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    Readers Comments:

    Description: Cutting down and burning 50,000 to 100,000 acres of trees PER DAY is accelerating the Suicide of Humanity – Totally Unsustainable Insanity

    Primary forests have roughly 200 to 400 trees per acre ...
    We are UNSUSTAINABLY killing 10-million to 40-million ( ~ 400 trees x 100,000 acres ) trees / day
    - Between 3.5-BILLION to 14-BILLION ( ~ 365 days x 40,000,000 ) TREES PER YEAR.
    The rate of man-made deforestation is accelerating every year as overpopulation explodes.

    To replace the current rate of life-giving forest destruction, every man women and infant on Earth would have to
    plant and nurture multiple trees per year - We do not even come close. Most new seedlings do not live for two years.

    Even if the entire world was to begin aggressively planting a MILLION TREES PER DAY, humans will still deplete Earth's life-giving green trees fairly soon - Resulting in suffocation of every oxygen-breathing thing on our foolish shortsighted suicidal planet.
    Excess greenhouse gas global climate changes will probably kill many of us before suffocation kills the rest.

    “THIS IS A SUPER CRISIS that we are facing, it's an appalling crisis,
    it's one of the worst crises since we came out of our caves 10,000 years ago.”
    Dr. Norman Meyers

    Slash and burn

    Man-Made (Anthropogenic) Rampant Suicidal Deforestation

    54% - Unsustainable “slash-and-burn” farming
    22% - High-saturated-fat palm oil plantations
    19% - Short-sighted greedy profiteering logging that far exceeds the rate of forest renewal (encouraged by myopic wood prices that are FAR TOO LOW), and
    5% - Cattle ranching for obese people that consume far too much high-on-the-food-chain, expensive, unhealthy, high-saturated-fat, red meat

    All of which contribute greatly to the overpopulation-caused SUICIDE OF HUMANITY

    Deforestation is to the Earth, what smoking is to a person: Suicide On The Installment Plan.”

    Smoking one cigarette does not immediately kill the smoker. Killing one tree does not immediately wipe out humanity.

    HOWEVER, a hundred thousand cigarettes add up to slow, painful, unnecessary, early death by cancer. Walt Disney should have lived into his 80's, but a lifetime of smoking killed him at age 65, with a walnut-sized malignant tumor in his lung.

    Likewise, killing most of Earth’s trees has already dramatically increased Global Warming CO2. Deforestation is reducing the essential oxygen that we cannot live without – leading toward the 21st century suffocation of everything that breathes air.

    Surgeon General Warnings about smoking, and environmentalist warnings about deforestation, have been ignored by non-learning myopic mediocre minds for far-too-many decades.

    Trees are Earth’s living lungs. They absorb carbon dioxide and sunlight, and release essential oxygen. If humans allow CO2 content to rise to ONLY 1%, the atmosphere will become INSTANTLY LETHAL to everything that breathes oxygen.

    Suicide by carbon dioxide is well-documented scientific certainty.

    Some distressed desperate despondent people have intentionally committed suicide by shutting the garage door and leaving their car engine running. They do not die because the oxygen level gets too low – the engine keeps running long after they are dead. With a modern car that emits very-little toxic carbon monoxide, they died as soon as the clear, odorless, carbon dioxide level reached ONLY 1%. Those virulently-ignorant people who intentionally reject proven CO2 science are simply suicidal.

    Earth's human population has doubled to 7 billion people in only 44 years. As it continues to explode exponentially totally out-of-control, the rapidly-rising past-peak man-made CO2 trend WILL KILL EVERYTHING ON EARTH that breathes oxygen (in the 21st century), IF we do not STOP KILLING LIFE-GIVING TREES AND BURNING ANYTHING, very soon!

    Earth's current human population growth rate absolutely can NOT continue unchecked for another 44 years to 14 billion people. Birth rates MUST greatly decline, and/or death rates greatly increase. If humans do not drastically reduce current birth rates, then Nature has no choice but to force billions of humans to die fairly soon. SCIENTIFIC TRUTH!

    The world's most-populace nation (China) has a one-child per couple MANDATE, with significant fines and government-forced abortions and sterilization for violation. There are much-better more-humane overpopulation solution alternatives.

