-majority minds that accept what anyone says from the pulpit that they follow by blind faith. To their own self destruction, all three types of fools reject well-documented Scientific Facts, and they lack skepticism and critical thinking skills.


    C-Span carried a “Religion In Politics” conference. The majority of ultra-conservative ethnocentric religious attendees insanely felt that USA needs to Invest Heavily In Nuclear Energy. I was flabbergasted that religious people care so very little about God's Green Earth. Pseudo-religious, false-doctrine politicians flatly reject the stewardship of the Garden of Eden, which was man's primary reason for being placed on Earth in the first place:


    Genesis 2:15 "And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it" (similar in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths).


    It is true that nuclear power plants do not emit the deadly mercury, SO2, VOC’s, or Global-Warming CO2, (as filthy fossil fuels and deadly biofuels do), BUT, RADIOACTIVE WASTE IS THOUSANDS OF TIMES MORE DEADLY, and It Irreversibly Pollutes our Garden of Eden for THOUSANDS OF YEARS.


    I was reminded of the well-documented FACT that Adolf Hitler’s strongest supporters (of bigoted, prejudiced-hatred of the Jews, etc.) were Germany’s small communities of ethnocentric Christian Conservatives, who loved to listen to Hitler’s Big Lies About Freedom and Plenty of Good Food For Everyone.



    “Men are so simple, and so much inclined to obey immediate needs, that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions.” - Niccolo Machiavelli


    Gullible people ( brainwashed to accept by blind faith whatever comes from the proud pulpit ), have supported the world's worst kind of unthinkable evil.

    In the name of their FALSE GOD, they self-righteously massacre millions of humans, and destroy the generous gifts from God's Green Garden of Eden.

    Adolf Hitler Posing With An Innocent Little Girl Priests Salute hitler


    Saying that "God told me we should develop more nuclear power plants" is an obvious GIGANTIC LIE.
    NEVER trust such a FRAUDULENT RELIGIOUS LIAR ever again!


    Unsafe, deadly, nuclear fission is almost the same type of suicidal brainwashing that Hitler preached to gullible ethnocentric Germans.
    Over 600,000 innocent Europeans had their health damaged by the PREDICTABLE Human-Error Chernobyl Nuclear “Accident.”
    Only the most-gullible of all fools would believe that nuclear fission is a gift from God, or that man can ever make fission "100% Safe."


    Japanese fools blindly trusted that American-Made GE Nuclear Reactors were well designed. WE NOW KNOW FOR SURE THAT THEY ARE NOT!

    After the March 2011 Japanese Nuclear power plant meltdowns, Germany wisely shut down ALL of their nuclear power plants that were built before 1980. It was a small incomplete step in the correct direction. ALL 17 of Germany's nuclear power plants must be phased out by 2022. This is a major step for a modern industrialized nation with significant power requirements. The mandate implies significant investment in energy conservation, and development of clean, non-polluting, daily-renewable, free-fuel energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal.


    In contrast, President Obama's CORRUPT DOE / NRC expansion plan is obviously dumber than Germany's phasing out of all nuclear energy. Which do you think is better: German engineering and safety procedures, or American greedy profiteering? Would you rather have an engineering degree from Germany, or from declining America? Are you ethnocentric about everything, or open to the documented truth? Is America Number 1 in technology or education? Why do you feel that way?


    Would you invest in the future of highly-polluting inherently-hazardous nuclear fission? Does your mutual fund or pension plan invest in deadly nuclear energy? Will $0.30 / kWh nuclear electricity compete with near-future $0.03 / kWh solar or wind electricity? Radioactive nuclear fuels are finite, declining, and unsustainable (just like oil). Solar, wind and geothermal are not.


    America's ongoing unwarranted trust of unsafe 40-year-old corroded General Electric ( nuclear power plants is MUCH WORSE than Japanese TEPCO fools. Further future American-made nuclear disasters are now both Precedented and Predictable. The corrupt U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is INCREASING our risk!


    No rational modern investor would put any money at all in high-risk, extremely-expensive nuclear power plant development, UNLESS our ultra-corrupt government uses billions of taxpayer dollars to guarantee their multi-billion-dollar high-risk loans. IF an accident does not happen and they make obscene profits, they keep their ill-gotten gains. But IF (when) they cause a major nuclear "accident" health catastrophe, American Taxpayers will have to pay for their mistakes - NOT the criminals or corrupt politicians that created the crisis.


    This is exactly like the way Bush / Cheney bailed out the Wall Street criminals that blew a $15 TRILLION hole in the U.S. economy in 2008! - No risk for the guilty - Very-high risk and devastation for taxpayers (especially the newly-unemployed poor) - Totally Insane Gross Mismanagement of Risk!


    Our industry-corrupted U.S. government ENCOURAGES sinister corporations to put USA at high risk of multiple unthinkable catastrophes!
    USA heavily subsidizes unsustainability, and thus penalizes clean, green, safe, abundant, FREE FUEL, off-the-shelf energy technologies.


    The criminally-corrupt fossil-fuel and nuclear-energy-industry subsidies are way beyond moronic!
    Our organized-crime energy-industry corruption-as-usual politicians belong in federal prison!

    It is as crazy as subsidizing UNSUSTAINABLE burning of deadly oil, coal and biofuel, which should all be RAPIDLY PHASED OUT!


    Like the 1973 Oil Crisis, we SHOULD have paid close attention to every single one of the above documented hazardous nuclear incidents.
    BUT, we live in a world of non-learning gullible mediocre mental morons, and the corrupt liars that they listen to without skepticism.



    Anyone who suggests that nuclear fission is clean, green, or safe for people or the environment is either: (1) Virulently Ignorant – Rejecting the well-documented Scientific FACTS and repeated STOP sign warning incidents, (2) A Greedy Profiteer Bald-Faced LIAR, or (3) A Corrupt Politician, who is “owned” by endless nuclear-power lobbyist bribes and contributions.


    There are no rational exceptions to the above statement, despite the current overwhelming nuclear-industry false propaganda.



    For many years, our Zero Energy Design® materials have documented the great evils of all forms of nuclear fission (including the power-plant path to horrific nuclear weapons of mass destruction).


    We have always been strongly opposed to the use of nuclear bombs AND large-scale land-based nuclear fission reactors, for ANY reason, anywhere.


    In February 2008, we published our accurate video on YouTube: Nuclear Power In YOUR Backyard?

    Unlike our other popular ZED videos, very-few people paid much attention to our Nuclear Power prediction video.


    Brainwashed fools think that Scientific Truth is foolish, and should be ignored:
    Proverbs 12:15: "The way of a fool is right in his own eyes"


    We sometimes feel like "The voice of one crying in the wilderness" - Isaiah 40, Matthew 3, Mark 3, Luke 3, John 1




    Zero Energy Design® clearly stated multiple reasons in 2008 why the predictability of a serious nuclear incident was INCREASING.


    The unthinkable Japanese multiple-reactor inevitable predictable GE-made "accidents” proved Zero Energy Design® irrefutably correct.


    The only "100% safe" way to avoid pregnancy and sexually-transmitted disease is abstinence. The same is true about future nuclear disasters.
    The vast majority of myopic mediocre minds ignore the well-documented truth about risky behavior (smoking, drugs, diet, promiscuity, etc.).


    If Chernobyl did not change peoples’ myopic minds, will the March 2011 nuclear event? - Probably NOT in a non-learning suicidal world.

    Will we soon ignore Japan, OR will "Fukushima!" become our worldwide battle cry against endless nuclear brainwash corruption?



    America’s 104 poorly-designed aging nuclear power plants produce far-more nuclear waste than any other nation in the world.
    And, Chicago-based Greedy Exelon Corporation operates more nuclear power plants than any other company in America.

    Exelon applied for a new 20-year license for their Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station, which is among the oldest in the America. For four years, concerned environmentalists bitterly fought the unreasonable hazardous 20-year license extension. The application was rushed through and GRANTED by the Exelon-corrupted Obama Administration in April 2009. (Chicago-based Obama was heavily supported / corrupted by Chicago-based Exelon.)