    The best-known way to reduce excessive birth rates is to EDUCATE WOMEN. STOP treating them as low-value property, and give them the opportunity for equal rights and equal pay, if they choose to work in a business.

    Immediately STOP the insane religious fanatical practice of teaching poor people that voluntary contraception is a sin!

    Make such deadly cult teachings a serious felony - with a mandatory significant prison sentence.

    Government-forced abortion is NOT good. There should be clear pervasive motivational teaching about immorality and abstention, along with counseling and guidance. AND, we must provide easily-accessible effective birth control to voluntarily eliminate the need for abortions, where possible, (with obviously-controversial traditional exceptions for health of the mother, rape and incest).

    "Be fruitful and multiply" has now become a grossly-obsolete immoral commandment by those who reject science.

    The human author of this commandment did NOT foresee the implications of compound growth rate grade-school arithmetic.

    Even a 1% net population growth rate will eventually double and redouble unsustainably in only a few decades.

    Doubling Earth's human population from 3.5 billion in 1967, to 7 billion in 2011, IS DRAMATIC IRREFUTABLE SCIENTIFIC PROOF. We have done very-little to halt society's suicidal march. Ongoing future inaction is worse than immoral - It is very deadly.

    Nature has now mandated ZERO POPULATION GROWTH RATE. Ignoring this FACT will not make it any less true.

    Overpopulation is the PRIMARY reason for growing deforestation, leading to worldwide suicide by carbon dioxide.

    Amphibian frogs have skin that is permeable to water, oxygen and carbon dioxide. It allows them to absorb O2 and release CO2 in the water or air. In only 150 years, man has caused global atmospheric CO2 to dramatically increase more than 40%. Most frogs cannot evolve and adapt fast enough to deal with 40% additional CO2 in their sensitive blood streams – Elevated CO2 is killing Nature’s indicators of what we have done to Earth's delicate environment. Frogs are like dead canaries in a toxic coal mine. We have very-little time left to escape our own suicide.

    Studies of frogs and salamanders in Yellowstone Park (the world’s oldest nature preserve) show an alarming decline in their number in only 15 years, apparently for a variety of anthropogenic climate-change reasons, including elevated water temperature.

    Humanity is ignoring all of the scientific warning documentation of our unsustainable lifestyle. We need a much-better perspective of reality, and our place on Earth:


    Speculative Geologic Scientific History of Our 4.5-Billion-Year-Old Earth
    3.8 billion years of liquid water & simple single-cell life (prokaryotes)
    3 billion years of photosynthesis (cells began to emit small amounts of O2)
    2 billion years of complex cells (eukaryotes) – Documented in the Grand Canyon
    1 billion years of multi-cellular life forms
      600 million years of simple animals
      550 million years of complex animals
      500 million years of fish and proto-amphibians
      475 million years of land-based plants (10.5% of Earth’s history)
      400 million years of insects and seeds
      360 million years of amphibians (frogs, etc.)
      300 million years of reptiles
      200 million years of mammals
      150 million years of birds
      130 million years of flowers
       75 million years of grass and evolving grains
       65 million years since the non-avian dinosaurs died out (1.4% of Earth’s history)
       50 million years of marine mammals (from land back to the sea)
      2.5 million years since the appearance of the genus Homo (0.0005 of history)
         800,000 years since our ape-man ancestors learned how to make fire
         200,000 years since humans began looking similar to today
          25,000 years since the Neanderthals died out (0.000005 of Earth’s history)
             200 years since human population reached one billion people (0.00000004)
              150 years of industrialization badly damaging Earth’s delicate environment
                 21st Century – Will 7 Billion Humans Commit Suicide By Deforestation?

    In GOD we Trust

    95% of American’s say they believe in some form of God. Why do you think God put humans on the Earth?

    The Torah, Dead Sea Scrolls, Christian Old Testament, and the Muslim Qu’ran all describe God placing man in the Garden of Eden:

    “Now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there he put the man he had formed. And the Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground - trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food . . . The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden TO WORK IT AND TAKE CARE OF IT” - Genesis 2:8,9,15

    Did your religious teachers emphasize how important our Primary Purpose is to your future?

    Garden of Eden


    Regardless of how you think Earth came into being, or your belief in the Creator Of The Universe,
    it is clear that our children should judge how WE took care of Earth

    We are here to be Stewards of Nature’s Beautiful Earth

    We did not inherit the earth leave the earth cleaner and greener

    Being Good Stewards of The Earth is NOT just to perform a religious duty for God – Trees existed long before humans did.