    Just days after the Oyster Creek license extension was approved, man-made radioactive Tritium (aka Hydrogen-3) leaks were “discovered” in the local water table, which had been criminally covered up by Exelon during the application process. Tritium is a low-volume by-product of the nuclear fission of Uranium-235, Plutonium-239, and Uranium-233. Tritium is an isotope of hydrogen (H-3), which allows Tritium to readily bind to hydroxyl radicals and organic carbon atoms. Tritium is a "beta" radiation emitter. It offers little health risk externally.

    However, Tritium H-3 is a radiation hazard when inhaled, ingested in food or water, or absorbed through skin pores (breathing, drinking, bathing, used for food irrigation, etc.). Inhaled or ingested radioactive dust and gases are 10 times more carcinogenic than skin exposure, which is quickly washed off.

    Cancer-causing Tritium (H-3 gas) radioactivity leaks (into the public aquifer below the beyond-life-expectancy Oyster Creek nuclear power plant) were caused by highly-predictable corrosion that previously left the aging reactor's crucial safety liner rusted, thin, and porous. Insufficient backup safety solutions were provided by GE.


    IF the hidden TRUTH about Tritium had been made available,
    a 20-year license extension to 60 years should have NEVER been granted


    When your next paycheck depends on telling endless deadly lies, what do you do?
    "The love of money is the root of all evil" - 1 Timothy 6:10


    By covering up the Truth, greedy corporations and corrupt politicians
    PREVENT the learning process and rational decisions.


    By SUBSIDIZING the unsustainable and extremely dangerous,
    we Encourage Immoral Suicidal Stupidity.

    Nuclear power plants cannot be ever be operated 100% safely,
    but especially NOT beyond about 25 years.

    A 40-year nuclear operating license is WAY TOO LONG -
    60 years is Insanely-Absurd - This Is Total DOE / NRC CORRUPTION ! ! !


    Since the April 2009 Exelon Oyster Creek Tritium leak was published, the expensive-to-correct radioactivity leak has still NOT been fully corrected, as required by law. The extremely-corrupt Obama DOE Nuclear Regulator Commission has REFUSED to fine criminal Exelon corporation even one penny (as required by law). Their extremely-dishonest executives have not been sent to prison for their endless FRAUD.


    DOE / NRC is clearly in criminal collusion with Exelon (who supported the Obama campaign). The NRC has NOT required Exelon to correct their problem or comply with the law. The New Jersey State Department of Environmental Protection has been trying to hold Exelon accountable, since the criminal Obama DOE / NRC refuses to do what federal law requires them to do. The Nuclear Safety Project alliance (more than 250,000 citizens and nuclear scientists) issued their report documenting Exelon's criminal corruption and NRC's refusal to enforce the laws on companies they are supposed to regulate: Report blames U.S.Nuclear Regulatory Commission lack of oversight


    According to the head of New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection, radioactive water that has been leaking from this old nuclear power plant reached the major underground aquifer that supplies drinking water to much of southern New Jersey, at concentrations that are already 50 times higher than those allowed by law, and they are increasing. Exelon's Criminal History of Multiple Serious Nuclear Radiation Leaks


    Immediate radical CORRECTIVE ACTION should have been demanded in April 2009. The Exelon Oyster Creek Nuclear power plant’s license should have been PERMANENTLY and IRREVERSIBLY REVOKED, but the Exelon-corrupted Obama Administration has done neither. The administration and many in Congress were bought and paid for by Exelon long before Obama was elected with support from Exelon. Obama, his Secretary of the Department of Energy, and the Head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission should all be IMPEACHED and imprisoned as federal law felons!


    Do you think for even one second that justice will prevail?


    Organized-crime government officials believe that they are all above the law.


    Disgraced President Richard Nixon said on national television:
    "If the president does it, it is not against the law."


    Is this the way America should always be?



    Chicago does not have the highest wind velocity in America. Chicago got its popular “Windy City” nickname from the endless Hot Air BIG LIES and Corruption of their famous organized-crime-boss “political machine” deceptive government gangsters, and the evil corporations that "own" them.


    Exelon appears to be one of the largest modern Chicago sources of public-purse and politician corruption (including Obama).


    Because of corrupt bribes, nearly half of Illinois’ electricity now comes from high-risk nuclear power. Within a forty-mile radius of downtown Chicago, there are eleven extremely-hazardous, densely-packed, highly-radioactive spent-nuclear-fuel pools that are more-overcrowded than the ones that caught fire in Fukushima Japan.


    Would you like to live or work within 50 miles of any one such serious health hazard? How about within 40 miles of all eleven of them in the Windy City?

    Just suppose that the precedented, PREDICTABLE, “Unthinkable” happens (due to a common design weakness, operator error, aging plumbing, or natural event). AND the federal government is forced the mandate the evacuation of everyone within a fifty miles radius of Chicago. How many unevacuated people will DIE within a month? How many millions more will suffer from painful nuclear-radiation-caused cancer in the next three decades?

    Do you think today's documented Exelon health-hazard organized-crime corruption will be allowed after such a premeditated catastrophe?

    Will we remain a super-corrupt non-learning nation forever? Can we continue to violate the absolute Laws of Nature much longer?


    Why not do what should have done long ago and ELIMINATE all large nuclear radiation sources from all populated areas of America?
    – Especially in high-risk crowded megacities like NYC and Chicago ! 


    Worst Case HAEMP (High Altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulse)

    Since the first 1945 nuclear bomb test, American scientists have known that detonation of even the smallest nuclear bombs destroys electronic equipment far away. In July 1962, a low-yield 1.4 megaton bomb called “Starfish Prime” was tested 250 miles above the mid-Pacific Ocean. It demonstrated that the magnitude and effects of a high altitude nuclear explosion were much larger than had been calculated. The effects could not be hidden. 900 miles away in Hawaii it destroyed communications links, streetlights, and power grid. Think for a moment what a modern high-yield nuclear bomb can do. Electromagnetic Pulse

    Since 1976, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been deeply concerned about the potential for a single high-altitude nuclear weapon detonation causing a large electromagnetic pulse (EMP) which would induce overwhelming electrical current and voltages in every wire and all North American electrical systems (that are not hardened with a military-grade high-amperage grounded “Faraday Cage”).

    The ongoing EMP concern is that sensitive electronics, computers, power grid, electric motors / generators / cooling systems, and all spare parts for all U.S. nuclear power plants could be IRREPARABLY DAMAGED. Petitions for Rulemaking on EMP (PRM-50-32, 32A, and 32B) were filed.

    No corrective action or nuclear-power-plant EMP “hardening” has taken place. This worst case scenario is too horrific to think about politically, so it is ignored. When stupid people reject scientific FACTS that does NOT make it any less predictably deadly.

    A single EMP could cause every continental nuclear power plant and fuel pool cooling system to fail, resulting in a nationwide disaster a million times worse than Chernobyl. North America would become deadly uninhabitable for thousands of years, like Chernobyl and much of the nation of Belarus is today. Of course it is “Unthinkable”, therefore America should merrily go on increasing the probability that it WILL happen. IF America increases our dependence on nuclear energy, many other nations WILL follow our stupid example, which is THE PATH TOWARD DEVELOPING THEIR OWN EMP!

    Iran has already launched two satellites around the Earth that passed over the U.S. several times a day. IF anyone places a powerful nuclear weapon (from North Korea, Pakistan, or home grown) into orbit, they could detonate it at any time of their choosing. If it was passing over Kansas at the time, ALL commercial computer systems, automobiles, trucks, and cooling systems for all North-American nuclear power plants would probably simultaneously fail catastrophically beyond repair.

    It would trigger total uncontrolled nuclear meltdown everywhere, resulting in most of USA becoming deadly radioactive and uninhabitable for a thousand years. A single EMP bomb CAN do this to us. We are generating high-tech enemies who would LIKE to detonate an orbital EMP over America. There is no reasonable defense against EMP.

    There have been up to 70,000 nuclear bombs around the world. Many unstable suicidal terrorism nations are trying to build even more. It could only take 1 to wipe out America.

    Nuclear power plants are the most-direct path toward building EMP nuclear bombs. Reliable orbital rocket launchers can be purchased from a number of sources today. We cannot prevent other nations from putting satellites into orbit. We do NOT know for sure what is in most of them. Iran has refused to sign any treaties limiting nuclear bombs.

    There is no effective defense against an orbital EMP. For all we knew, there could have been one on either of Iran’s two previous orbital satellites. Our only apparent “defense” against EMP is to put 104 sources of deadly nuclear radiation in OUR backyard! “If anyone EMP’s America, we will destroy ourselves” – Unilateral Self Destruction!