    If we destroy our own tree-covered environment, and pave paradise, we will all surely soon die.

    Life without the clean air provided by trees is just not feasible. Green Means Fresh OXYGEN.

    baby needs clean air

    At the current rate of population growth and deforestation, we will all soon need oxygen masks just to survive.
    OR, live in a hermetically-sealed Emerald Eco-City – like the Moon and Mars Colonies will have to be (if humanity lives that long).

    In 150 years, human industrialization activities have driven CO2 up from 270 ppm to nearly 390 ppm.
    THIS TREND IS ABSOLUTELY UNSUSTAINABLE. It cannot continue for long.

    NASA Scientist James E. Hansen says we have overshot the 350 ppm maximum CO2 tipping point,
    and we have seeded an irreversible devastating worldwide catastrophe.

    Are YOU helping to preserve Nature’s bountiful beauty?

    Wood house frames

    Do you use wood, live in a wooden house, walk on wood floors, have wooden furniture or cabinets, live on land where trees once stood, eat food from fields that were once great forests, use disposable diapers, chopsticks, or any kind of paper from killing trees?

    Do you receive goods on wooden pallets, or do you burn trees in an inefficient, highly-polluting fireplace - purely for decoration? Fireplaces extract conditioned air and heat from houses in the winter, and they encourage large air leaks and undesirable conductive heat transfer all year round.


    The average American is responsible for killing 7 LIFE-GIVING TREES PER YEAR
    in paper, wood, and other products made from trees. This adds up to OVER 2 BILLION trees thoughtlessly killed every year !

    Since most seedlings do not live more than two years, every man, woman and infant in America should plant an average of 2+ TREES PER MONTH.
    NOT VERY LIKELY! Even then it would take more than 15 years to catch up to deadly deforestation damage being done today.

    Are you doing YOUR share? Can you see why America's deforestation gluttony is SUICIDAL? INACTION IS IMMORAL - Killing our grandchildren.


    Denying or ignoring SCIENTIFIC FACTS does NOT make them disappear. Wake up! Pull your head out of the sand.

    Become a tree-hugging activist. Plant and nurture AT LEAST two trees every month - Many more if God has blessed you abundantly.

    Learn how to live without anything made from wood - Killing a tree should be a felony


    Consider the imported wood (and petroleum) that foolishly goes into the instruments played by Earth Day environmentalist / guitarists

    I laugh when I see a greenwash self-proclaimed "tree hugger" playing a wooden guitar or wooden drum with an animal skin.
    It is as stupid as people who smoke anything demanding EPA Clean-Air-Act regulation and legislation enforcement - Hypocritical FOOLS!

    We are killing about 40-million acres (over 10-billion trees) of tropical rain forests every year. Within only 8-to-10 years, unsustainably-harvested slow-growing rosewood, mahogany, etc. trees (that are used in millions of guitars each year) will soon be gone. There are greenwash movements (by Greenpeace and others) that are encouraging the use of so-called "sustainably harvested" wood sources. However, when it can take decades to replace this declining natural resource, no one but an irrational profiteering hypocrite can advertise that such thoughtless behavior is either "sustainable" or "green."

    The only rational policy is: KILL NO TREES. Deadwood can be harvested - BUT NEVER BURNED.

    Selling wood from killing trees should be a serious crime, like selling elephant ivory has become.
    Ebony and Ivory should be treated exactly the same - Like the extreme shame of wearing animal fur.


    Even ubiquitous transportation pallets, chopsticks, ice-cream sticks, and tongue depressors should NOT be made by killing precious trees.

    Superior alternatives are available. China's poplar forests (foolishly used for disposable chopsticks) will soon be depleted in less than one decade.


    EVIL Americans insanely pay others to kill 40-million living evergreen Christmas trees every year - Even at The White House !

    Early American puritan pilgrims made this pagan tradition illegal. Profiteers revived it in New York City in 1851. Pervasive American Christmas trees now start over 250 devastating house fires a year - some are deadly. Inefficient Christmas lights insanely waste huge amounts of climate-changing energy. Some trailer trash have cheap incandescent icicle lights glowing all night long in the summer - Many can't afford to pay their energy bills and need public assistance - Morons ALL!