    In the event of only ONE successful orbital EMP detonation 250-miles above Kansas, America’s own nuclear power plants would kill as many people as an enemy showering USA with a hundred nuclear bombs. America has painted a virtual bull’s-eye target above Kansas, which if hit by any number of our angry enemies could kill us all.

    The real potential “WORST CASE SCENARIO” for nuclear power generation is millions of times worse than any nuclear-energy-industry lobbyist or corrupt politician will ever acknowledge. They say that it could never happen in our flawless country (as if).

    America INVENTED the EMP. GE gave the world the lower-cost deadly Mark I reactor. The American EMP potential is MUCH worse than Chernobyl or Japan. It is a trillion times worse than flying airplanes into the World Trade Center, or Hurricane Katrina. EMP IS UNTHINKABLE, so America refuses to even think briefly about “what if.”

    Are these the words of a crazy madman, or a deeply-concerned scientist telling the Truth much better than any nuclear-industry lobbyist, or politician that they have corrupted with bribes and contributions? There is a 99+% chance that it will not happen. Should America gamble everything on the .1% worst-case possibility not happening? It is a lot like operating a $100 Trillion lottery, and hoping that no one will ever ever win.

    NO NUCLEAR ENGINEER WILL GUARANTEE THAT NO NUCLEAR POWER PLANT WILL EVER FAIL. There can never be such a thing as nuclear fission 100% security.

    The Unfulfilled FALSE PROMISE Of Nuclear Energy Safety

    When the first nuclear power stations were brought online, naïve voters were told that a catastrophic failure was not possible, due to all of the American-designed fail-safe systems - obvious lies by arrogant fools! In Japan 2011, 100% of ALL GE-constructed backup "fail-safe" cooling systems FAILED.




    New York Nuclear Power Plant Investor Economics Example

    $6 Billion Long Island New York Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant Fiasco Shoreham_Nuclear_Power_Plant

    - Critical Lesson Ignored By Nuclear-Lobbyist-Corrupted Obama Administration

    The Shoreham plant was paid for by the Long Island Lighting Company (LILCO). It is 60 miles from NYC. After a lengthy approval process, it took 11 years to build from 1973 until it was fully completed in 1984.

    Shoreham is in the flight path of two airports, U.S. Air Force test plane "high hazard" area, and only five miles from the Calverton Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant.

    Multiple environmental groups strongly opposed this extremely-expensive hazardous nuclear-fission power plant. It drew intense opposition after the Three Mile Island accident, and then total outrage after the Chernobyl meltdown. Other nearby states including Connecticut and Rhode Island joined in the vicious fight against Shoreham.

    The completed plant was tested at only 10% of its capacity, never produced ANY retail electricity, and it was never granted a full operating license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), due to opposition from the Governor of New York and the critical lack of a reasonable Evacuation Route for nearby residents.

    LILCO agreed not to operate the plant and was allowed to pass on almost all of its $6 billion cost to Long Island residents. They paid a high rate for the useless unproductive plant. Eventually, the Shoreham plant resulted in the collapse of LILCO and its takeover by the government. It is a useless white elephant to this day, and Long Island electric rates are some of the highest in America. The plants that replaced its planned capacity cost far less and were constructed in less than half the time of the worthless nuclear power plant. (Is anyone listening?)

    Instead of extending licenses on unsafe obsolete nuclear power plants, and building new unpopular ones across America that will waste billions of taxpayer dollars to produce some of the highest-cost electricity in the U.S., why doesn’t Obama just turn on the completed Shoreham plant, and see what the public response is to that (since it is not altogether obvious to his industry-corrupted, non-learning, incompetent, arrogant autocratic administration).


    Nuclear Power Plant Radiation Leaks - Rapid Evacuation Planning - Indian Point / NYC

    Following the early stages of the March 2011 Japanese Nuclear Power Plant leakage, USA helicopters took off from the Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier. They detected elevated levels of radiation when they were 100 miles from Fukushima. When they were 60 miles away, the radiation was so high that they had to return to the Reagan. The occupants were scrubbed and shampooed to remove radioactive dust particles, and THEIR CLOTHES HAD TO BE INCINERATED AT ULTRA HIGH TEMPERATURE.


    The U.S. subsequently ordered all Americans to evacuate at least 50 miles away from the failing Fukushima nuclear reactors. Suppose something similar happens in America.

    The Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant is insanely about 35 miles from New York City.

    It sits almost directly on the Ramapo earthquake fault line and near a second newly-discovered fault. It has been said that building a nuclear facility is a very-expensive way to find existing seismic fault lines. (It is NOT very funny to think about.) Hidden, temporarily-dormant earthquake fault zones span most of our planet. If you understand worldwide geological “plate tectonics” – THE WHOLE WORLD IS SEISMICALLY ACTIVE – Statistical probabilities vary, but NO place on Earth is stable or “100% safe” from future impossible-to-predict large earthquakes.


    Indian Point is one of 27 U.S. nuclear power plants currently undergoing seismic scrutiny by the (industry-corrupted) U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, but nuclear industry lobbyists (like GE, Exelon and the Nuclear Energy Institute) are bribing corrupt legislators and NRC officials, providing them with “talking points” that say nuclear plants near seismic fault lines are essentially “safe.” A week after the Fukushima disaster began, the lobbyist entertained 150 House of Representatives supporters and handed out 11-page propaganda sheets about the safety of nuclear energy. These lobbyists have bought and paid for many non-learning government officials, who are being instructed to ignore the lessons from Fukushima, and continue to subsidize deadly future nuclear energy development. Are any concerned voters listening to the Truth?


    Even so, the head pro-nuclear lobbyist at the Nuclear Energy Institute says: “There is no such thing as zero probability” (of a cataclysmic nuclear power plant failure). Fukushima Japan most-certainly proved that fact in 2011. USA is no better, and in many cases much worse, than Japan (due to our overloading of dense spent fuel pools, and no plan for disposal of nuclear waste that will pollute America for thousands of years to come).

    If there was an earthquake that shut down one-or-more of the Indian Point reactor cooling systems, could we evacuate a fifty mile radius, including ALL of New York City, in half an hour or so? HELL NO WE CAN’T!

    How many millions of non-learning voters might experience serious health damage from radiation exposure? Pregnant women and infants would be the most susceptible to long-term health damage. Nuclear radiation is very carcinogenic. Do we care about posterity?


    Justifiably-worried New York residents have been trying to shut down Indian Point for decades. Governor Andrew Cuomo opposed extending the aging Indian Point operating license BEFORE the Fukushima catastrophe. Will the NRC listen to reason, or to the nuclear industry lobbyists that corrupt most hazardous decisions made by the NRC?

    Dick Ottinger, former congressman and Dean Emeritus at Pace Law School, says for him the decision to build Indian Point on the Ramapo Fault was a major mistake. Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Ottinger said: "From the time it was built, I felt that construction of a nuclear plant on a seismic fault at Indian Point was a serious mistake in judgment" ... "The tragedy in Japan confirms that opinion. While the chances of a major accident of the kind being experienced in Japan are slight, the Indian Point plant has been plagued with numerous mishaps and errors of judgment."


    The week after the Japanese nuclear tragedy started unfolding, Indian Point opponents seemed to have the edge in the media battle for American hearts and minds, BUT Americans have a very-short attention span – We quickly forgot OPEC 1973-through-1979, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and what $4 / gasoline did to American in 2008. We will surely allow nuclear lobbyists continue their deadly USA corruption, despite the catastrophe in Fukushima Japan.


    The Indian Point nuclear power plant helps employee 11,000 people. Couldn’t we use those people (and many more) to help accelerate America’s strategic move toward clean, green, SAFE, abundant FREE-FUEL ENERGY, instead of endangering the lives of millions of people within 50 miles of the huge NYC health hazard?


    It seems that there are only two safer alternatives to extending the Indian Point license for 20 more dangerous years: (1) Shut down Indian Point and remove all accumulated radioactive spent fuel rods far away from any population center, OR (2) Force everyone living within 50 miles of Indian Point (including all of NYC) to move far away! Which of these two alternatives would a RATIONAL person do?


    Zero Energy Design® strongly supports the ONLY rational option: Number 1.