    Show me in the Bible where it says that anyone should kill God's green trees in Jesus' name!

    I can show you where the EXACT OPPOSITE was commanded by God in Genesis 2:8,9,15.

    Do you believe in God? STOP Killing God's Precious Garden of Eden Trees - for ANY reason!

    Will every member of your family continue to unsustainably kill 7 trees THIS YEAR?

    What about next year? Are you teaching your children to respect God's life-giving trees, OR KILL THEM?


    70% of about 2-billion harvested trees are used for (mostly-disposable) Obsolete Paper Products ! ! !

    Americans use roughly 100-million tons of paper products per year. A 3-person family insanely wastes about half a ton (1,000 pounds) of disposable paper from trees each year! Over-a-billion-trees-worth of paper are thrown away every year in terribly-wasteful USA - filing up scarce urban landfill space. The gigatons of greenhouse gas emissions from paper production, transportation, and decay in landfills (or burning) are devastating to Earth's delicate atmosphere. Toxins (like chlorine bleach) used in paper production pollute the atmosphere and our dwindling fresh-water sources.

    The average USA household throws away 13,000 separate pieces of paper each year - most of them are packaging and irritating unwanted junk mail.

    Useless, deadly-direct-mail, obsolete advertising deforests over 100 million life-giving trees per year - in our potentially-paperless Internet electronic age - This is truly OUTRAGEOUS! - BOYCOTT the environmental criminals who use ANY paper products to advertise anything - Let them know why you feel so strong. Demand that telephone companies stop sending you useless phone books and yellow pages in the Internet age. Use Internet-based telephone service (like Magic Jack, etc.).

    Paper is a terrible way to distribute information. Data immediately becomes obsolete and unchanging whenever it is printed and stored.

    Full-color, animated, interactive, online eBook readers are now inexpensive and pervasive. Schools are eliminating text books. Recycle all of your paper books. Never buy a book, magazine or newspaper ever again. If you carry or store paper (or wear a watch) you are an obsolete, technology curmudgeon. (smile)

    One 15-year-old tree can be used to make only 700 paper bags. One supermarket can use that many bags in less-than an hour. (Plastic bags are no better - They have a serious impact on imported oil use and pollution.) We MUST immediately shift to reusable, recyclable, paper-and-oil-free bags made of materials like canvas, etc.

    Recycling paper is a minor improvement. Each (2,000 pound) ton of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space, 4,000 kilowatts of energy, and 7,000 gallons of water. This represents a 64% energy savings, a 58% water savings, and 60 pounds less of air pollution! The 17 trees saved by recycling a ton of paper can absorb a total of 250 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air each year. Burning that same ton of paper will emit 1,500 pounds of climate-changing carbon dioxide greenhouse gas. The construction cost of a paper mill designed to use waste paper can be only 25% of a mill that begins with new wood pulp.

    HOWEVER, recycling even 100% of all of today's paper will NOT begin to solve the huge man-made environment-destruction paper problem.



    No child should ever be taught to read from, or write on, paper ever again.

    They should never be taught what pencils and pens used to be used for. Voice dictation computer speech recognition have become very effective with cheap super-fast hand-held devices, which can store pictures, movies, and the equivalent of a large stack of obsolete paper books.

    You cannot Google search paper books or documents. Paper-book libraries and the Dewey Decimal System are totally obsolete.

    Paper books are NOT interactive. They are mostly black ink on white paper - color illustrations on paper are expensive in many different ways.

    The human eye is naturally drawn to brighter colors on a dark background. It produces far less eye strain. Bright colorful letters on a black background is more effective for the vision impaired. Black on a white-paper page is traditional and familiar, but it is the OPPOSITE of what our retina and optical cortext naturally prefer. Only obsolete business-as-usual thinkers disagree with modern scientific studies about how human visualization really works the best.

    Do NOT try to print any of OUR webpages - It will waste a huge amount of expensive black ink or toner (by design).

    Paper books cannot present color animated video segments.

    Paper documents cannot be instantly updated from a central location. All paper books are now VERY Counterproductive.

    Obsolete status-quo thinkers refuse to accept the obvious scientific truth about our superior cost-effective PAPERLESS online electronic age.

    "An important scientific innovation rarely makes its way by gradually winning over and converting its opponents; it rarely happens that Saul becomes Paul. What does happen is that it opponents gradually die out and that the growing generation is familiarized with the idea from the beginning." ~ Max Planck - The father of modern Physics and the creator of sub-atomic Quantum Theory, which offers us so many wonderful scientific innovation possibilities today

    54 million trees per year are cut down for common toilet paper. In addition to deforestation, the production process itself is very destructive. Each roll produced uses about 1.5 pounds of wood, 37 gallons of water, 1.3 KWH of climate-changing electricity, plus harmful chlorine bleach, sulfur, and calcium carbonate. A modern bidet can reduce toilet paper consumption by 50%, or 100% if it also has a dryer (as many modern Japanese toilets now do). We must STOP flushing trees down our inefficient environment-damaging obsolete toilets.

    The ancient enduring papyrus Dead Sea scrolls were NOT made by killing trees. Our dollar bills are not made from trees. Excellent, cost-effective superior paper products can be inexpensively made from waste sugar cane stalks, corn stalks, cotton, flax, certain types of grass, ruminant dung, etc. The resources are much more abundant than Earth's rapidly-declining, precious, life-giving green trees.

    ALL PAPER, PACKAGING, AND BOXES SHOULD BE TOTALLY TREE FREE! Recycling paper made from trees is most-certainly NOT enough.


    We do NOT need obsolete snail mail, phone books, magazines, newspapers, watches, or disposable paper (or-plastic) boxes or documents.


    TERMINATE TERRIBLE TRADITIONS, and leave Earth better than you found it for our grandchildren

    In paperless 5X Emerald Eco-City, we will do NONE OF THE ABOVE THINGS THAT KILL NATURE’S PRECIOUS TREES


    Countless tons of firewood are sold and burned in even small communities every year:

    Fire Wood Piles

    Zero Energy Design® means cost-effective Zero Emissions - NEVER BURN ANYTHING

    Some naïve greenwash idiots say that burning wood and other biomass is “green” because it is a “renewable fuel.” BUT, it takes over a decade to renew this highly-polluting combustion resource. Take a picture of what comes out of expensive fireplace chimneys – It certainly is NOT GREEN.

    Black Soot from Home
    If you breathe wood smoke for very long, you will suffocate and die. Some California communities are banning wood-burning fireplaces. We HOPE others will very soon.

    Consider the emissions from inefficiently burning wood in fireplaces and barbecues in one small community. Think about the respiratory illness and global warming this is causing. Consider the death of trees that used to sequester carbon dioxide, and release oxygen for us to breathe. Ponder the imported petroleum required to gather, cut, split, and deliver this wood. Imagine the destructive termites that wood storage attracts, and the deadly pesticides that are then required. Multiply all of this times over 2 BILLION wood-burning dummies worldwide = Serious unsustainable damage to our delicate environment.


    Burning Wood – Worse than Burning Deadly Coal, Oil or Natural Gas

    Burning wood releases large quantities of Global-Warming CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Greenhouse Gas. It also emits significant volumes of unhealthy toxins and carcinogens: CO (Carbon Monoxide), NxOx (Various Nitrogen Oxides) (NxOx + H2O = Nitric Acid), PM (Particulate Matter, Smoke, Soot, Smog, Ash, etc.), SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) (SO2 + H2O = Sulfuric Acid) (NxOx + SO2 + H2O = Deadly Acid Rain), VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), Hydrocarbons, toxic NH3 (Ammonia), HCL (Hydrochloric Acid), Arsenic, Antimony, Beryllium, Cadmium, Chromium III, Chromium VI, Copper, Lead, MERCURY, Nickel, Selenium, and radioactive materials that release radon gas. It can be worse for your entire family's health than heavy smoking.

    Children, the elderly, and those with preexisting heart and lung problems are at the greatest risk from environmental particulate matter exposure. About 64,000 in the U.S. Die Prematurely each year due to particulate air pollution - More than in car accidents or by HIV / AIDS.