    Doing nothing at all, and extending Indian Point’s NRC operating license for twenty more years, is to boldly invite a LARGER potential disaster than Fukushima or Chernobyl.


    Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant


    This aging facility is a General Electric Mark I nuclear-fission boiling water reactor - like the ones that failed catastrophically in Fukushima Japan March 2011. It is owned by Entergy. It began commercial operation in 1972. In 2008, it provided 71.8% of all electricity generated in Vermont.


    In February 2010, the Vermont Senate voted 26 to 4 AGAINST re-licensing the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant after 2012, citing: (1) radioactive Tritium H-3 leaks, (2) false records and fraudulent testimony by plant officials, (3) an aging cooling tower collapse in 2007, and (4) other obsolete-corroded-power-plant problems.


    Entergy frantically tried to bribe the corrupt U.S. DOE NRC to extend the license of this high-health-risk plant for twenty years beyond its original engineering design limit.


    What do you think will happen to Vermont Yankee after the Fukushima disaster?


    Will rational thinking or criminal corruption prevail and extend the evil operating license?


    The cost to decommission a nuclear power plant is more than its original construction cost.

    Where-and-how will we store the nuclear waste for the next 50,000 years?
    Who do you think will / should pay when Vermont Yankee is shut down?


    Should Vermont Yankee just sit there with its current densely-overloaded spent-fuel pool hazard?


    Where will replacement electric power come from? How much will it cost?
    Should Vermont have been investing in SAFE, CLEAN, GREEN, ABUNDANT, FREE-FUEL ENERGY?


    "Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive!" - Sir Walter Scott
    Deception about the true long-term cradle-to-grave costs and consequences of nuclear energy is great evil.


    Vermont’s fiscally-irresponsible deficit spending already has them on the edge of bankruptcy default, AND considering secession from the grossly-mismanaged United States. They have NOT been happy with our federal government since Bush / Cheney took office in 2001, and destroyed our previous budget surplus by giving huge unwarranted tax cuts to billionaires.


    Should American taxpayers spend over $54 billion scarce dollars to subsidize the creation of many more nuclear fission future financial and environmental disasters?


    Will Americans EVER become learning entities, or simply commit suicide by refusing to require rational, sustainable, free-fuel, zero-emission, safe-energy policies?




    For over 30 years, many people have suggested that I learn to be more “politically correct” and compromise with corrupt government officials to gain their support. That type of insanity is what created the many crises that our foolish nation faces today. I will make no deal with the devil !


    I do regularly compromise with my wonderful intelligent wife, but when it comes to mission-critical first principles like "zero emissions" opposition to all fossil fuels, and to deadly nuclear fission, I REFUSE TO COMPROMISE WITH THE UNSUSTAINABLE SINISTER EVIL OF GREEDY CORPORATIONS, OR CURRUPT POLITICIANS, FOR ANY REASON.

    If no one ever takes a patriotic firm stand against corruption, no progress can ever be made


    No one likes or supports a confrontational innovator (like me), until AFTER they receive personal benefits from their uncompromising benefactors. Non-learning fools refuse to think the unthinkable. They reject proven scientists who ask "What if..."


    Even when those who resist change receive big benefits, the inventors of the future are often ignored. Do you remember WHO invented the alternating-current electric motor, our A/C power grid, photovoltaic solar cells, the LASER, digital computers, the integrated circuit chip, or the Internet? (It was NOT Al Gore - Chuckle)


    “One should bear in mind that there is nothing more difficult to execute, nor more dubious of success, nor more dangerous to administer than to introduce a new order to things; for he who introduces it has all those who profit from the old order as his enemies; and he has only lukewarm allies in all those who might profit from the new. This lukewarmness partly stems from fear of their adversaries, who have the law on their side, and partly from the skepticism of men, who do not truly believe in new things unless they have personal experience in them." - Niccolo Machiavelli


    Curious Timing of Nature's Response To America's Evil Energy Politics

    Zero Energy Design® believes that the timing of the following three critical energy safety and environmental issues seem to be an EXTREMELY-UNUSUAL “COINCIDENCE:”


    (1) Obama authorized increased funding for non-existent, technically-infeasible, “Clean Coal Technology”, MSNNBC AND THEN coal mining deaths increased significantly in 2010.


    (2) Obama authorized increased high-risk deepwater offshore oil-and-gas drilling, Obama's-offshore-drilling-expansion-the-wrong-solution AND THEN the deadly BP Deepwater Horizon explosion, fire and oil-spill environmental disaster began only a few weeks later.


    Silly Sister Saint Sarah Palin was the primary promotor of deadly "Drill Baby Drill" insanity, before the huge 3-month-long BP Gulf of Mexico oil gusher. In his 2006 State of the Union Address, George W. Bush said emphatically: "We have a serious problem: America is addicted to oil." The moronic Republican "Drill Baby Drill" / "Drill Here Drill Now" solution is like giving MORE illegal drugs to a brain-damaged drug addict. Which part of "addicted" do they not understand?

    We must PHASE OUT Unsustainable Polluting Petroleum
    - NOT damage God's Garden of Eden by drilling deeper and more-risky offshore oil-and-gas wells!

    The Creator of the Universe set absolute Laws of Nature in motion, that responded to Drill Baby Drill, with: Spill Baby Spill, and Kill Babies Kill.

    Pseudo-religious, deceptive, oil-corrupted Sister Sarah called for a national day of prayer to ask for Divine Intervention to stop the predictable oil gusher. God is NOT capricious or arbitrary. God has apparently NEVER suspended the Laws of Nature to accommodate the way man is suicidally damaging Earth. God did NOT intervene in response to the prayers of the sinister supporter of deadly Drill Baby Drill - The exact opposite happened!


    James 15:16 "The fervent prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective"


    Anti-Nature Silly Sarah's "Drill Baby Drill" Prayers ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT EFFECTIVE!
    Thank God that Palin's poll numbers have dropped significantly since the BP Oil Gusher in the Gulf


    Jesus taught His disciples to pray to God: "not my will but thine be done"


    Will USA ever learn to live in harmony with God's Generous Garden of Eden Nature?


    (3) Obama cancelled the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository effort, Obama-begins-the-end-of-yucca-mountain  and then curiously announced over $54 Billion of nuclear energy development subsidies Greens-call-Obama's-nuclear-subsidies-his-worst-idea-yet/ for new inherently-deadly nuclear-fission power plants, AND THEN on May 7, 2010, New Jersey announced the deadly Exelon Oyster Creek radioactive Tritium H-3 leak into one of their major N.J. water supplies, AND THEN, the Japanese earthquake and tsunami killed thousands, and set in motion multiple General Electric nuclear reactor meltdowns. Fukushima was second only to the Chernobyl catastrophe that damaged the health of over 600,000 in Europe, and left the port city of Chernobyl and a third of the nation of Belarus uninhabitable for thousands of years.


    Do YOU think that “cheap” nuclear energy is worth its EXTREMELY HIGH PRICE ?

    Does anyone in Belarus or Japan think that nuclear fission is at all safe? Do YOU think it is God's will ?

    The once-beautiful port city of Chernobyl is now an uninhabitable ghost town

    Chernobyl Is Now An Uninhabitable Ghost Town



    It is true that nuclear power plants do not emit a lot of deadly mercury, SO2, NOX, VOC’s and Global Warming CO2
    as deadly fossil fuels and biofuels do, BUT, Radioactive Waste is thousands of times MORE DEADLY.

    Nuclear Radiation Irreversibly and Unthinkably Pollutes God’s Green Earth for Thousands Of Years.


    We have since learned that after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion, sinister Soviet Union politicians gave the order to seed clouds to cause radioactive rain on unsuspecting Belarus Russians, before the deadly radioactive plume got to Moscow. Radiation quickly killed Chernobyl plume pilots. Unsuspecting local residents were NOT told to evacuate, avoid the rain, or stay indoors (which could have reduced their exposure).


    In the tragic man-made Chernobyl catastrophe, thousands of innocent adults and children were killed, mutilated, or had their DNA mutated, because of shortsighted human policies. Land and food were suddenly, without warning, made useless for millennia yet to come.