    Particulate Matter Health Impact:

    •        Expensive hospital admissions for asthma and bronchitis
    •        Permanent irreversible lung damage and reduced lung function
    •        Cardiovascular and pulmonary disease
    •        Sinusitis - runny or stuffy nose - sore throat - inner ear damage
    •        Cough and phlegm
    •        Head colds
    •        Hay fever
    •        Burning, itchy red eyes
    •        Wheezing - shortness of breath

    Repeated long-term exposure to environmental particulate matter can cause: Cancer, Avoidable Premature Death, and Increased Respiratory and Cardiac Hospitalization.

    In some cold winter cities, burning biomass contributes 60% of the lung-damaging particulate matter in their polluted air. You can smell the smoke in the dirty winter air.

    Fireplaces suck warm air from your house, which draws in cold outside air through every tiny crack around windows, doors, (kitchen, bathroom, clothes dryer) vents, plumbing-and-electrical holes, and the joints in walls / ceilings / floors.

    Large progressive cities are wisely moving toward BANNING the use (and construction) of terrible wood-and-pellet-burning fireplaces, stoves and furnaces altogether.

    Let’s consider just one of the well-studied terrible toxins from burning wood and coal (which comes from ancient forests):

    Mercury (Hg) is a poisonous heavy metal that accumulates in the environment and in animal tissues. Trees draw trace levels of mercury from their roots and concentrate it in their wood.

    Mercury is highly toxic when consumed from affected fish, and from animals that eat grass covered with mercury dust. Vaporized mercury can circulate in the air for a year, and then concentrate in water, where it makes fish toxic, and eventually animals, humans and mothers' milk.

    Mercury dust  kills bees that pollinate our crops. About one third of all pollination bee hives were lost in 2009 (due in large part to many forms of man-made pollution). Some of our largest beekeepers went bankrupt. Loss of bees is threatening our dwindling food supply chain, as Earth’s overpopulation explodes year-by-year. In a similar manner, mercury kills birds that feed on contaminated crop seeds.

    Atmospheric mercury precipitates out when it rains. Surface mercury rinses into ground water, and is taken up by plants, and humans that drink the water. Only 1 / 70th of a teaspoon of mercury can make the fish in a 25-acre lake toxic for human consumption!

    How many teaspoons of mercury does a coal-or-wood-fired plant near you emit? The ecologically-sensitive Adirondack Lakes and wetlands now have Three Times the Mercury Required to Make Fish Deadly to Eat. It is difficult and expensive to remove hot mercury vapor from exhaust gases, so most of it goes up the flue, directly to you.

    Mercury in our water supply transforms into lethal methyl-mercury. It impacts unborn children and mother’s milk. The trace amount of mercury per glass of water is low, but we drink many glasses of water, and eat many mercury-polluted foods, over several years time. Our bodies cannot flush most of the accumulated mercury from our tissues, and thus, the mercury health impacts become progressively worse with time. Trace amount mercury exposure does not do immediate obvious health damage. IT is like smoking: suicide on the installment plan.

    President Obama identified increasing mercury emissions as a “GRAVE CHEMICAL PROBLEM.”

    Mercury is doing economic damage to the fishing industry, especially the northeastern U.S.

    Our Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published strong warnings about the consumption of fish that contain high levels of mercury, especially for women who may become pregnant, nursing mothers, and young children whose brain and central nervous system are rapidly developing.

    Mercury builds up in a concentrated form in fish that eat the mercury absorbed by plankton. Larger fish eat smaller fish, which can concentrate mercury 1,000 greater than found in the water. A similar mercury concentration process happens when fish meal is fed to animals like pigs. Much of our U.S. water contains harmful levels of mercury. Fish from these waters should NEVER be eaten. Man-made mercury pollution has already polluted a previously-nutritious food source. Two billion people worldwide burn mercury-emitting wood to cook and heat their homes.

    Some fish are a more-significant source of harmful dietary mercury. According to the U.S. FDA, the fish found to have the highest mercury content are (worst listed first): Tilefish, Shark, Swordfish, Mackerel, Tuna, Orange Roughy, Marlin, Grouper, Bass, Bluefish, Lobster, Croaker, Scorpion Fish, Sea Trout, Halibut, Sable Fish, Buffalo, Snapper, Monkfish, Lobster, Carp, and Perch.

    Potential Long-Term Mercury Exposure Health Damage:

    Environmental Mercury Damages The:

    The health damage increases with time, exposure level, and toxic form of the mercury.

    Mercury is just ONE of the serious poisons emitted by burning wood and coal.
    ALL of the by products of combustion are very-unhealthy at best – worse than smoking.

    The exact mix of deadly by products of biomass combustion emissions depends on the source of the material: cut living trees, dead wood, tree type, limbs, trimmings, inedible food-crop stalks, bark, sawdust, wood pellets, charcoal, lumber-mill tailings, construction waste, demolition, treated railroad ties, CCA-treated lumber, painted wood, etc.

    When burning biomass, the temperature and amount of oxygen (quality of combustion) influences the ratio of emitted CO2 versus Deadly CO. Higher combustion temperatures with sufficient O2 produce less toxic CO gas, BUT, higher temperatures increase the rate-of-combination of atmospheric nitrogen with oxygen, producing more harmful NxOx and environment-damaging nitric acid rain.

    When trees are cut down for firewood, they cease to release fresh life-giving O2, and no then they can longer remove harmful CO2 from our delicate past-tipping-point environment.

    Some uninformed people foolishly suggest that burning biomass is “renewable energy”, BUT it can take more-than-a-decade to regrow CO2-sequestering trees. Sunlight, wind, geothermal and hydro power plants are clean, green, abundant, DAILY RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES. Burning biofuel and biomass are forms of deadly carbon-based renewable energy that are bad for human health and for our entire global environment.

    The only reasonable healthy sustainable future energy solution is ZERO EMISSIONS - NEVER BURN ANYTHING. Voters must NOT allow uninformed (corrupt) politicians to SUBSIDIZE BURNING CARBON-BASED FUELS. It is creating an unlevel playing field competitive advantage for the very thing that we must rapidly phase out.

    In 2009, The U.S. House of Representatives passed Resolution 2454 “The American Clean Energy and Security Act” by a wide popular margin. It mandated significant reduction in harmful emissions in coming years. Section 218 of H. R. 2454: “Requires the EPA Administrator to establish a program to assist in the replacement of wood stoves or pellet stoves … requiring replaced stoves to be destroyed and recycled and prohibiting such stoves from being sold or returned into active service;”

    We need to immediately begin to phase out burning wood and replace such things with sustainable clean, green, daily-renewable free-fuel solutions (solar, wind, etc.).


    And now for the EXTREME INSANITY that motivated us to write the above discussion about Burning Wood.

    Section 3007 of the 2010 U.S. Senate Bill 3663 HOME RETROFIT PROGRAM provides a $500 subsidy for foolish people who install an EPA-encouraged wood or wood-pellet stove, furnace or boiler. If people are allowed to do dumb things that damage the environment for others, THEY SHOULD NOT BE SUBSIDIZED BY TAXPAYERS. Wood is one of the very-worst things to burn. It should be BANNED altogether.

    Spectacularly-Stupid Anti-Environment Senator Christopher S. "Kit" Bond requested a taxpayer SUBSIDY to help his home state of Missouri cut down 41-million acres of native woodlands for use as fuel.

    Today, our thoughtless world is killing between 50,000-and-100,000 acres of precious life-giving trees EVERY DAY. Soot from 2 billion biomass fires around the world settles on polar-and-glacial ice changing its reflectivity (albedo), making ice and snow absorb more solar radiation, and melt faster than we have ever seen before throughout human history. Burning trees for extremely-dirty fuel is truly terrible acceleration of climate change, and near-future sea level rise, flooding worldwide coastal cities and islands.

    Kit Bond was among 40 carbon-fuel-corrupted Republican Senators that voted in 2009 to block H.R. 2454 reduction of atmospheric pollution – going strongly against the majority of Representatives in the House, Senate, Administration, and the majority of American voters who want cleaner air for their children to breathe (less asthma and deadly lung disease). Only one more vote in the Senate and H.R. 2454 would have passed, and we would be on a path toward sustainable fuels, and a cleaner environment.

    As the Ranking Member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Kit Bond obviously lied when said that he could not support trading pain for profits, but that was a bald-faced political deception by a bribed legislator (or a complete idiot who is totally clueless about the devastating damage done by all carbon-based fuels, especially cutting down millions of acres of precious declining native trees).

    Clean air legislation failed to pass the U.S. Congress by the end of 2010, due to contentious partisan politics. With the 2011-2012 House of Representative under the control of the party of carbon-fuel corruption, we are essentially guaranteed that our air pollution situation will continue to get worse for years to come. When America does nothing, other nations around the world will continue to follow our deadly leadership.