    Three Mile Island PROVED large uncontrolled nuclear meltdowns CAN happen in America. Many profiteers in the nuclear industry, and the politicians that they have purchased, continue to falsely claim that the 1979 USA release of radioactive materials did not kill anyone. This is yet another biased BIG LIE. The scientific statistical truth is that infant mortality around Three Mile Island increased 47%, but no one went to prison over their greedy crime against growing children and especially pregnant mothers. The Three Mile Island radioactive plant cannot be cleaned up or dismantled over three decades later. Some health damage from high-dosage radiation results in death in less than a month. BUT moderate doses can take more-than a decade to kill with cancer, much like smoking more-than ten packs of cigarettes a day might do to a non-learning fool. Living or working in a radiated area is death on the installment plan.


    The cost to properly decommission a finite-lifespan nuclear power plant is much more than its original construction cost. Investors and our shortsighted federal government do NOT set aside the necessary clean up funds. We do NOT even have a long-term plan to deal with our current huge stockpile of deadly radioactive waste, which will pollute the Earth for thousands of years, and a hundred generations of future posterity (even IF humanity does not commit suicide by some other means in the 21st century).


    If nuclear power plant operators set aside funds to clean up the deadly mess that are continuing to make today, then nuclear power would be TWICE as expensive as it already is – all things considered – even if a nuclear catastrophe does not happen.


    How much was the loss of 1/3 of Belarus worth? How much is 1/4 of USA worth, if a complete uncontrolled nuclear meltdown happens to only one plant here? The predictable consequences of America’s INSANE lack of energy policy are UNTHINKABLE. We live in a world where corrupt criminals refuse to even begin to think about the catastrophes until after the fact.


    Japan proved that multiple fail-safe backup systems can and do fail completely. There can never be a totally safe use of nuclear fission. The mutagenic-DNA cancer consequences will take years to become apparent (exactly like smoking or a bad sunburn that causes skin cancer decades later). By then, the criminals will have escaped justice, and our short-attention-span world will have forgotten the underlying man-made cause-and-effect of the cancer health crisis.


    Much of today’s cancer can be statistically linked to America detonating 1,054 nuclear bomb tests - 331 insanely exploded in the atmosphere, where radioactivity circled the globe. The U.S. Radiation Exposure Compensation Act of 1990, paid the paltry amount of only $1.4 billion in compensation for the remaining victims of intentional irresponsible American nuclear radiation insanity. Only a tiny portion of those whose health was badly damaged by participating in the tests were compensated. The innocent “downwinders” received nothing. The liability associated with nuclear fission is unthinkably enormous.


    Smoking has well-documented long-term health consequences. Nuclear radiation is WORSE than heavy smoking. 20% of Americans ignore the FACTS and Surgeon General’s strong warnings on every pack and still damage their health (and those around them) by smoking. John Boehner and Barak Obama are two well-known smoking fools.


    About 20% of American electricity comes from hazardous nuclear fission. USA nuclear power silently increased 4.2% in 2010, as insanely-greedy profiteers push their aging, obsolete, unsafe, nuclear power plants way beyond their design-limit lifespan and typical capacity. The nuclear industry is without a doubt bribing our corrupt politicians to get them to legislate $54.6 BILLION in moronic taxpayer subsidies to construct many-more nuclear fission power plants. America thrives on bribes!


    AFTER the large Fukushima radioactivity release, 51% of Americans still believed that building new nuclear fission reactors is a good use of scarce taxpayer dollars. They are clearly the Myopic Mediocre-Minded Majority of Non-Learning USA Insane Idiots.


    What Does Nuclear Fission Radiation Do To Human Health and Wellbeing?

    One of the first things that happens to most people who are exposed to radiation is the degradation or destruction of their delicate autoimmune system. It is somewhat similar to getting a fell-blown case of Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Many of the defenseless die of pneumonia or a common cold. Would you have sex with a scabby male or female prostitute that you knew had AIDS? Will you allow obsolete nuclear reactors to be foolishly operated well-beyond their designed lifespan? Would you be stupid enough to live within 1,000 miles of a deadly nuclear fission reactor?


    Radioactive Iodine-131 accumulates in the thyroid gland (in your neck), where it damages thyroid function and causes cancer. The thyroid helps control metabolism and calcium (for bones, teeth, and brain function).  Developing infants and young children are the most at risk of thyroid damage consequences.


    I-131 is a heavy particle. It falls to the grass, where it is eaten by cows. The most-common pathway for I-131 into humans is by drinking milk (which is common among susceptible growing children).


    Three-weeks after the Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdowns began: (a) I-131 levels in fish caught 25 miles from Fukushima were about 4,500 times above the legal limit, and (2) an elevated level of I-131 was found in milk produced in America's Washington State.


    After the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion, the health of 600,000 Europeans suffered health damage, and there were over 4,000 cases of thyroid cancer over a widespread area – mostly in children who drank the milk. Is nuclear fission "living in harmony with Nature"?


    In Earth's bodies of water, plankton absorb radioactive material in the water. When the smallest fish eat the plankton, they concentrate the radioactive material ten fold. Medium-sized fish that eat small fish do the same thing, and by the time large fish (like tuna, etc.) eat the medium-sized fish, the radioactivity is concentrated a thousand times greater than what is in the water.


    Japan already had a similar problem with mercury in the large fish and dolphins that they eat. Now Japan has an even-greater health risk with long-lived radioactive material in the water. Ocean currents will carry this radioactive water around the world. Cooking radioactive food does NOT reduce the level of radioactivity.


    Cesium-137 is a common radioactive isotope by-product of man-made nuclear fission. It contaminates the Earth with a 30-year half life – much longer than I-131 or Tritium H-3. 60 years after Cs-137 is ingested, it is still radioactive, doing damage to bodily tissues. Cs-137 can be endlessly much-worse of a health risk than smoking many packs of cigarettes every day.


    Cs-137 exposure is a high-risk factor for cancer all over the entire body. Cs-137 is a strong emitter of INTENSE GAMMA RADIATION (the worst kind). Gamma rays pass through all flesh and bones – even worse than X-Rays – damaging and mutating DNA on the way (the source of deadly malignant cancer cells). The gamma rays from residual Cs-137 are easily detected, but there is no way to remove it from a contaminated human. It will continue to do serious health damage for many decades to come.


    When Cs-137 damages DNA, viable self-replicating cell mutations become various forms of cancer, which can metastasize (spread) all over the entire Cs-137 contaminated body.


    In extreme exposure doses, Cs-137 burns flesh and bones much worse than a sunburn, and can cause either rapid, or painful slow, death. It depends on exposure intensity and cumulative time of exposure. The health effect is not reversible.


    Nuclear reactor cores, and spent fuel rods contain a high concentration of Cs-137 and Strontium-90 (which has a half life similar to Cs-137). Sr-90 emits a lethal mix of alpha, beta, gamma, and microwave radiation. Would you like to microwave your liver or brain? Imagine constant bombardment 24-hours a day after Sr-90 is inhaled or ingested in food or water.


    Sr-90 accumulates in bones and bone marrow, where is causes bone cancer, damage to blood-production cells, low-life-giving blood-cell counts, and leukemia. Sr-90 is more powerful in bones, but Cs-137 impacts the entire body. Both Sr-90 and Cs-137 are still deadly after three decades.


    Some reactors (like Fukushima #3) also use Plutonium fuel (the source used in the world’s most-powerful 100-megaton nuclear H-bombs). Plutonium-239 is an extremely-toxic man-made radioactive element discovered in 1940 after Uranium-238 was bombarded with neutrons in a cyclotron. Plutonium-239, Uranium-235 and Uranium-233, are among the few extremely-radioactive materials that can be "fissioned" (split) to release massive amounts of energy instantly.


    Man-Made Plutonium-239 is an extremely-hazardous carcinogen used in nuclear bombs, which makes it one of the most dangerous of all substances on Earth. Man-made Plutonium was created to be the world’s most deadly weapon of mass destruction. Highly-Enriched Uranium (HEU) can be used to make lower-grade nuclear weapons, but Plutonium is roughly 1,000 times MORE radioactive.


    Plutonium is very "pyrophoric", which means that it oxidizes and becomes very hot when exposed to air. It can ignite nearby flammable materials, causing intense fires that widely distribute deadly radioactive particles in the environment.


    Extreme caution must be exercised to avoid allowing more than a few pounds in close proximity - to prevent an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction. Such a reaction’s burst of energy, known as a "criticality event", would not cause a nuclear explosion, but could release radiation that very dangerous to everyone nearby and downwind - like a "dirty bomb."


    This is why Reactor #3 became the top priority to cool down after it exploded at Fukushima.


    The chemical symbol for deadly man-made Plutonium is Pu (supremely-stinky stuff).


    In the United States, Pu was routinely released into the environment through roof vents and stacks during nuclear weapons production activities at Rocky Flats, near Denver Colorado from 1952 to 1992. Rocky Flats was controlled by the inept U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) until 1977, which was replaced by the Department of Energy (DOE) under President Carter – former nuclear submarine engineer.


    Pu was also released in Colorado during industrial fires in 1957 and 1969, and some was released through wastewater discharges into holding ponds and creeks that flowed off of the insane mismanaged Rocky Flats site.


    More than 5,000 barrels of contaminated waste oil and solvents stored outdoors leaked onto the soil beginning in the late 1950s. The barrels were not removed until the late 1960s, exposing the soil to the elements. Windstorms blew the Pu-contaminated cancer-causing soil particles into the air and off-site.


    Most of the innocent people who were mutated died of “unknown cancer”, without ever understanding the cause-and-effect of government mishandling of Rocky Flats Plutonium. The contaminated was covered with ineffective asphalt in 1969. Government resuspension of radioactive Rocky Flats Pu particles continued until the end of 2005.


    Recent Soil sampling around the Rocky Flats Plant shows that the area east and southeast of the plant has the highest plutonium levels, and yet millions of Americans still live not far from the contaminated area. Congress turned it into a wildlife refuse. Would you let your dog live there? Rocky Flats Pu Plant


    Stupidity can have very-long-term subtle cumulative health consequences.


    Unlike I-131, Tritium H-3, and Cs-137, U and Pu remain radioactive in the environment for many thousands of years.


    Pu decays by releasing mutagenic fast-moving alpha particles and X-Rays. Plutonium emits very-low-levels of gamma rays, which makes it difficult to remotely detect in portable terrorist devices, and once Pu has entered the human body.


    The length of time that a deadly, unstable, radioactive isotope like U-235 or Pu-239 can cause cancer is determined by its “half-life”, which is the time that it takes for one half of an original quantity to break down into other more-stable elements.


    Naturally-occurring U-238 is the most-stable (least radioactive) isotope of Uranium, with a half-life that is roughly the age of the Earth. U-235 has a half-life of about 713,000,000 years, and U-234 has a half-life of about 248,000 years. For Uranium found in Nature, about 49% of its alpha rays are emitted by U-238, and also 49% by U-234 (since U-234 is formed from the decay of U-238), and about 2% of its alpha rays are emitted by U-235.


    The half-life of extremely-radioactive Plutonium-239 is about 24,000 years!

    The millions of gallons of radioactive water gushing out of the cracked Fukushima #3 containment vessel contained Plutonium-239. This water has 10,000 times normal radioactivity levels. The more seawater that they pumped in to cool the radioactive rods, the more radioactive water poured out into electrical conduits and plumbing tunnels, into the soil and sea.


    There could be no denial of a long-term environmental catastrophe.


    Self-sacrificing brave hero electricians that briefly stepped in reactor #3's radioactive Plutonium water rapidly suffered radiation burns on their feet and legs. Their bodies tested at 180 millisieverts - too radioactive to approach without radiation suits. (They may die in a month of direct U and Pu radiation poisoning, for which there is no cure. Our sad compassionate prayers go out for them and their families.)


    GE and TEPCO managers and engineers share the responsibility for all Fukushima injuries and radioactive contamination, and yet non-learning idiots want to build more nuclear fission hazards around the world - Absolute change-resistant business-as-usual greedy arrogant Insanity!


    TEPCO was eventually forced to state that radioactive Plutonium was beyond their control.


    Pu was discovered in the soil in at least five locations around the leaking Fukushima power plant. U and Pu cannot be cost-effectively removed from large areas. The site and nearby facilities must be abandoned. Fukushima radiation will still be damaging living things on the land and in the ocean for tens of thousands of years. Is a few years of nuclear energy ever worth it in the long run - all things considered?


    If you had previously lived in Fukushima, would you look forward to returning to your contaminated radioactive home? Would you have babies or raise children nearby? Would you buy stock in TEPCO? Would you rebuild new nuclear power plants near sea level? Why was this ever done in the first place?


    Man-made 21st century Pu-239 will still be giving cancer to nearby life forms (if there are any left) 2,000+ generations in the future. In the year 50,000, man-made Pu will still be one forth as carcinogenic as it was in the 21st century! Ignoring scientific facts does NOT make them go away - It invites disaster.


    Think for a moment about the brave self-sacrificing patriotic workers who responded to TEPCO's call to help try to limit the catastrophic damage at the Fukushima plant. They have shortened their lives by accepting this critical (suicide) mission.


    Most of these workers lost homes, possessions, friends, and family members in the 9.0 earthquake and deadly tsunami.


    TEPCO executives have been unsuccessfully trying to "save face" any way that they can. They have repeatedly lied about the growing nuclear disaster, covered up the truth, falsified records, and denied critical information that local residents, the government, and the world needs to know.


    Three weeks AFTER the Fukushima nuclear reactor failures began, TEPCO was still too cheap to provide volunteer plant workers with enough food, warming facilities, or meals ready to eat. The workers barely survived on two small packages of crackers a day. Even convicted felons in prison are fed better than TEPCO did for their self-sacrificing national heroes!


    TEPCO did NOT provided them with tall boots or adequate radiation suits to provide even minor protect from the very-radioactive water that they were forced to work in.


    Fukushima workers had no showers to wash radioactive material off of their contaminated bodies (which is critical to survival).


    TEPCO did NOT rapidly provide them with outside electricity generators or portable water pumps to fight their losing battle against failed USA GE under-designed unsafe nuclear technology.


    The brave volunteers had to work around the clock, often in darkness, with only-a-few flashlights and insufficient replacement batteries. Deadly mistakes were made in the dark, that might have been avoided with a few cheap forehead flashlights and batteries.


    America's military, government, and General Electric knew that all of these things were necessary in Fukushima, but for three immoral weeks, they failed to assist the plant workers with even minimal subsistence support - No compassionate action at all.




    All of the General Electric designed-and-constructed radioactive water containment facilities failed at Fukushima. Three-weeks later, millions-of-gallons of pumped-in seawater was radioactive, still not being contained, gushing out, and there was no solution on the horizon.


    Japan loaned USA about 20% of the insane fiscally-irresponsible national debt. USA continues to borrow 40% of every dollar we spend, but Japan can no longer continue to subsidize our stupidity!


    Japanese manufacturing provides many jobs on American soil.


    Japan provides many parts for U.S. manufacturers (like General Motors, et,al.)


    Japan provides many of the high-tech gadgets that Americans crave and covet.


    But, USA is nearly bankrupt. We cannot afford to assist Fukushima plant workers with a few hundred daily meals ready to eat, boots, radiation suits, flashlights, batteries, generators, water pumps, or radioactive water containment bags.


    We can however spend $100 Billion subsidizing American nuclear fission plant construction and operation, and maintaining stockpiles of thousands of suicidal nuclear fission bombs. Is there anything rational going on in America today?


    If YOU were Japan, wouldn't you stop subsidizing the American economy, sell all of your U.S. Bonds, stop supporting American businesses, and never loan arrogant non-caring USA another dollar in the future?


    USA did send Japan some humanitarian aid after the tsunami, but it was far less than we sent Haiti and other worldwide disasters, and we did NOT assist the brave self-sacrificing Fukushima plant workers.



    About nuclear energy, Bill Nye (The Science Guy) said on CNN in March 2011:
    "I know we need energy, but this stuff is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS."
    . . . My dream is


    Detonating one Pu-239 H-bomb, or one Pu-239-reactor explosive meltdown,
    has the potential to be catastrophic for millions of modern humans.


    Bill Nye: "It may not be this one (in Fukushima), but eventually it will happen."


    Unstable, hot, spent, Pu fuel rods create a terrible, expensive, long-term storage problem.

    Is this the greedy legacy that we want to leave for the distant future?


    Will there be any humans left to condemn our stupid shortsighted souls to eternal damnation?
    Failure to immediately act responsibly is immoral and worse than suicidal.