    Our climate-changing greenhouse gas is already “past the tipping point.” Worldwide man-made climate change is now unavoidable. Asthma is increasing in America.

    There is very little we can do to reverse the current suicidal trends, but, WE MUST STOP SUBSIDIZING MAKING THINGS MUCH WORSE!

    Deforestation Desimated Forest

    Replanting destroyed forests with a single specie of replacement tree does NOT restore the complex natural biodiversity that took millions of years to adapt to specific local conditions. EXTINCTION IS FOREVER.

    Deforestation Badly Damages Our Delicate Environment. As Earth’s population increases, (from 2.5 billion in 1950 to 6.8 billion today), and the demand for land and wood products escalates ever faster, we are Destroying God’s Great Gift Of A Beautiful Tree-Covered Earth. We are making Global Warming MUCH WORSE – The air we breathe now has less healthy oxygen. The top soil erodes, leaving a less-fertile place to grow food – Contribution to the starvation of a billion innocent people. Tree roots no longer hold water. Floods soon follow, then rivers & aquifers dry up.


    Our Greedy, Shortsighted World Badly Needs A Radical Conservation Transformation

    Two billion poor shortsighted humans still burn wood (and other biomass) to cook with, and to heat their homes today. This further accelerates rapid deforestation, increase in atmospheric CO2, man-made worldwide climate change, polar snow-and-ice melt.

    Obsolete self-destructive cultural habits are very difficult to change

    woman cooking with fire sooted ice melts

    Deforestation is worse in poor countries, but it is also taking place among the affluent. America has already destroyed 95% of its original old-growth forests.

    Deforestation contributes to Global Warming by absorbing much-more Solar Radiation and heating up the Earth. Trees stabilize climate temperature and moisture. Asphalt roads, parking lots, and roofs convert productive green forests into black deserts. Barren land greatly destabilizes global climate in multiple ways.

    earths warming temperature

    In the last century, man’s hands badly damaged God’s great gift of The Garden of Eden. Huge rain forests are NOT infinitely sustainable. Once devastated by thoughtless human actions, lush green forests can quickly turn into useless deserts. Desertification

    It is long overdue for humanity to begin restoring what we have already destroyed. Every human on Earth needs to plant multiple trees (tens of billions total) every year, just to prevent further decline in Earth’s precious Lungs of Life. Dozens of small trees do NOT quickly replace the loss of only one mature tree. Only a portion of small trees survive.

    planting new tree

    Celebrate Life, Love, and Universal Consciousness - Help make our planet a BETTER place


    Emerald Eco-City will plant millions of new trees in the life-less desert. Each resident will sponsor planting at least four new trees every year. Fees from guests will plant one labeled tree per visit. Come back later and watch your own trees grow, as we turn the desert green, which will help stabilize our local refreshing climate.

    We need less CO2 and more O2 - We must eliminate combustion-caused acid rain that kills forests

    Zero Emissions: NEVER BURN ANYTHING

    dead acid rain forest

    “God has cared for these trees, saved them from drought, disease, avalanches, and a
    thousand tempests and floods, but he cannot save them from FOOLS.”
    -  John Muir

    Trees are Earth’s Living Lungs - Proud FOOLS ignoring God’s purpose for man:

    proud fools dead tree

    “People who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world which cannot sustain people.”  - Bryce Nelson

    deforestation trend man kills 50000 acres per day

    The Internet is loaded with good scientific articles about the predictable near-term impact of population growth and deforestation. We’ve only mentioned a few important reasons for our Emerald Eco-City “Zero Emissions NEVER BURN ANYTHING” policy, along with Zero Wood, and planting millions of new trees, which are essential to the survival of humanity.

    We hope that you can enthusiastically agree with us about how extremely-important healthy forests really are. WE MUST IMMEDIATELY REVERSE THE DEADLY GLOBAL DEFORESTATION TREND. Emerald Eco-City will help lead the way with a practical cost-effective plan for ultimate success.

    Is the powerful motivation behind Emerald Eco-City becoming obvious yet?

    We sincerely wish all of our readers an Abundant New Life In Harmony With Nature

    Lifelong Learning In An Ever-Expanding Universe Of Endless Possibilities TM

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