    If you cast one vote for someone who supports nuclear fission, you are an accomplice.

    If you do not vote in every election, you give control to greedy profiteering corruption.

    The consequences of modern human insanity are way beyond UNTHINKABLE!


    There has been a lot of data gathered about the short-term health effects of exposure to high-levels of radioactivity, but very little about the long-term effect of lower or moderate dosage. We do know for scientific certainty that mutagenic Pu is retained in human lungs, liver, bones and bone marrow many decades after it has killed those who are exposed to it. Would you want to be the undertaker for someone who died from Pu?


    Breathing any man-made radioactive particles or gases distributed in the atmosphere (around the world) is a high risk for respiratory cancer. Radioactive noble gases go right through face masks with ease, just like air does. Have you ever known a non-smoker who got lung cancer? Is it possible to know the underlying cause and effect? (Radioactivity is only one of many man-made lung pollution possibilities.)


    THERE IS NO SAFE LEVEL OF EXPOSURE TO DEADLY MAN-MADE RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS, especially when cost-conscious greedy executives ignore predictable precedent natural events, like earthquakes and tsunamis

    Risk factors increase significantly with radiation exposure dose and time

    SAFER nuclear fission would cost more-than twice what nuclear energy costs today


    Absolutely NO human  is intelligent enough to design 100%-safe nuclear-fission
    SAFER nuclear fission cannot compete with free-fuel sun, wind, geothermal or hydrokinetic energy


    "Nuclear plants are designed to withstand certain levels of earthquakes, but having said that, NOTHING IS COMPLETELY FAILSAFE, nothing is completely foolproof." … “I'm deeply worried about radiation effects in Japan.” – President Obama – But, What About In The USA, which has the same GE reactors at similar sea-level conditions? Are we incapable of ever learning lessons about major mistakes that we continue to repeat endlessly?


    NOTHING can guarantee that men or machines will not make mistakes, or fail at the worst possible time (as in Japan).


    My energy-research-scientist father held nuclear patents, and had a nuclear-materials handling license. I grew up very-much aware of the huge radiation risks. I built a nuclear cloud chamber that visualized different types of radiation for my high-school science fair. I used a hand from discarded "glow in the dark" alarm clock that was moronically painted with radioactive Radium. Idiots used to pay to bathe in natural Radium Hot Springs (which is now very illegal). The extreme long-term danger of nuclear radiation is invisible to the naked eye. Few knew the cause-and-effect of radioactive mutagenic carcinogens, only a few decades ago, when our military kept testing 331 nuclear bombs IN THE USA ATMOSPHERE!


    My father taught me that nuclear fission was INSANE! - He predicted nuclear incidents worse than Chernobyl or Fukushima long before they happened - Imagine one human error making 1/4 (or more) of America uninhabitable for thousands of years - The science is simple - The politics are STUPID!


    Each nuclear power plant INCREASES THE RISK that millions of people may be seriously damaged by a single predictable nuclear event, caused by human error (as in Chernobyl), design flaw (as GE did in Japan), or by a foreseeable precedented natural event. Is it "unthinkable" for you?


    Nuclear plants are major terrorist and military targets, and the starting point for nuclear weapons proliferation, which suicidal terrorists aggressively seek. We know for certain that anything which knocks out nuclear power plant cooling systems can cause a deadly meltdown catastrophe. Has your home or automobile air conditioner ever failed to operate properly? All four levels of GE-engineered backup cooling systems failed in Fukushima Japan in 2011. It WAS predictable, but unthinkable by almost everyone.


    According to March 2011 precise GPS measurements, the Japanese mainland moved 13 feet closer to USA. The island got wider. The land now has stretch-mark cracks. Such events have periodically been recorded for thousands of years of human history.


    What do you think a small crack in the Earth does to power plant plumbing? What about a large crack over a known earthquake fault line?


    27 American nuclear power plants sit on or near earthquake seismic fault zones (a breath-taking 26% of 104 total). This is an astounding display of complete stupidity.


    It is just pure dumb luck that none of the many American radioactivity leaks since the 1950’s have killed millions of people. With 104 unsafe nuclear power plants, America is at high cumulative health risk – more than any other nuclear nation on Earth – AND greedy USA profiteers want to greatly increase our level of catastrophic risk potential. It Is Truly I N S A N E !



    Ignoring The Never-Changing Absolute Laws Of Nature


    We at Zero Energy Design® are taken back by the inconvenient timely “coincidence” of the very-serious Obama-era 21st century coal, oil, and nuclear man-made “accidents.”


    Is Mother Nature trying to shorten the feedback cycle about the UNSUSTAINABLE suicidal nature of human lack of concern for our delicate Garden of Eden ? ? ?


    The coincidental timing possibility is way beyond spooky. Nature is proving beyond any shadow of a doubt how totally-stupid non-learning corrupt politicians and greedy profiteers really are.


    The unusual thing is that deregulation of deadly coal, oil, and nuclear fission have long been part of the Republican platform of total corruption. Now this contagious corruption insanity have been taken over by the Democrat party also - Greatly accelerating the Suicide of Humanity.


    We now know for certain that nuclear technology is far too complex and inherently-dangerous for mere humans to manage with 100% safety. Everyone who says that nuclear fission can ever be made SAFE is an obvious LIAR!


    The ongoing documentation of arrogant human intellectual deficiency is rock-solid irrefutable.


    Do YOU trust corrupt politicians to keep your family safe from man-made design flaws, human operational errors, and all possible future precedented natural events?


    Semi-Safe Cost-Cutting American Engineering Insanity

    Engineers typically design to handle 95% (or less) of worst-case scenarios. Essentially no skyscraper is designed to withstand the maximum recorded wind velocity of 253 mph. Very-few buildings would even come close to handling a 95% windstorm (240 mph) without being blown apart. The problem is getting Progressively WORSE. The solidly-built Empire State Building withstood an accidental bomber impact on a cloudy night. The two World Trade Centers did NOT survive suicidal commercial airplane impacts. IF something is "unthinkable" (like terrorism, hurricanes or earthquakes), cost-cutting engineers routinely ignore many predictable worst-case scenarios - Save a dollar, lose a building.


    We lost two Space Shuttles, due to simple design flaws and cost-cutting construction (just like the GE Mark I nuclear reactors around the world). Part of GE's marketing material was that the Mark I required lower-cost (obviously inadequate) construction. Three key GE Nuclear Engineers left their high-paying jobs at GE, because their managers refused to correct the many potentially-catastrophic cost-cutting measures. It took a while to prove the whistle-blowers correct, but Fukushima is sadly absolute irrefutable proof that GE corporate politics did multi-billion-dollar damage in Japan.


    Most of well-built (earthquake resistant) Japan within 6 miles of the Pacific coast was washed away for 3,300 miles of shoreline, with only a 24-foot predictable tsunami. Much-higher 1,000-foot megatsunamis are clearly documented in Earth's recent geologic record. Engineers refuse to plan for worst-case scenarios. They are called an "act of God" - What they really are is common practice for virulently-ignorant shortsighted humanity.


    There were very-different types of failures at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima, but all of them failed to deal with human design-and-operation errors, or well-documented, precedented predictable natural events.


    Hundreds of Japanese earthquake aftershocks rang the Earth like a bell, with a clapper 130 miles northeast of Japan. The vibration shortened an Earth day by 1.8 milliseconds (our rotational inertia got smaller, like a spinning ice skater pulling in her arms).


    Japan sank roughly 5-feet-deeper into the ocean. Earth’s axis of tilt changed about four inches. The Polaris North Star now appears to wobble a tiny bit. Summer / Winter climate will be changed a trivial amount. The liquid magnetic-pole core at the center of the Earth may slosh around a bit (and eventually flip over, as it has done in the geologic past).


    The Earth is NOT fixed on its foundation, immobile or eternal. Nothing on Earth can be stable for one human lifetime, much less forever. Humans should NEVER attempt to exploit extremely-hazardous nuclear fission technology in an Earthly environment that HUMANS CANNOT CONTROL or even predict very well.


    We are now on multiple unsustainable paths toward the Suicide of Humanity


    If a solar panel or a windmill fails, it will not create a worldwide catastrophe. We must stick to manageable, time-proven, safe, clean, green, zero-emissions, abundant, cost-effective, FREE FUEL sources of ALL energy for our future. We must STOP subsidizing the dumbest of all energy-as-usual greedy corruption.


    We must begin by improving energy efficiency by more-than 20%, which would eliminate the need for ALL nuclear power plants. The U.S. DOE Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) has cost-effectively improved energy efficiency for 6.5 million American homes by an average of 31% - A clear proof of this extremely-valuable concept. Obama wants to weatherize a million homes per year. At that rate, it will take more-than a century to do what we SHOULD have done in the 1970's. In 2011, the energy-industry-corrupted Republican House of Representatives voted in H.R. 1 to SLASH THE BUDGET FOR THE EXTREMELY-SUCCESSFUL WAP! The lobbyists that bribe Republicans want to sell MORE energy, NOT LESS!


    WE HAVE NO NEED FOR NUCLEAR FISSION, other than greedy energy-industry profiteers, lobbyists, and the politicians that they corrupt.


    The Japan tsunami was only 24-to-30 feet high, moving at about 500 mph when it hit the sea-level towns on Japan’s northeast coastline, killing over 10,000 (many more than Hurricane Katrina’s 1300+).


    The Japan Tsunami was still 8-feet high when it struck California over 5,000 miles away, washed a man out to sea, and left many boats piled high on dry land. The difference between the California wave peak and valley was a violent 16 feet up and down.


    Foolish humans falsely assume stable sea level. They are easily proven wrong time and again.


    The epicenter of a tsunami does NOT have to be anywhere close to be deadly.


    The Los Angeles California valley has geologic evidence of a 1,000-foot high tsunami that washed sea shells high into the surrounding mountains, when a lip of a volcanic Hawaiian island broke off (like the edge of a mushroom). Submarines and remote sensors can also visualize the landslide remains on the seabed beneath steep Hawaiian coastline broken-off cliffs.


    A similar 1,000-foot-high Hawaiian tsunami landslide event is probably going to happen again soon (in geologic time). Informed people refuse to think about or plan for the obvious “unthinkable” consequences. (My wife and I intentionally live 1200 feet above sea level, with a tall mountain between us and the Pacific Ocean coastline.)


    A volcanic landslide in the Canary Islands (northwest Africa) WILL eventually send a 700-foot-high tsunami wave slamming into the coast of North America – perhaps in less than 100 years – maybe even tonight. Are we prepared for the “unthinkable.”


    If a relatively-small 24-foot wave can do hundreds of billions of dollars worth of damage to Japan, and a few feet of storm surge did $100 billion in damage to poorly-designed New Orleans, just think what a 100-or-1,000-foot tsunami wave from Hawaii or the Canary Islands WILL eventually do to America’s Pacific or Atlantic coastline. Multiple nuclear-reactor meltdowns will be just a part of the complete devastation. Most man-made catastrophes are easily avoided, BUT only by people with functional brains.


    The Republicans (who are very-obviously corrupted by the fossil-fuel industry) do not want government agencies revealing the “unthinkable” Truth about man-made fossil-fuel climate change. In 2011, the Republican House of Representatives voted to severely slash the budget by $454 million for all government agencies that predict changes in climate and oceans. If implemented, House Resolution 1 would dismantle America’s NOAA Pacific tsunami warning system, and close many storm-warning weather stations.


    Hawaii suffered greatly from the Japan tsunami. They thank God that they had an early warning of its size and speed. Hawaiians are deeply concerned about thoughtless Republican organized-crime ideology that would dismantle the Pacific Tsunami Warning System. It Is Absolute Criminal Corrupt Political Insanity – which was necessitated by giving unwarranted tax breaks to billionaires who “own” Republican legislators!


    Tea Party Conservative Republicans (funded by the wealthy Koch brothers oil barons, and Rupert Murdock Fox News propaganda machine) would much rather wipe out a major portion of America’s coastlines without sufficient warning, than return to income-tax levels for $100-million-dollar-per-year greedy profiteers where they where under the Clinton Administration, when USA not only balanced our budget, but had a surplus.


    TWO Bush / Cheney tax cuts for the wealthy dismantled our prosperity, created the 2008 $15 Trillion crash, and our current deep debt crises. House Republicans apparently want to continue the madness in 2011 and beyond. In a matter of only a few weeks controlling the House, Republicans have shot themselves in the foot politically. When both parties are corrupted by bribes, we keep swinging back and forth from one source of corruption to another – NEVER SOLVING THE 1973 ENERGY CRISIS YET!


    In 2011, Republicans voted in H.R. 1 to terminate 750,000 American jobs. John Boehner said that if their cuts cost hundreds of thousands of American jobs: “So be it.” This is the BIG LIAR who promised that the House Number 1 agenda item would be to create jobs.


    Republicans clearly lied when they promised that their top priority would be to create jobs. Instead, they voted in H.R. 1 to fire 55,000 Head Start school teachers, and slash Pell Grants for qualified low-income college students – Denying them the education that is essential to our nation’s future (more young people will be frustrated making minimum wage, or on the unemployment entitlement roles).


    Defunding NOAA’s critical tsunami warning system was just part of their insanity.



    California Nuclear Time Bombs


    Two nuclear power plants with multiple reactors are on-the-beach in California. They were designed to handle 7.0 or 7.5 magnitude earthquakes, but not predictable large tsunamis. The Japan earthquake was 9.0! All California nuclear power plants are closer to known earthquake fault lines than the epicenter of the Japan 9.0 was to the Fukushima power plants that experienced hazardous nuclear-reactor meltdowns and hazardous radioactive material releases (Tritium H-3, I-131, Cs-137, Sr-90, Pu-239, gases, etc.).


    There are 7 million people within a 50-mile radius of the 7.0-designed sea-level San Onofre CA nuclear power plant (between Los Angeles and San Diego). How fast can we evacuate 7 million people to a distance of 50 miles when a megatsunami approaches from Hawaii?


    California is on the same Pacific Rim “Ring of Fire” as Chile, New Zealand, and Japan, all of which have had major earthquakes recently. Think of California as the fourth corner of the Ring of Fire. California is now overdue for a deadly magnitude 8.5+ earthquake. The recent San Francisco and Los Angeles deadly earthquakes were merely precursors of the precedented and predictable. No scientist can know the exact date or year, but a near-term large California earthquake is an undeniable certainty. We feel the small ones tremble under our feet several times a year. The next big one is probably not far in the future. Will it hit between L.A. and S.D.? Will it be worse than Fukushima?


    Any rational intelligent person knows that the Universal Laws of Nature can NOT be violated for very long. Humans can jump off of a high cliff, but we cannot fly up unaided by flapping our arms. Unsustainable behavior can simply not be sustained (obviously, by definition). Nuclear power is undoubtedly unsafe, deadly, AND unsustainable.


    Since 1971 Peak Oil and the 1973-1979 OPEC oil embargoes, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and 2008 bankruptcy (triggered by $4 gasoline), we have clearly been warned time and time again, but quickly forgotten lessons that should have been learned decades ago.
    Dozens of covered-up nuclear accidents should have been a red-light stop sign to us all.


    We must now very-quickly learn how to live in harmony with Nature – OR DIE in the 21st century! We have very-little time left to immediately reverse a century of corrupt energy policy politics.


    Everything in the universe depends on energy. In 1905, e=mc2 taught us that everything we perceive as matter, is actually just a form of energy. Nuclear fission converts a tiny bit of matter into a large amount of energy – BUT we do not know how to make it SAFE.


    The change from burning polluting fuels and creating deadly atomic waste will require radical reinvention of our energy infrastructure, with off-the-shelf proven technology. The only remaining complex issues are education and reversing a century of entrenched energy-politics government corruption. Emerald Eco-City will demonstrate precisely how.


    To do nothing at all is to pull the trigger on the shotgun that is now pointed at our children’s heads. What must Nature do get the attention of non-learning lazy resistant-to-change, status-quo perverse people with no foresight, powers of observation, or critical thinking skills? Society must wake up and engage its badly-atrophied collective brain.


    Zero Energy Design® and Emerald Eco-City offer a specific plan to solve ALL of these concerns, BUT our window of opportunity is closing


    We sincerely wish all of our readers an Abundant New Life In Harmony With Nature

    Lifelong Learning In An Ever-Expanding Universe Of Endless Possibilities TM

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